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Name: Jackson the Hedgehog

Age: 17

Species: Mobian/ Hedgehog/ Werehog

Gender: Male

Alignment: Neutral (Occasionally), Good

Group(s): Team Outcast (Leader/ Speed type member)

Personality: Quiet, isolated, distracted, gentle-hearted (NOT in his Werehog form, that's for sure)

Likes: Quiet areas, reading, thinking.

Dislikes: Being stuck in his Werehog form, nighttime, the people of his old town.


Hair Colour: Gray

Hair Style: Spiky gray quills with red stripes/ scars

Fur Colour: Gray/ White

Eye colour: Left Eye- Light Blue, Right Eye- Red

Attire: Brown gloves with blue- green fingers, brown boots with ice blue folds, cyan soles, and green stripes


Relatives: N/A

Friends: Autumn the Fox, Sylvia the Cat, Alan the Hedgehog

Love Interest: Secret (But it seems that he likes Autumn a lot)

Neutral: N/A

Rivals: N/A

Enemies: Arrow the Hedgehog, Ana the Rabbit, the townspeople of his old town.


Ability Type: Power/ Speed


- Electrokinesis

- Relatively efficient runner

Super form(s): None. Unless having a Werehog form counts.


(1= Really weak point, bad, 10= really strong point, excellent)

Speed: 7.5/10

Strength: 5/10

Powers: 7.5/10

Agility: 4/10

Flight: 1/10


He, like Autumn, is an outcast of his old village. They kicked him out when they figured out he was part Werehog.

Other Info

- Jackson was originally meant to be a sort of stalker/ bodyguard for Autumn.

- He was supposed to be a bat, then that was changed to a hedgebat, then finally to a hedgehog.