Karos The Chamelion

Basic Bio

Name: Karosli 51

Relatives: Lerion the Demonic Chameleon (surrogate father)

Alliance: Nuetral, leaning more to good though

Romantic Interest: No one (looking for one)

Sex: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Age: 23 (mentally) Ageless (physically)

Team: Team Castaway

Friends: His brothers

Enemies: Lerion

Likes: Not much; Reading, His bros, and "Modern Family"

Dislikes: Everything else

Quote: "So what, I killed 300 people to leave my fathers castle and to escape to this island. Deal with it."


Attire: Black tank top, Black sweatshirts, black shoes, red and gray gloves.

Personality: Harsh, Angry, Hateful

Accent: Icelandic

Eye color: Gold

Hair color: Red

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