Kasumi the Albino Hedgehog 001 JPEG


Creator: Mitena the WereHedgeWolf

Sonic Team VS Archie Portrayal: Sonic Team Potrayal

Name: Kasumi

Name Meaning: Japanese for "Mist"

Nickname(s): Mist, Misty, Kassie

Age: 17

Species: Albino/Hedgehog/Mobian/Doll

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Height: 4'5'

Weight: N/A

IQ: 133-140 - Quite Intelligent

Maritial Status: Dating Scourge the Hedgehog

Attire: Pink Minishirt, Black Skinny Jeans, Pink Belt With Heart Emblem, Knee-Length Boots

DOB: 2/14

Birthplace: Dr. Robotniks Laboritory

Residence: Wanderer

Alias: (*=Previosuly) Supression Squad*, Destructix*, Doctor Robotnic*, Freedom Fighters, Death On A Bed of Roses (Her band)

Alliance: (*=Previosuly) Villian*, Anti-Hero, Netural, Hero

Occupation: Singer, Hero

Social Class: Hopeless Romantic

Top Speed: 175 MPH High Speed Runner

Abilities: Super Speed, Can Shapeshift Into Her Rag Doll Form, Technopath

Hobbies: Dancing, Singing, Sewing

Talents: Dancing, Singing, Sewing, and Painting

Weaknesses: Fire and People Who Handle Her Roughly In Her Doll Form

Personal Facts:

Friends: Scourge, Sonic Amy Rose, Rouge, Shadow, Tails, Mina

Enemies: Dr. Eggman, Mephiles

Known Relatives: Dr. Eggman (Creator)



Favorite Activites:

Least Favorite Activities:

Gourmet Of Choice: Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Beverage Of Choice: Strawberry Milkshake

Favorite Colors: Pink, Black, White, Silver, Red

Chaos: Princess

Theme Songs:

> All Around The World by ATC

> Dreamscape by 009 Soundstystem

> Fever by Cascada

> In Love For A Day by Jordan Pruitt

> Loves Me Not by T.a.T.u

> Monster by Meg and Dia Feat. Cascada

> Till The World Ends by Britney Spears

> Run Devil Run by Ke$ha

> Sterio Love by Edward Maya Feat. Alicia


Physical Appearance:

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