Full Name: Hunter James Monroe


Species: Ardvark

Eye color: Green and blind in one eye.


Father: Joseph


Brothers:Mighty and William


Love interest: Julie-su ,Rita, and Amy rose

Likes:Football,TV,Pop culture,Attractive women,Movies,Gum

Dislikes:Baseball,Record players,ipods,commercials,uptight girls,being called an armidillo


File:Hunter 3.jpg
Hunter is an eighteen year old ardvark who lives with his girlfriend julie-su. Hunter loves julie but everynow and again she catches him checking out other women and is a tad bit jealous. He has a small relationship with Gamerboy and Maniac but no one else in the group. Hunter dyed his skin the colors of his favorite football team. Due to a freak accident when young he has lost all power of sight in one eye.


File:Hunter 2.jpg
Hunter wasn't given that name for nothing he is a expert at hunting down criminals,animals,and food. He carriers around a small double pistoljust in case duty calls. Hunter has full military training and Marine skills in his use to. Hunter can run pretty fast for his age and can out run almost anyone.


File:Hunter 4.jpg
"Let me check that girl over there for evidence she looks dangerous and pretty."

"No I am not indian stop asking."

"Ugh..It's that monkey again."

"Shut up and kiss the girl for crying out loud!"

"Don't make me use my skiiiilllllssss on You!"

"I'm blind not deaf doofus."

"I'm sorry I looked at other women. Now honey put the gun away."

"I am not and Armidillo!! I an Ardvark like arthur."

"I'm 18 and my girlfriend is pointing a gun to my face! I need help."

"All we do is argue and have sex that's it! Are relationship is boring. Now put down the gun slowly....ok."