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Jason The Hedgehog

May Not be 100 % Accurate Jason The Hedgehog Belonds to XSniperXAssassin Picture owned by IRON CO.

Jason The Hedgehog ==

Name: Jason

Age: 16

Themesong: Orange Hero ~ by Jealkb

Favorite Song(s): Hero's Comeback ~ by Nobodyknows+,

Work For the Working Man ~ by Bon Jovi, 

Mary Jane's Last Dance ~ By Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

Ballroom Blitz ~ by sweet

Alignment: Good

Family: Johnathan(father,45, wherabouts are unknown, but he's alive),Salem(Mother, 42 Deceased),Saffron(sister, 26 Alive)

Love Interest: None what so ever

Relations: Razor (rival), Cedric (enemies)

Super forms: he doesn't have any.

Skills: His speed is half of that compared to sonic or shadow, he's good with mechanics, also, it should be noted that he can analyze his opponents' strengths and weaknesses while distracting them with wise cracks during battle.

Nicknames: "sonic"(he has to correct people everytime they mistake him for the blue blur), Smart-alic(people call him this because of his tendency to make fun of his opponents.), rodent(only once... by who is the question), Imposter(by Cody), Jay(by Quartz) .

Birthday: June 7th

Blood type: AB

Top Speed:  378 MPH(gifted runner)

Friends: Iron(friendly-rivals), Dillon(A human in the Mega-Man Fannon(also a cross-over character))... *MORE TO BE ADDED*


Jason was born and raised on an alternate version of mobius, at the age of 6, his mother died of an unknown virus, his father abandoned him and his sister, saffron(whom at the time was 16), and from that day, his sister took it upon herself to raise him and teach him how to defend himself against others... 10 years later, while carrying out an assault on(whom is his equivalent to sonic's Dr.Eggman) Professor Dragon's base, Jason accidentally activated chaos control, which sent him, and a few others(dragon was excluded from this, because he died of a heart attack) to Mobius prime, and now Jason is exploring this new, yet familiar world, making new friends along the way(and enemies as well).


"Sonic the hedgehog? never met him, but do i look like him?."- Whenever someone calls him sonic.

"y'know what they say, Shoot to Thrill, Play to kill!"- ready for a new challenge.

"that was the best you could do? Dude, my sister can do better!"- after winning a fight.

"alright, fellas, LET'S GOOOOOOO!"- before a fight(3 on 1(him being the 1).)

"Believe it or not, Heroes comeback!"- after proving someone(who underestimates him) wrong.

"let me just explain a few things here: one: i'm gonna take you down if you hurt my friends and family. two: if lie about me and act like i'm some villain, i'monna prove you wrong, and your ass will be the one that's getting kicked"- talking to cedric,the first time they fought.

Interactions with Cannons and Fannons


Sonic: the two have never met, but have heard of eachother.

Amy: Mistook Jason for sonic, but the case of mistaken identity was resolved when Jason corrected her(and told her to get her eyes checked as well... but that resulted with him being chased by her when she brought out her piko piko hammer).

Tails: Jason met him and helped him fix up the tornado.

Shadow: the two met, Shadow challenged Jason to a showdown, Shadow won

Knuckles: Like amy, Knuckles confused jason for sonic, but was also corrected by Jason.

Dr.Eggman: While the two have not interacted, Jason has destroyed some of his Badniks.

Silver: they never spoke with eachother, but have simply passed by.

Rouge: while she was running off with a chaos emerald, Jason stole it from her and returned it to the master emerald shrine, where it belonged.

Blaze: Never met.

Cream: never met.

Fannon(sonic fannon):

Quartz: Jason helped her save Maiden from werehogs, after that, the two talked and now, the two are currently engaged, and soon to be expecting a child

Razor: the two have met before, and it wasn't all that friendly.

Cedric: They fought(it was a fist fight) Cedric lost, and being a sore loser that he is, he basically then gets in a cheapshot on jason

Iron: the two are friendly-rivals, and one of Iron's hats yelled something in German at Jason(kudos if you get the reference), and there are times where they go on an adventure(sometimes being iron dragging jason along against his will)

Autumn: only met once,jason introduced himself, and that was it.

Mishka: Jason met her because he found her crying in his yard, but, that was a while ago: Currently, Mishka is living somewhere else and with someone else.


Dillon : he's a human from earth, and not only earth, but from the future(like around the time of MMX...), but like jason, he also comes from an alternate version of earth where everyone was enslaved by a ruthless dictator that was actually taken down by the hero(Dillon), so they can relate there, plus Dillon has this ability for where in which depending on what ability he uses, his eye color(which is a dark green color) and jacket color(a dark red color) change(what is he? some kind of megaman?) and such... to find out more about him, click his name.

Bits of Trivia

  • Jason owns all six Scott Pilgrim Issues(Precious little life, Vs. the World, & the Infinite Sadness, Gets it together, Vs. The Universe, and Finest Hour)
  • Three of his quotes reference different songs(Heroes Comeback, Shoot To Thrill,and Ball Room Blitz)
  • He has had a part time job as a bartender(he quit the job after Two month's worth of slow days)
  • He is ten years younger than his sister,Saffron
  • He also likes(and owns) the Evil Dead trilogy(The Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn, and Army of Darkness) by Sam Raimi
  • Silver is his favorite color
  • Anytime he has nachos or other foods similar to it, he takes off his gloves(he does want to keep 'em clean).
  • Sometimes he'll use certain quotes from certain movies.
  • He has a dislike for werehogs(due to an incident that occured with one of his friends.)
  • He likes Rock music(whether it'd be from the classic awesomeness of Foreigner to the punk-ish ness of Sum 41)
  • He tries to do the right thing due to his morality 

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