Ivy The Racoon

Ivy icon by sapphirespirit-d4ab16o

By SapphireSpirit

Full Name: Ivy Percival Night

Age: 13

BFFs: Cream the rabbit, Tails the fox and Sonic.

Enemies: Doctor EggMan

Likes: Caliburn (Sword), Excalibur (Sword) Sir Gawain, Tails and Honour

Dislikes: Sir Lancelot and Dishonour

Crush/BF: Miles 'Tails' Prower, though shes afraid to tell him


When Ivy was three or four, when she was training as a Knight's Apprentice, a sword drove into her left eye, blinding her and forcing her to cover it with bangs.

She was 12 when she met Miles 'Tails' Prower and his sister Miley, after falling into a portal into their time, (Which from ivy's point of view, is the future). She never feels insecure about her blindness but when she is teased, she becomes self-concious and shamed. She was due to marry Sir. Lancelot in her time, but she escaped.


Her children's names are Lancelot the Hedgeracoon and Gawain The Raccofox.

She ends up going back to her own time, but before she goes, she tells Tails, 'I will never forget you, Sir Miles." and leaves.


"You know, When i stick my sword into this strange moving picture frame, It goes black. Weird, Huh?"

"Mwahahah-*Cough* "

"What the chao is this 'Mobius?' "

She has a pet chao named Night.