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The main character in this story is Korps The Fox, in his past he used to be a petty thief, this story takes place when he was in the said time of being a petty thief......i dont think im that good of a story writer.........and i love making short prolouges.......

Chapter One:Edit

Korps: "sneaks into a house in the village of Falkree"

"steals a gold necklace with a jewel on it"

"leaves without notice"

Korps: haha im eating for a week "running out of town"

Lazzerus: "scream"

Korps; What has lazzerus gotten himself into now......"looks around trying to find where the sound is coming from"

"sees lazzerus lying on the ground surrounded by shadowy figures in a pool of blood"

(More Coming Soon Im Just Too Lazy To Write More Right Now)

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