Katey is a 15 year old armadillo.She is a famous dressmaker from england.She is also the boyfriend of mighty the armadillo.She likes riding on her pet nyan cat.


She has light pink fur,Red eyes,A dark pink shell with a blue band around it,She wears a scarf around her neck,and a pink dress with a belt,Her gloves and shoes are both pink,She wears pink and dark pink hoes,



Nickname(s):pink shell(by shadow)




likes: Dressmaking,her friends,nyan cat,Mighty,adventures

Dislikes:People insulting her,Seeing people hurt,getting captured Voice Actor: Rarity (mlp)

Theme: The sweet escape [1]


Pinky the hedgehog,Lily the wolf,Tara the echidna,Alice the hedgehog,Chum the chipmuck,Orange the cat,Violet the chameleon,Alex the monkey,Fire coat the unicorn,Jade the lion,

Love interest:Mighty the armadillo

Neutral: I dunno

Rivals: Mora the swallow,Nightmare the pony

she was born on a magical pantel called Nyan planent.She grew up with her sister and parents.She had a pet nyan cat.She alway's loved traveling with her family to places all over.But one day a green hedgehog came and turned their home plaent into darkness and evil.Kitey sweared she would get revenge on him.She leafed her home and set out to earth.She came and fought but it was no use until a pink hedgehog and wolf a echidna fought the hedgehog he was defeated.Kitey thanked them and they all became friends.

base used


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