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its kinda based off of Guild wars by accident :/ well Korps really isnt XD i dont think that hat exists in gw2 XD

Korps and Noon

Korps and His Wife Noon

Korps The fox with shotgun

Future-ish Korps

Korps The Fox pic

Korps The Fox I drew it myself :D

Korps Upper done

(with a mouse) My first digital artwork....the eye is a bit funky.....

I should really draw more pics of him :I
IMG 20100105 180536


  • Real Name: Korey
  • Nickname: Korps
  • Age: 32
  • Sex: Male
  • Hair Color: Orange
  • Eye Color: Red
  • Likes:Strawberry's, Mello Yellow, Cream Soda, Power, Shiny things, Pizza, Gummy worms, and Women
  • Dislikes: Banana's, Water, Being wrong
  • Weapons and Defense: Double Bladed Scythe, Brass Knuckles, Sheild
  • Personality: Loves being a douche when the time is right. He's a fun loving happy to be around type of guy. Alwas has

    Noon i drew with the tablet (i noticed she doesn't have a page i will make one)

    jokes up his sleeve. Can be a short fuse. Sometimes he just flips out and i would recommend not being in grabbing distance of him....
  • Distinguishing Features: Red Diamond On Forehead, No Shoes, Large Tail, Brown Cargo Pants.
  • Sibling/Family: Uno The Fox (son)
  • Friends:Lazzerus The Cat
  • Love Interest: Noon The Wolf (wife)
  • Powers: Telekinetic
  • History

He used to be a petty theif that would steal from the rich just to get by. After he found something more of a problem than poverty he found his true calling......being a HERO.....


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