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Sonic the hedgehog

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Rytech the Dark

chapter 1 - after sonic comes ion

Ion is standing in open grassland. The sun is setting over the horizon when suddenly Ion here’s a mysterious voice.

???: So much to do so little time

Ion: Gaia is that you?

??? : Yes my child

???: The world is in danger The seal that contain Dark Gaia is weakening

Ion: Weakening?!

The sun finally sets; suddenly a group of Nightmare appears and attack Ion

Ion: What going on!

???: So much to do so little time

???: Your no strong enough to fight this threat

???: Alone your doomed to fail

Ion defeated the Nightmare with is Katana suddenly the ground underneath disappears. Ion finds himself falling into darkness.

???: The closer you get to light, the greater your shadow becomes.

???: But don’t forget

???: Your never truly alone

Ion wakes up on Emerald Beach. Ion starts to wander if it was a dream or a warning from Gaia. He run off to the temple of Gaia.

Chapter 2 Gaia's proficiency