==theme song normal/super==

Couzare - Press Start - normal form

Grimehouse - Possession Ft. None Like Joshua (Enough Weapons Remix)  - super form

"there is no way you can beat me with that", fan quote for Sonic Riders

character info

gender: male

favorite music type: dubstep/drumstep

ability type: special

forms: normal, super, daring, hyper, dark

favorite video game: he does not have time for games


  • aura flame
  • black flare
  • telekenesis
  • aura blast
  • aura high jump
  • acid burn
  • aura burst

allies: anybody thats not evil

rivals: spike, mark, mike

foes: anybody thats is evil

personality: depends on the mood he is in.

Ex Gear: hoverboard

Ex Gear Name: Speed Runner

comic appearances

Tobias The Hedgehog: Revelations

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