Stayr Hell Twinsa

Oh how I love playing with stuff. (You dirty boy, what did you think I meant? XD)

"A little shaken up from the Bullet shower?" - Shaldyr

"Don't worry, we can assure you much, much more from our expertise in such areas of pain" - Kaeldyr

-Satyrs from an unknown exsistance who seek answers from the celestials and to put themselves back into the realm they believe to have came from originally. They joined C.E.L.L, believing that the objectives they are given are another way to reveal these answers-

Known Names: Destructive Star (as a group) Hailstorm (Kaeldyr) and Blackice (Shaldyr)

Age: Ageless, but not immortal.

Race/Species: Satyr

Unknown Theme Song:

Celldweller - The Seven Sisters (Lyrics)03:41

Celldweller - The Seven Sisters (Lyrics)

The Seven Sisters by Celldweller - The Twins' goal for future generations

Affilation: C.E.L.L

Birthplace: ???

Ideal Accent: Russian

Alignment; Evil

Class: Bounty Hunter / Archaeologist - Tomb Raider (Still known as a Assassin however they use different methods)

Allies: Alexandtalov Viktov

Enemies: Sera Kinjara the Fox and Kryptonite (Pain in the Ass)

Hentaaris the Storm Watcher (Kabii Stormstrike) (Enemies until Death)

Twin Personalities:

Despite their high intelligence levels, they're quite naive. Kaeldyr is more arrogant and cruel as for Shaldyr is more cautious and malevolent. Normally, they don't submit easily however complaining seems to be a habit with these two. These two are normally a rare kind of species, its not usual that satyrs appear attractive, not only that but satyrs are known to wield hexing magic, being tricksters. These twins do not have such power, however they are determined to find out their meaning of exsistence. Their determination towards their goal shows arrogance, they believe that C.E.L.L are working for Satyr alphas, or servants related to the Regrian God (Ancient Race of Satyrs ). Because of this, they are easily fooled by people who convince them promises that will most likely not exsist.


Dual Pistols (Why the fuck not eue) 

Kaeldyr's main weapon:

Gears of war 2 conceptart 3CxDi




The Holy Light can deform these two, any force of strong, blessed light can injure badly. Nuclear energy also has become quite a known weakness as well, if nearby or in contact with Nuclear energy for too long, they will mutate into a mutated, slimy satyr ( eew ene), which they lose control of themselves (The reason why they're allies with Alexandtalov xD). Their arrogance can lead to their demise in most cases. Despite their high intelligence however, if they were to use it too often, it usually ends up horrifcially (bad hex / karma).


(From outside C.E.L.L organisation and from the organisation itself.)

Miranda Sorrowgaze the Bilby

Requested from : Ivana Murdrow

Reason: Murder and Treason

Wanted: Dead

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