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Name: Kizu

Nickname: None

Age: 16

Species: Hedgehog/Angel/Ghost/Mobian

Gender: Male

Height: 5'7'

Weight: N/A

IQ: 133-140 - Quite Intelligent

Maritial Status: Not Married, But Crushing On Someone Whom Doesn't Know He Is Crushing On Her


Chibi Kizu by greeny 83

DOB: 01/01

Birthplace: Unknown

Residence: Angel Island - Ice Cap Zone

Occupation: Student, Hero, 2nd in Command of Team Lunar

Social Class: Shy Sweetheart

Alignment: Hero

Top Speed: 160-175 MPH - High Speed Runner

Basic Stats: (1 = Weak / 10 = Strong & Numbers Can't Exceed 40)

Agility: 3

Speed: 8

Strength: 3

Defense: 3

Evasiveness: 3

Dexterity: 3

Intelligence: 8

Skill: 4

Special Attacks: 5

Commission kizu the angel ghost hedgehog by mairaxshadowl50-d4pojc2

Kizu as a commission, drawn by a friend of mine on DA.

Can Fly/Glide/Hover for Long Amounts of Time, Has Super Speed, Can Teleport Through Time, Can Control Ice and Snow, Can Communicate With Animals

Hobbies: Drawing, Singing, Playing Video Games, Taking Care of Baby Seals and Penguins

Talents: Communication with Animals

Weaknesses: He Gets Hurt Easily


Time of Dying 8

Personal Facts: Not much is known about his past other than he was "born" in the Ice-Cap Zone on Angel Island. Before he died and became a Ghost-Angel he had golden eyes.

Friends: Brittney the Corgie, Karissa the Cat, JD the Wolf, Emily "Crash" the Echidna, Faith the Hedgehog, Gizmo the Mouse, Vana the Cat

Rivals: None Yet

Enemies: Eggman, Mephiles, ETC ...

Known Relatives: None Known to Him

Likes: Hanging Out With Brittney, Winter, Night-Time, His Brittney Doll, Rain-Storms, Ice-Cream

Dislikes: Being Alone, Brittney Can't Keep Up With Him

Favorite Activites: Drawing, Camping, Making Snowmen

Least Favorite Activites: Shoveling Snow

Gourmet of Choice: Mint Chocolate Chip Ice-Cream

Beverage of Choice: Eggnog

Favorite Colors: Black, Silver, Pink, White, Ice Blue, Dark Blue, Indigo

Chaos: None Yet

Kizu Adopted Picture
Theme Songs:

- Mad World by Gary Jules

- Time of Dying by 3 Days Grace

- (MAIN THEME) Peak of the Ice Cap (Ice Cap Zone Remix) by Shinigami from the Emerald Chasers Album


Personality: Kind, Helpful, Loyal, Sweet, Shy, Embarrassed easily

Personality Flaws: Doesn't Like to Talk to People Other than Those in His Team, But Mostly to Brittney


Physical Appearance:

Fur Color: Light Blue

Skin Color: Pale Peach

Eye Color: Bright Blue


>Length: Short

>Color:Light Blue

>Style: Spines that Curve Upwards

>Bangs: Two Long Ones and Four Smaller Ones

Nose: Black and Medium sized

Ears: Large, Slightly Rounded Triangle Shaped

Tail: Medium Length and Light Blue

Other Bodily Features: Has a 6-Pack, Blue-Grey Angel Wings



Kizu's feet and stomach are extremely ticklish.

Kizu likes to paint landscapes and people.

He gets lonely very quickly.

Kizu sleepwalks.

Kizu tends to forget to phase through walls.


Kizu As Seen In Sonic X Generations:

(Fact: Kizu is accidentally depicted having four upperbangs instead of three in several of the episodes, but only temporarily. And on rare occasions his spines are shaped a little different.)

File:Kizu in Sonic X 001.PNG