Kael and Tendras - Ogre-headed Lizard Medustran

FIN. 8D (That is one lazy background, lawl. :/)

"Leading myself into the faded grey, I find myself still searching for the Heart of Everything and all I find is merciful rats" - Kael'tendras

-Originally a Magister from the Reassinance Circle, he ended up being mutated together (originally two people) and only wishes for more power in the uncharted galaxy-

Kael is the head on the left and Tendras is the head on the right, however you would consider this character to be just one person, which the full name being Kael'Tendras.

Species: Lizard-Hydra Ogre (lolwutplz, or consider it a Hybrid)

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Age: 28

Ideal Accent: Russian

Allies:? Adria Stingweaver the Scorpion

Enemies/Rivals:? Dael 'Blight' Soulblood


Aurora Gale (Ex-Wife)

Daughter: Aeysara 'Illusion' Gale|

Battlelore - Epic Dreams (Story Theme Song)04:26

Battlelore - Epic Dreams (Story Theme Song)



Strength: Poor

Agility: Average

Intelligence: Excellent

Endurance: Average

Personality and Traits:

Kael'Tendras is quite selfish and grim. In fact, he is quite alot like his own daughter, Aeysara (which she doesn't know about, ZOMG 8O). Mainly because he works alone, he is mainly stern and hard-working towards his own achievements to vast power and in some cases conquest of other realms/worlds. A few of his species' attributes stay with him, like how the two heads would occasionally argue with each other like most ogre-like creatures. On his back, he has quilled-like blades sticking from his back along with four long snakes. Some people mistook him for either some male Medusa or a Hydra, however it's more of a Hydra attribute. Lately when he arrived on Mobius, he has been keeping eye on the Shadebrood activity and G.U.N (or other defenses of the place xD). He does ANYTHING for power, so he will be Merciless, Ravenous and Cruel.


He is a Magister, which mean he varies in a few elements of magic

These may include:

  • Fire
  • Shadow
  • Arcane
  • Earth



He is easily tricked on, easily to be decieved. He can get distracted easily but not as much as Shine.

He focuses on his goal ahead, unless his only way forward was to defeat his conflicting enemy.

Like Father and Daughter (Aeysara) the weaknessess are very similar.

Solids: Solid objects or solid beings (rock guardians, anything that isn't 'squishy') are quite strong. Because Arcane requires organic sources, if he was to attack a Rock Guardian, it could either deflect back, take no effect or only cause small amounts of damage.

Elementals: Beings engulfed in their own element, like fire, water etc. If she was to master arcane, she'd be able to hurt them atleast. However, her power is no where near to outmach these beings.

Quick History:

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