Hyper The Hedgehog


Hyper is the first son of chaos, born from a family with a unimpressed father Hyper was born cruel into the world, he is known to have quite a lot of sibblings, but most are step-brothers/sisters because of Chao's continious life of "changing" who he likes, Hypers mother's name is unknown, Hyper only remembers blue hedgehog with long hair, a woman who always took care of him as a child and then was the one to make Hyper kind. Hypers original fur color was Black alone with red eyes.


When Hyper discovered his fathers plan to cover the world in Darkness, Hyper decided to try and fight Chaos at the age of only 6 and was able to postpone the plan by blowing up the plans along with the army. Hyper thought it was a victory until his mom was killed in the explosion, Hyper fell into tears relizing he was the one to kill his loving mother. His father was mad and angry and through the young prince of chaos of the temple of mobius, and Hyper was believed to have died. The council of chaos was angry at this and decided to let Chaos no long have the thrown, The gave it to Hypers only Relative his Adopted Sister Tabitha The Hedgewolf. When Hyper fell to Mobius he fell so hard he lost his memory. He then met a girl named Star and became a bandit, later she betrayed him and cursed him. Hypers form changed (to the picture shown above) He then became a kinder character and later joined the freedom fighters, Soon after that he re-joined the Temple of chaos remembering everything from his past and became the God of Mobius Hyper The Hedgehog.


  • Chaos Control
  • God Destroyer
  • Chaos Beam
  • Chaos Blast
  • Stars of Power (healing ability)


  • Sword of the first chaos being

​Characters side (Good)


  • "There is always going to be hope, as long as you grasp it with your heart"
  • "Ha ha.....Now lets go get a burger or something food-like"