Kori Eipoll


Redesign of Kori. Now a wolf, yayayay c8

"You just went there didn't you, oh my gods, they just went there, I'm about to slap you upside the face," - Kori the Wolf

Given Name/s: Kori Sarje

Family Name: Eipoll

Weight: 50.6 kg 111.6 lbs

Height: 173 cm 5"5'

D/O/B: 24 September

Birthplace: Shadecrown

Age: 20

Gender: ♀ Female (Though some might mistake her for a Male from behind, due to her clothing and tough demeanour)

Allignment: Chaotic Neutral; if she feels like it, she could be a very big help to your cause, or she could go the opposite direction and shut you down completely.

Family: Kara Vuanje Eipoll (Sister), Moesha (Aspect of Death, Mother), Caspio Eipoll (G

eneral to Aessina), Aessina (Aspect of Life, Stepmother?)

Relationships/Crushes: No Relationship, doesn't see herself being in one.


Aija Luaredon Keurbell (Daughter of Lunaris and Solaran)

Aija is the only person that can stand Kori, she doesn't mind her dark moods and angry attitudes towards her, Kori knows this and for the most part really cares about Aija and appreciates her.

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