About Juniper

Name: Juniper

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Spieces: Hedge-fox

Current Residence: Mobious

Personality: Shy, Intelligent, Quiet, Not very social, Squeamish, Somewhat insane

Alingment: Neutral

Likes: Computers, Ghosts, Space, Books, Supernatural stuff, Religion

Dislikes: Science, Atheism, People calling her crazy, Blood, Asylums

Love interest: Ghost


Juniper is very religous and wants to convert people. Her obssession with her religion has made her somewhat crazy, and she even threatened to kill an atheist if he didnt convert. She has spent some time in an Asylum, but was let out when she convinced people that she had "learnt her lesson". She hides out in a small apartment, constantly researching so that she can convert the whole of Mobious. During this time, she developed a interest in Ghosts and paranormal activity, believing that the ghosts that she saw were Angels telling her to convert people (she is psychic)


Juniper is OBSESSED with Ghost. Mainly because hes a Gaurdian angel. At first, Ghost would let her ask all these questions about gaurdian angels. Although when she was going to ask what religion was true, Ghost snapped at her (because he was depressed) saying that he didnt want anything to do with her "crazy schemes" anymore. Despite this, Juniper is in love with Ghost and now that Melanie has died she believes that she can make Ghost fall for her.