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Jacylenn The Rabbit


Basic Information:

Full Name: Jacylenn Mayflower

Nickname: Subject 001

Skin Colour: White

Eye Colour: Orange

Sex: Female

Age: 22 (presumably she's been a Test subject for most of her life and doesnt really know her real age)

Alignment: Neutral (Man i love neutral characters XD)

Distinguishing Features: She has a Barcode on her Collar? i dunno what that part is called XD but nonetheless she has a Barcode that was from the Testing Stuff. She also has a Numbered Tag oh her ear showing the Number she was refered to by during the tests.

Friends: Calill The Chameleon, TMI-13

Family: She is said to not have any family so she treats Calill as a Brother

Love Interest: None (For now :3)

Personality: She is very confused about pretty much everything you see normal she had to be explained. She doesnt know many of the words we use and will often ask for explemations for she has been exposed to little words while in testing. She is very Pursuasive and can often abuse her own pursuasiveness when in different Personalities. She also switches between 5 Personalities according to the situation she really has no control over when these personalities take effect. This is the list

  • (Normal) Friendly
  • Insane
  • Depressed
  • Angry
  • Seductive (Doesnt occur as often comapred to the others)

Weakness: People can abuse her Personality change for their personal benefit

Combat: I dunno i guess i can put something here lol

  • She will often use dual pistols but isnt very good with them for she has only recently been introduced to them
  • She can fire small amounts of flame from the palms of her gloves mainly only for intimidation.
  • In a nutshell she isnt very good at combat