Jiles Shuyon is an anthropomorphic gray colored cat and a professional bounty hunter.


Jiles is a tall, muscular, whiskered, cat with pupils that give off a golden sheen. His hair is slicked back and is very short. He wears on his head, a red bandana with a large, vertical, dark yellow stripe. He also wears a brown, short sleeved, leather jacket with a skin tight, gray shirt underneath. He also wears a pair of brown slacks upheld by a leather belt with a large golden buckle. On his feet he wears a pair of leather shoes.


Jiles is a very calmed and easygoing man, almost never showing anger or sadness. He speaks using a slow and tired tone as if he's bored with whatever he's doing. He seems to always take his time with doing whatever it is he's doing, even if it needs to be done in a certain amount of time. He also never seems to panic or fear, no matter how drastic a situation is.

Abilities and Powers

Jiles is a very powerful combatant, having immense physical strength even on par with Litzrieg. His amazing strength was further proven when he punched Maikeru and sent him propelling through many buildings.

His fighting style itself consists mainly of powerful punches and grapples, much like a wrestler.

He also shows to have an extreme endurance as well, being able to survive being bitten by Litzrieg, and suffering minor injuries. His endurance is further by his feat of surviving being blown off of a cliff by Maikeru. (However, this could have been aided by his own Ki Manipulation.)

Ki Manipulation- Karat

Karat is a Ki Manipulation technique used by Jiles which causes his body to become immersed with polished gold. His body proportions seem to change as well, his arms and torso becoming much larger. His overall strength increases as well, becoming almost 3x stronger than previously, adding more strength to his already impressive strength.

Along with his boosted strength, his overall endurance increases as well, as he was able to endure a frenzy of attacks by Maikeru and suffer no visible damage.

For some strange reason, Jile's very personality alters when using this ability. He becomes very cocky and rude with this transformation, taunting his opponent to provoke them to attack, direct opposite of his calm personality. The reasons for this are currently unknown.


Jile's Karat ability provides a major weakness for him as well. For one, his speed greatly declines because of the massive armor of gold surrounding him. His cockyness with this transformation is also a setback as well, as he often is lead to underestimate his opponents beforehand.