Kula the Fennec Fox NEW LOOK
Kula the Fennec Fox

Age: 12

Species: Mobian/ Fennec Fox

Gender: Female

Alignment: Good (Formerly evil/bad)

Personality: Kind, shy, often laid back.

Likes: n/a

Dislikes: n/a


Hair Colour: Yellow

Hair Style: Two bangs/ loose strands in the front, and shorter hair in the back.

Fur Colour: Yellow

Eye colour: Light Blue

Attire: Blue short-sleeved shirt, white gloves with blue fingerless gloves over the top, blue headband, silver-ish belt, blue capris that are white on the lower half, white socks, blue sneakers with a white stripe down the front.



Friends: Ember the Cat, Esme the Bat, Caspar M.

Love Interest: None.

Neutral: Kiki M.


Enemies: Midnight the Bat


Ability Type: Speed


- Fast runner

- Can create forcefields.

Super form(s): None


Other Info

- Ironicallly, Kula's name means in Turkish "Tower". Being a Fennec Fox, she is rather short.

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