Jade Redfox 2013 Sketch

Sketch - 2013

Name: Jade Redfox

Species: Artic Fox (Don't let the Red fur deceive you..)

Gender: Female

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Age: 22

'Family' - 'Foster Father: Ruffeneck

Occupation: Mercenary

Group(s): M.T.F (Mobius Task Force) (Part-Time)

Originally Streetshadow Gang

Likes: money and tech upgrades.

Dislikes: People who try to stop her, not having money, kids and perverts.


Natasha Saforez

Red the Hedgehog

Alexandtalov Viktov (Boar)




Roxanne 'Flare' Flametail the Fox

Any G.U.N Agent

Lucy 'Lulu'

Toby Bruce

What you waiting for? by Gwen Stefani03:42

What you waiting for? by Gwen Stefani

Hah, my favourite childhood singer. ^^; - Jade's Theme Song


Despite her looks, Jade is not seductive (thank god, otherwise she aint my character lol ene). She's not too determined in anything, however she can have attitude. She is careless of others that stand before her and does anything for the cash. Neither is she too determined to fight anyone, she does anything to get the easy way. More like the mercenary spy anyone could think of. However she enjoys giving enemies as much annoyance as possible. Otherwise, she enjoys her job with passion and her freedom and economy comes first. Rarely does she ever show sympathy towards anyone.


Jade is an Elite Spy, she has trained for 5 years to be a Spy,

She is also a Thief, and a Bounty Hunter. With her experience in these roles, she has been looking for service as a Mercenary and been hired back and forth for the last few years.

Despite her experience in these roles, when in focus combat against one person, she seems to fail in defeating the rival. Otherwise, no matter what others say, she still lacks areas of her expertise.

Items, Gear, Abilites

Pocket Knife:  A basic Knife that can be swung out and can stab people

C4 Explosives: Plants on buildings that need to have people taken out or just ruin some one's plan, And sometimes is put on people just to see their heads explode. ._. (Which sometimes doesn't happen lol.)

Titanium Rifle: A Rifle, however just more fancier and tech-like.

Dual Shotgons: Just the average dual shotgons from your everday spy/agent. However she still prefers her rifle.

Distraction Bombs: They're not like Smoke bombs, or like Explosive Bombs. They create a loud noise when in contact with any solid objects. However,

Cyro-Shades: Just the average sunglassess, however is more mechanical, it's able to turn into a breathing mask, avaliable to go through fog, water, mud..etc. Although the behaviour of the gear is rather faulty.

Grappling Hook: Should I even describe it? :P

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