Kaz the cat

Serious Kaz the cat[1]

(click [2] to see kaz)Age:17

Personality:Serious, When he is winning he is a show off


Clothes/Features:Usually dark clothes, Pale fur, White eyes, no pupil

Species:Cat, Mobian

Fav. food:killer whale


Kaz was born into a war filled country, the war was caused because scorch had awakened into a black fire elemental, one side wanted to kill him the other wanted to ignore him. Since kaz was related to scorch, so he was hunted down. When kaz matured he awakened into an extinct element, Darkness. Then the whole country had to kill him, they couldn't let his bloodline wreck havoc around the world. But kaz single handledly destroyed the army.Kaz then searched for scorch for revenge. At first he was scorch's friend , the he struck down blaze. Using his Dark vortex to suck her in almost killing her. Scorch entered an outraged state. almost killing kaz. But he stopped, saying 'Your my cousin, and you have a friend, its ME!' After that kaz joined scorch.


  • Show the goverment who he is
  • Make scorch the strongest
  • surpass shadow the hedgehog
  • ==Bounty==

330,300,000 mobiuns


"What a gloomy kid"

"Cant you ever be serious?"

"I'm an dont believe in miracles."

"HA HA HA HA!Are you this weak?"



He gets cocky

Quick to blame



He is married to Hera. After seeing that they both have dark powers, and that she was really smart.

Theme song

From the game onimusha dawn of dreams, Roberto's theme
Shin Onimusha dawn of dreams themes - Roberto's Theme

Shin Onimusha dawn of dreams themes - Roberto's Theme

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