The Heavy - Short Change Hero (OST Borderlands 2)04:01

The Heavy - Short Change Hero (OST Borderlands 2)

Korpsman Chronicles - Comic By KoreyKomix.

Theme Music i guess is here -------------------------------->

This is pretty much replacing all of my other stories since it explains it all anyways :3

starting soon :3


Main Characters:

Korps The Fox

Noon The Wolf

Uno The Fox

Lessey The Cat

Lazzerus The Cat

Ceres The Chinchilla

Klav The Wolf

Calill The Chameleon

Jacylenn The Rabbit

TMI-13 The Robot

Folly The Hedgehog

Side or Guest Characters (Only shown if they are affiliated with their past or meet them in present time for a relavent reason):

Fate The Werewolf

Echo The Lizard

Commander Oli The Lynx


To sum it up this is pretty much just a comic for the backstory and normal modern day adventures of all of my characters. You will learn more about them during this story :3 maybe things you have been wondering for ages.

Korpsman Chronicles: Cover

Comic page Photoshop


Korpsman Chronicles: Chapter I

Comic One

Chapter I, 0

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