Name: Jackie


Species: snow Leopard



Fur Color: White with light Green Markings

Short Bio: two children were born one was a baby girl named

Jackie She grew up in a loving home told to follow her gender role but she enjoyed a life of danger and

sports her mom and father later stopped trying to change her and let her be the boy she was when at a

sports contest she met on of her best friends Luna the wolf. Later she got stressed about a big game and

Luna recommended her friend Ya Zhen for aromatherapy to calm her they became all became close

best friends

Family: Her brother Mark the Snow Leopard, and her mom and dad

Friends:Ya Zhen the Red Panda, Luna the Wolf, Sonic The hedgehog, and Shadow the Hedgehog

Likes: Winning, Helping her Friends get to their goals, and Taking a challenge

Dislikes: Losing, Cheaters, when her friends feel useless, and slow moving objects or people

Bad traits:She will attack someone if they cheat, she has a short temper, and she gets hurt a lot what stops

her to play her favorite sports

Good traits:Is a fair winner, she congratulates the winner even if she is mad, and she is calm

when things get out of hand

Theme Song:If I were a Boy

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