Full Name; Katherine Sonia Barnipus

Alias:Kat, Kathy, Sonia, Angel(by her father)


Fur Color: Red with Black stripes...(only on her arms and legs, resembling a tiger)




Katherine is more of an adventurer than a fighter, she will commonly take shelter behind her parents or older siblings in the event of a conflict, knowing full-well they will protect her, so as a result has become overly dependant on the fact that somebody will defend her whenever she requires assistance. Therefore she is quite helpless and initially relies on her improved running speed to evade perilous situations rather than confronting it head-on as all of her other siblings would do. She doesn't have super-sonic speed as her father does, she's inherited more of her mother's physical attributes thus possessing increased speed, though not at her father's predominantly high level, enhanced flexibility, stunning acrobatic feats, and augmented senses.

She is very athletic and has proven herself able to out-maneuver foes much faster than herself by dodging around obstcales and scaling building tops with incredible speed. She is able to map out paths and routes that she can take ahead of time and has an accurate idea of the durability of whatever objects she uses at her disposal in the event of a getaway. This could mark the efficiency of her eyesight, being very detailed and precise with her observation abilities.

About Katherine

(under construction)


Katherine is cheerful and bubbly, possessing a significant degree of unbounded optimism that usually prevents her from seeing the darker side of things. Though she can occasionally break down in discouraging situations she does her best to keep a smile on her face. Katherine loves being active/hates sitting still for longs periods of time which could imply she suffers from a mild degree of ADHD. She isn't necessarily a genius as her mother is, however her mathematical faculties far exceed the normal limit of anybody her age, a fact that she is extremely proud of. She can become so blithesome to the point of being slightly aggrovating or annoying, but nevertheless is undoubtedly one of the most cheerful members of her family, finding excitment in adventure and exploration which can often times concern her father who prefers that she remain in a safe haven most of the time. She is quite the spoiled individual, using her cute and charming charisma to bribe her father into providing her with multiple desired suppliances, knowing it will not work on her mother Red is typically her victim of choice and despite that he knows this she's so adorable he just can't say no.

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