Backstroy: Iceus is a friend of bilster. from mobius. iceus is a ice hog (Cross of a hedgehog and a ice mutant) he live in his town of icetropolis untill it was destroyed a by a currupted ice hog called icerage who killed the people there as well minus iceus who fleed to mobius then he took revenge killing icerage in anger whitch created dark iceus but he found the icelands with the ice star witch had the power to restore his village and people so he did do so ever since he has lived in mobius helping bilster and peter and a few times returning to his village.

Name: Iceus Kino Age:20

Birthday: 2nd July

Nick names: Light-me,My goody non zious clone,Bro,Ice boy,ice.


Iceus is more carefull and serious then bilster and peter but still is a bit cheerfull and is more smart thinking in turms of fighting and speaking eg. "Why dont we play truth or dare or how about dare because no one tells the truth anymore anyway".


Iceus controls ice powers that include freezing people in ice creating ice shields and more.


Super Iceus (Re-Designed
Super form - in super form iceus's powers double in power and he can now fly and teleport.


"Hmph, you again?" - Talking to villan(s)

"Not those idiots again"

"Your kidding right?"


"If you wish to fight me, then stop running coward"

"How about we play truth or dare or maybe just dare because no one tells the truth anymore"


It Has Come to This (Erazor Djinn's Theme)

It Has Come to This (Erazor Djinn's Theme)

Iceus's Theme

"Step in hope" - Iceus always beliving in the best of people.

"Kick time away" - Iceus willing to fight in any time zone the present,past or future.


  • The creator bilster5 has a friend called j10adn who has a fan character called flamus witch is belived to be the fire equivilent of iceus.
  • Iceus is the more smart one of team bil for fighting not with technology like peter.
  • Iceus is the least seen member of team bilster currently.
  • Despite iceus being the more smart one he is mostly found to be the one who gets the most angry the quickest.
  • Iceus cannot fly but he can create ice paths to walk on to seem like flying.
  • Iceus cannot teleport in his normal form so he regularly has to use teleporters in places like peter's lab to teleport.