This is a Private Roleplay between Alexneushoorn and Joshua the Hedgehog. As the title suggests, this RP will be Canon.


Almost a year after the events of Liam and Blade: Superstar Saga, Liam and Blade have made a home in the 2010's, and work as Heroes for Hire. One day, their help is requested by The Jkirk Federations, so Liam and Blade set off for Downunda to help their client. Will the Monteiro Brothers be able to complete their task, or will their journey end in misery? Find out in this epic quest.


Liam Monteiro/Alexneushoorn

Blade Eastwood/Alexneushoorn

Lucas Pierpoint Vincent/Alexneushoorn

Joshua Sentrium Burns/Joshua the Hedgehog

Adex Zarvok Burns/Joshua the Hedgehog

Jayden Sarah Burns/Joshua the Hedgehog

Sophia Nancy Vincent/Alexneushoorn

Fulgore Mark I/Joshua the Hedgehog

​Chapter I: A Plea From Jkirk

​(Who's going first? .3.) 

(You, I guess.)


It was a peaceful morning in the civilian installation known as Genesis City, the planetary capital of the Jkirk Federations on Mobius, civilians going through their normal routine as the morning progresses. At the city center, two indiviudals were visiting the city; Adex Zarvok Burns and his son; Joshua Sentrum Burns. Currently, these two well-known figures were walking upon the sidewalk.

Meanwhile, in the Eurish city of Imsterdim, in an abandoned warehouse, the Monteiro Brothers Liam and Blade were living. In 2016, they settled in it and decided to work as Heroes for Hire. Liam and Blade had already tackled some small time jobs, and were now ready for the big work.

Blade was currently training by lifting weights.

Blade: One day, I'm gonna be as strong as my old dad Tails, I can promise you that.

Liam: *chuckles* I'm sure he would've been proud of you right now.

Blade: Yeah, I bet. Let's train some more.

Liam: Alright. I'm gonna go to the shooting range.

Blade nodded as he continued lifting weights.

Liam then walked to the shooting range to continue working on his shooting skills.

(Now I gotta think of a villain for the four to handle. .3.)


(Hm... I think I have an idea)

(Lay it on me, Colonel Kirk!)

(It's captain, you bum XP . Anyways, I was thinking of having someone have weapons designed specifically to disable electronics {EMPs in a way}, and is a exceptional hacker, which would be perfect for Jkirk)

(Sounds like a great idea for a villain. What should we call them?)

(That's the part I'm having problems with @3@)

(I'll think of a name then.)


(How about Danny May?)

(Eh, wynut. .3.)

(Alright. Continue, I guess.)

('Kay.. wait, who's going to play the character? .3.)

Adex and his son had walked to the city center of Genesis, looking around at the many citizens going on their daily lives and such. "Hm.. it's nice to see that our capital is prospering nicely." Adex thought to himself. 


([Screams internally])

(I guess I'll play Danny.)

(Okee .3 .)

Suddenly, all electricity in Genesis City was disabled.

Adex, Joshua, along with the civilians within the city were surprised by the sudden power outage.

"A power outage? That's strange.." Adex said.

Not long after the electricity was disabled, a video message appeared on one of the skyscrapers.

???: Hello, people of Genesis City and members of The Jkirk Federations. My name is Danny May, evil mastermind and soon to be ruler of Mobius. I have weapons that are able disable electronics, which gives me an advantage in defeating you, as you Jkirkians are dependent on advanced technology, so this will make it much easier to defeat you.

(So wait if the power is out, how is the video playing? XP)

(Through a special backup generator that only Danny can activate. :3)

(It was a joke but thanks for explaining anyway XD)

Adex and Joshua looked at each other, both are a bit annoyed, as the law enforcement of the city tried to keep the citizens of Genesis City calm and not going into a sudden panic. So far, they are successful.

"EMPs? You mean to tell me a evil mastermind has an entire arsenal of EMPs? That can pose a slight problem.." Adex thought to himself, as he continued to look up at the video transmission.

Danny: So prepare for war, Adex. You and your kid are powerless without your electronics! *laughs*

The video transmission then ended.

"..Well then. So that's a thing now." Joshua said, looking at his father.

"Indeed.. if he is threatening to go to war with the Federations, there will be no amount of Electromagnetic Pulses that'll stand in our way." Adex said.

Meanwhile, back in Imsterdim, Liam and Blade were still training. Liam was still at the shooting range and Blade was still lifting weights.

Emergency Services over at Genesis City immediately began working to turn back on the power over at Genesis City, while also trying to determine the cause of it's sudden blackout. Meanwhile, Joshua and Adex began to make their way over at Fort Jkirk to discuss what to do when dealing with Danny.

At Fort Jkirk, Colonel Lucas Pierpoint Vincent was helping other higher ups maintain order and peace at the Fort.

Lucas: Whoever caused this blackout will be punished for causing mayhem in Genesis City!

Quentin Jr. (Yes, he's in this too.)([Internal Screaming Occurs]): Agreed. They need to be put on trial for their malovelent intentions!

Within the hour or so, Joshua and Adex make it to the Fort, as he calls for an emergency meeting in the War-Room with the Generals, as well as Lucas.

Lucas sat at the War-Room table with Adex, Joshua and the Generals. He had Quentin Jr. sitting on the table in front of him.

"Everyone, I have brought you here to discuss about the unfortunate incident at Genesis City, which I assume most of you know what occured." Adex said.

Lucas: Yes. An power outage has occured, and apparently it's a declaration of war.

"Indeed. And the poor fool decided to publically announce his name, so we are able to look up any records in our database about this individual." Adex said.

"Sir, wouldn't he try to hack into our database to erase said records?" Lester asked.

"Yes, but the Database is highly difficult to hack. Not downright impossible mind you, but it's still difficult." Adex replied.

Suddenly, a scientist ran into the War Room.

Scientist: Mr. Burns! Someone hacked into our Database and erased some files! They also vandalized your page by leaving a message that says 'YOU SUCK' in big letters!

"Relax, I have a feeling that those files will be returning shortly." Adex said.

"..Sir, you seem calm about all this, our database has just been hacked into." Jordan (the three star general) said to Adex.

Adex looked at Jordan "Have you forgotten about our recovery protocol?"

Quentin Jr.: Recovery protocol? What's that?

"In the event of an unauthorized protocol, a separate database only known by the highest of officials that includes the same information as the hacked one, will either be manually or automatically revert the edits on the known database. And since only the Generals and I know about it... and you too Colonel since you're in here, no one else has any knowledge on this database."

"..Oh right. That's one of our failsafes in the event of a hack on our main database." Jordan said.

"Indeed. In fact, I practically knew the database will be hacked into. If Danny managed to cut the power in Genesis City, there's no doubt he could hack into the database as well. Which is why I already had General Marisa here to gather the data before the meeting." Adex said.

Quentin Jr.: That's really smart of you, sir!

Lucas: I agree with Quentin Jr.. Although, I have the feeling that despite our best efforts, defeating Danny will be a big challenge.

"Yes, indeed. It will take a bunch of our resources just to locate this bastard." Adex said.

"..Or.. we could enlist the help of an outside force to assist us." Joshua said.

Lucas: Joshua is right, we could enlist the help of an outside force to assist us. And I think Joshua knows someone who could help us.

"..I see." Adex said, before turning to his son. "Who did you have in mind?" He asked.

"I know a couple of... 'Heroes for Hire'.. at least that's how they're both officially known, that can assist us in this endeavor." Joshua answered.

Lucas: That's not a bad idea. Do you have a way to contact them?

"In fact I do." Joshua replied.

"Well then, you should pay them a visit, son. We could use the help." Adex said.

Lucas: Yes. It's gonna be hard using our birds to get there, though, since Danny's got EMP esque weapons.

"..Can he disable something in orbit?" Joshua asked.

Lucas: I don't think he can.

"Indeed. He'd need something to fly it up into the atmosphere and enter orbit. I doubt he has anything like that.. alright Son, I'll provide a TA-650 for transportation. Get these two 'Heroes for Hire' for us." Adex said.

"It'll be done." Joshua said, before leaving the meeting room.

Meanwhile, back in Imsterdim, Liam and Blade were still training.

Blade: *puts down weights*

Liam: Agreed, this is enough training for now.

Liam put down his pistol and shooting range gear.

Liam: So, what now?

Blade: I guess relax for a bit.

Liam nodded and he and Blade sat down on the couch to play on their ShayStation 4.

Minutes pass, and Joshua is currently within a TA-650 Aerostat within Mobius' orbit. The crew of the aerostat try to pinpoint Blade and Liam's current position, but still don't know exactly where they are.

The crew would notice that Liam and Blade were in Imsterdim, Eurish as it appeared on screen.

"We've located the two individuals. We'll lock the coordinates to your drop pod." The captain of the aerostat said to Joshua, of which he nodded in response as he made his way to a drop pod. Upon reaching said drop pod, he waits until the Captain inputs the coordinates so he could launch it.

Several seconds pass, and Joshua launches the Drop Pod.

Liam and Blade were still playing their ShayStation.

The Drop Pod goes into reentry as it enters Mobius' atmosphere. If the facility Liam and Blade were in had any radar or detection system, it might alert them of the incoming object.

Suddenly, the radar began beeping. Blade heard it and quickly ran over to the radar to check it out.

Liam: What's going on?

Blade: There's an object coming our way!

Liam: I just hope it won't destroy our base!

A couple of minutes pass, and the Drop Pod lands inside the base. It wasn't intended to cause damage, but due to it's speed, it might leave a hole in the ceiling.

Liam: ...Well, it didn't destroy our base.

Blade: But it made a big hole in our f**king ceiling!

The hatch on the Drop Pod then suddenly pops off, allowing Joshua to get out of the pod, his back facing the two. "If this is the place, why the hell did they have me land INSIDE it?" He thought to himself, looking around.

Blade: Whoa, it's Joshua! Hey, dude!

Joshua turned to face them. "Ah, hello you two." He said to them, noticing the hole in the ceiling. "..Uh.. yeah I'm sorry about that, I didn't know they were going to send me inside the place."

Blade: It's okay, we'll fix that, and get rid of your little spaceship.

Liam: What brings you to our base in Imsterdim?

"I've actually came for your help. A situation is developing in our territories, and my father wishes to seek some support."He replied to Liam.

Liam: I see. Well, we can help, right, Blade?

Blade: Yes. We're now Heroes for Hire, and we're willing to do any crimebusting work for a small price.

"I see.. have you two ever heard of Danny May?" He asked them.

Blade: Yes. He's an expert hacker and EMP Gun developer. He uses these EMP Guns to disable electronics in a large metropilan area to attack it later. To avoid being caught by authorities, he roams from town to town. No one knows where he's hiding.

"Hm.. I see. In that case, we're going to need your assistance even more then.. do you know one of his manufacturing facilities, or a potential candidate?"

Blade: Yes, we do.

Blade walked over to a large supercomputer and began working on it.

Blade: One of his manufacturing facilities is located in Westopolis, Northamer, in an abandoned toy store. Law enforcement there has received reports that strange lights and sounds are coming from the building at night, but they never found anything because the toy store would always be empty when the law enforcement arrived. That's a place where he might be hiding.

"I see.. that city is under the control of the United Federation however. Which means my father can't send in troops to search.. which means I guess we're gonna have to do it." He said.

Liam: Of course we can do it! Right, Blade?

Blade: Indeed! I'm even willing to do this job for free! Let me get my equipment and then we're set!

Liam: Okay, I will get some equipment too.

Liam and Blade then went to their armory to get first aid kits, radio communicators, armored clothing and a bunch of guns. Blade also grabbed his robot bunny R.A.B.B.I.T.. They then came back to Joshua.

Blade: Okay, we're ready!

"Alright. Do you have any kind of transportation we could use?" He asked.

Blade: Yes, we have a plane we can use. It's called the Eastwood Jet.

Liam: Let me lock all the doors in the base and then we're good to go.

Liam locked all the doors and used a repair gun to fix the hole in the roof.

Liam: There we go. We'll remove this spaceship later.

Blade: Let's go to the hangar.

Liam and Blade walked to the hangar. In the hangar, there was the Eastwood Jet, the Eastwood Helicopter and an incomplete aircraft.

Joshua walked into said Hangar, and looked at the three aircraft that were displayed before him. "Hm.. interesting.."

Liam: I know, it's interesting. Blade's an expert mechanic, this is a skill he inherited from his old father, Tails Prower. With this skill, Blade is able to make various vehicles like these, and he can also craft ammunition for his guns.

Blade: Yep. I use all the skills I have to my advantage to fight crime. Anyways, let's get on the Eastwood Jet.

Blade loaded all of his and Liam's equipment in the plane's storage and got into the pilot seat as Liam got into the front passenger seat.

"I see.." He said. "Hm.. Tails Prower? The last name sounds familiar.." He thought to himself, as he boarded the jet, looking at it's interior.

Blade: Seatbelts on!

Liam and Blade put on their seatbelts.

Joshua decided to take an available seat, and put his seatbelt on as well.

Blade: Everyone's buckled up? Good. 10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...Take off!

Blade started up the plane, a hatch in the base opened, the plane started gaining momentum and it flew into the sky. The hatch automatically closed itself after the plane went through it.

"Well, guess we're off to Westopolis then." Joshua thought to himself.

After about 6 to 12 hours of flying, the trio arrived in Westopolis. Blade landed the plane at a small airfield. He shut off the plane engine and he and Liam got out. They grabbed their equipment from the storage.

Joshua exited the aircraft as well. His equipment was already on him so he was able to get out quickly.

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Blade locked the plane after Joshua had exited it. They then walked off into Westopolis.

Chapter II: The Search For Danny May

Liam, Blade and Joshua walked through Westopolis before eventually finding the abandoned toy store Blade had tracked down.

Blade: *whispers* Alright, this is the place...

Blade gets out his Pump Shotgun and Liam gets out a Carbine Rifle. Liam and Blade got their backs against a wall.

Blade: *whispers* Okay, on my mark...3...2...1...Go!

Blade bust down the door and discovered an EMP manufacturing operation.

Blade: We found them! It's go time!

Liam and Blade began firing at the enemies, who only posessed pistols and Micro SMG's for weapons.

Joshua had his C-T59 Plasma Rifle equipped, firing at any hostiles as he tried to get into cover. His shots were only aimed at places that would incapacitate and not intentionally kill.

Liam and Blade did the exact same thing as Joshua, as Liam and Blade only kill when absolutely neccessary. Eventually, all the enemies were taken out. Blade walked up to one and grabbed him.

Blade: Where is Danny May?

Goon: H-He's currently not here!

Blade: Where did he go?!

Goon: He told us he was gonna get drunk and get laid at the Caramel Ice Gentlemen Strip Club!

Blade: Thank you. Liam, Joshua, let's head over to the Caramel Ice Gentlemen Strip Club.

Blade tossed the goon to the ground and the trio left the toy store. After they left, the goon contacted Danny May.

Danny: Hello?

Goon: Boss, Joshua Sentrium Burns along with two gunmen were at the manufacturing plant and took us out! They're on their way to the club!

Danny: Thank you for the information. I'll be taking my leave.

Danny hung up, got into an armored car with pitch black windows together with some bodyguards and left. About 10 minutes later, Liam, Joshua and Blade arrived. They entered the club.

Liam: Do you see him, Blade?

Blade: I don't even know what he looks like. Do you see him, Joshua?

Joshua would have stayed at the abandoned toy store so he may destroy any equipment there and prevent reinforcements from coming in.. he also would've made sure the individuals in there kept quiet.

(Alex, please try to refrain from doing these kinds of incidents so my character can properly respond before deciding whether to go or not .3.)

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Blade: ...Apparently Joshua isn't here. Looks like we'll have to search for Danny May ourselves.

Blade walked over to the bar.

Blade: Excuse me, have you seen Danny May?

Bartender: Danny May? He just left 10 minutes ago. Where he went, I don't know.

Blade: Well, that's just great...Thanks anyway.

Bartender: You're welcome.

Liam and Blade left the club to regroup with Joshua.

Joshua was waiting outside of the abandoned toystore. Local authorities were there as well to arrest the individuals in the toystore.

Liam: Looks like you've taken care of business here.

"Indeed. That's one of his operations taken down.. did you apprehend Danny?"

Liam: Sadly, we did not. He left the club long before we got there.

"I see.. well, at least one of his operation facilities are downed. The law enforcement here will make sure to keep the place from being entered again."

Liam: That's a good thing. So, what's the plan, Blade?

Blade: I think this is where my robot pet bunny comes in handy. I'll get him.

Blade got out his robot pet bunny, R.A.B.B.I.T.. (If you wanna know what R.A.B.B.I.T. looks like, go to Blade's page.) He pressed his nose, causing him to activate. Blade put R.A.B.B.I.T. on the ground.

R.A.B.B.I.T.: Hello, Master Blade. How can I be of service?

Blade: Hello, R.A.B.B.I.T.. We need your help to find Danny May. Where do you think he is?

One of R.A.B.B.I.T.'s ears turned into a sattelite disk.

R.A.B.B.I.T.: Processing...Danny May....Location discovered! Location: Binge Mallton Hotel in Westopolis.

"That was awfully quick.. well, no time to waste. We must get there immediately."

R.A.B.B.I.T.: I'll turn myself into a car to get there quicker.

R.A.B.B.I.T. turned himself into a car. Liam and Blade got in.

Joshua proceeded to enter the car as well.. a little uncomfortable at first but got used to it pretty quickly.

Blade then proceeded to drive towards the Binge Mallton Hotel. Once they got there, they got out the car and R.A.B.B.I.T. turned into a human man.

R.A.B.B.I.T.: There we go. We're here.

The group entered the hotel.

Blade: Excuse me, we're looking for Danny May. Do you know which room he's in?

Receptionist: Yes, he's in room 12.

Blade: Okay, thank you.

Joshua decided to take point as they headed to room 12. His M7-Z1 was within his left hand as they approached the room. The blades weren't active however.

Liam and Blade got out their pistols.

Liam: *whispers* We'll attack on your signal, Joshua.

Joshua nodded as he attempted to kick the door open. If successful, he would activate his Dark and Anti Matter blades for his sword.

Danny was startled by this. Liam and Blade aimed their pistols at him.

Blade: Danny May, you're under arrest.

Danny: No way!

Danny fired his EMP Pistol, causing all electricity in the building to shut down. R.A.B.B.I.T. shut down as well.

Blade: R.A.B.B.I.T.! Nooooo!

Danny: So long, suckers!

Danny made a run for the balcony.

Joshua's Chaos Shield fortunately prevented any of his devices from getting disabled, however it greatly reduced the effectiveness of said shield.

As Danny tried to make a run to the balcony, Joshua ran after him, his sword in hand.

Danny quickly dove off the balcony, into a trash container. He quickly got out of it, stole a car and drove off.

Joshua quickly pursued him, using his LVRA Jetpack to get off of the Balcony and pursue him.

Liam and Blade sighed, picked up R.A.B.B.I.T. and ran downstairs, trying to find Joshua.

Meanwhile, Danny noticed Joshua pursuing him. He started speeding, and running several red lights. He even caused a bunch of cars to collide with each other.

Joshua continued to pursue Danny, equipping his Plasma Rifle in case Danny ever decided to fire upon him.

Danny fired an EMP Rocket at Joshua.

Joshua conducted an evasive maneuver by rolling to the right to avoid the missile. In retaliation, Joshua fired a couple of shots at the car, aiming specifically for the wheels.

The wheels were hit, and the car spiraled out of control, then crashed into a wall. The car exploded on contact with the wall, and Danny, who was on fire, was flung out of the car. Strangely enough, Danny wasn't screaming in pain from the fire.

"What the hell, I didn't even shoot the gas tank." Joshua thought to himself, as he landed besides the now enflamed Car and Danny. "..."

It turns the Danny that was set on fire in the explosion was a robotic decoy, as it's artificial skin had melted.

"..You've got to be freaking kidding me." He thought to himself, seeing the automaton's skin melt. "..Hm... I have an idea." He added to his thoughts.

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Liam and Blade caught up to Joshua after lifting in a car. They got out and looked at Danny's robotic decoy.

Blade: Looks like he's smarter than we thought...

"Or so he thinks. Do you have anything that can put out this fire?"

Liam: I have an airhorn that can put out fires.

Liam grabbed his airhorn and it blew out the fire.

"Good. Grab the automaton and let's get him back to your stronghold."

Liam and Blade grabbed the automaton and brought it to the plane. They then flew back to the base in Imsterdim. They brought the automaton in.

Blade: So, what's the plan?

"We're going to see if this automaton has any information in it. Do you have any equipment to extract any?" He asked, looking at the automaton.

Blade: Yes, we do. Liam, can you get it?

Liam: Yes, Blade!

Liam got the information extractor and handed it to Blade.

Blade: Okay, let's see...

Blade began extracting any information.

Blade: Aha, I found something! It says here that Danny May also has an underground EMP manufacturing bunker in the forests of Adabat.

"Well I'll be.. I guess that's our next target.. though do we have any information on it's defenses?"

Blade: It also says here that the bunker is guarded by deadly fire that you can go through by wearing a fire proof vest. It also has a blood thirsty dog named Cujo (Stephen King reference) on one of the floors of the bunker. Finally, the bunker also has camera's which can spawn lasers.

"I see.. for the Fire and Lasers my Shield can compensate.. as for the Dog, I guess we're gonna have to deal with personally."

Blade: Yep. We have dealt with blood thirsty dogs before, so I have a little something to take that dog out.

Blade took out a bone.

Blade: This bone is spiked with a sleeping flavor, so when that dog gnaws on this, he'll be in Dreamland for 24 hours.

"..What makes you think that Dog will automatically gnaw on that bone?"

Blade: I've seen it work in movies and on tv.

". . .Alright then. Let's just make a visit to the bunker now." Joshua said, his tone suggesting that a bone may not be the best idea.

Blade: Okay. I'll refuel the plane first.

Once the plane was refueled, Liam and Blade got in and waited for Joshua.

Joshua entered the aircraft, and seated himself.

The plane then took off for Adabat.

[Skip turn]

After flying for a while, the trio landed in Adabat. They walked through town and out into the jungle. Blade got out a device.

Blade: With this special detector, I can track down that underground bunker.

"I see. Well, no time to waste then. We have to storm that facility."

After a while of walking, they found the bunker.

Liam: This is the place. Let's go.

Liam and Blade got out their guns and entered the bunker.

Joshua had one of his M7-Z1s equipped in his left hand, as he proceeded to enter the bunker as well.

Liam and Blade neutralized any foes they saw as they made their way to the next floor, which was full of deadly fire.

Liam: Mr. Joshua, we'll need your help with this.

Joshua looked around the room to see if he could somehow switch off the fire. If not, he'll have to proceed ahead alone unless Blade and Liam get Fire-Resistant suits.

Liam and Blade waited for Joshua to find a switch.

"Hm... I think I see one." Joshua thought to himself, looking over to the other side of the room. He'll have to get there quickly before the fire dissipates his shield though.

Liam: Good luck, Mr. Joshua.

Joshua readied himself, as he broke into a full sprint towards the other side of the room. His shields managed to hold when he got to the other side, however only barely. Indeed there was a switch, and he flipped it, seeing if it would turn off the flamethrowers.

The flamethrowers then turned off.

Liam: Thanks, Mr. Joshua!

Liam and Blade then came to the other side of the room.

Liam: Well, on to the next floor.

"Mhm." He said, walking ahead.

The trio went to the next floor, where the bloodthirsty dog Cujo was waiting for them. Cujo growled and charged at the trio.

Blade stepped in front of Liam and held up the bone.

Blade: Here, doggie! I've got a bone for you!

Cujo stopped and stared at the bone, drooling at the sight of it.

Blade: Alright...Fetch!

Blade tossed the bone across the room and Cujo chased after it. He began chewing on the bone. He then slowily fell asleep. Blade turned to Joshua.

Blade: See, I told you it'd work.

"Huh.. well you never know, there was a chance that it wouldn't.. but it did, so let us progress forward." He said, once again moving forward.

The trio arrived on the next floor, where camera's were hanging around the floor. All camera's pointed at the trio and lasers appeared on top.

Blade: S**t.

Joshua quickly got into cover as the lasers were shot, returning fire with his C-T59 Plasma Rifle whenever he could.

Liam and Blade got in cover too as they began to fire their guns at the lasers.

"Those cameras aren't going to last much longer." Joshua stated, as he continued to fire.

The cameras then exploded from all the gunfire.

Joshua emerged from his spot of cover, looking at all of the destroyed cameras. "Is that all of their defenses?" He asked.

Liam: I think so...

Blade: Let's head to the final floor to get to the operation.

Joshua nodded and proceeded forward.. but couldn't help but think that there weren't finished yet.

The group proceeded to move towards the final floor, where the manufacturing operation was.

"Alright, I guess this is the place. Make sure to look out for any defenses." Joshua said, looking around.

Liam and Blade nodded as they looked around for any defenses before Liam spotted security camera's.

Liam: Mr. Joshua, there's security camera's on the ceiling. I'd suggest using a weapon with a surpressor on it to take them down.

"Then do it. As you can clearly see, my weapon doesn't come equipped with a Suppressor?" (Did'ya know guns with Suppressors are still loud, just not as much? o3o) (No, I did not know that. Good to know.) (Happy to enlighten you, lel)

Blade nodded as he grabbed his Pump Shotgun, which had a surpressor on it, and shot the camera's down. The bunker staff looked around to see where the shots came from.

"Good. Now we must keep an eye out. I doubt we've seen the last of their defenses." Joshua said, who remained on guard.

Liam nodded as he got a pair of binoculars and looked around.

Liam: There's a bunch of guards with military guns. But we've got quite some powerful guns too.

Blade: We sure do.

Joshua looked in the direction of the hostile personnel. "Ah, I see. Well then, let us move forward." He said.

Liam and Blade nodded as they took the lead. They had their guns ready.

Joshua followed, equipping his M7-Z1 Sword, though not extending the blades yet until a hostile showed themselves.

Blade was holding his M134 Machine Gun, his most powerful gun. Liam was holding a Carbine Rifle. Suddenly, a hostile noticed the trio.

Hostile Guard: You are trespassing in a top secret facility! I'll get you, you f**king buggers!

"Good luck with that." Joshua said, suddenly rushing at the hostile, extending his Dark and Anti Matter blades.

Hostile Guard: OH, SHIIIIIII-

Joshua attempted to slash at the guard, swinging his Anti-Matter blade at him in a sideways motion. The tip of the Dark Matter blade may hit as well if the attack is successful.

The guard was heavily wounded by the attack.

Hostile Guard: Urgh...That hurt...

Liam and Blade neutralized any other guards that were on the floor.

The guard in question would have a horizontal slash wound across their chest due to the sword's strength and material. Joshua headed for any other guard in sight as well.

Some guards attempted to shoot Joshua down.

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Joshua's Chaos Shield took the brunt of their shots, as he used his Jetpack indoors to speed up to them, preparing to attack them whilst taking out a second M7-Z1 with his other hand, effectively dual-wielding now.

The guards tossed their guns to the ground in frustration as they prepared for the worst. Blade was now stomping some guards he disarmed as Liam was neutralizing more guards.

"What's wrong? Morale got your tongue?" Joshua taunted, as he began attacking them with his dual-wielded swords.

The guards dropped to the ground in pain after they were slashed by Joshua's swords.

Liam: More guards coming from the west entrance!

A bunch of guards came in from the west entrance holding heavy firearms.

Blade: These guys are all mine.

Blade began firing his M134 Machine Gun at the incoming guards.

Blade: Step right up, step right up!

Guard after guard dropped to the ground in pain.

Liam: *to Joshua* He took massive firearms training from Shadow the Hedgehog when he was 11.

Joshua looked at Blade, who was probably unloading his full clip into people. "Who?"

Liam: Shadow the Hedgehog is an associate of Sonic the Hedgehog and Tails Prower, Blade's old father. Shadow's a GUN Agent and therefore pretty experienced with guns, so he passed a huge part of his training to Blade.

"I have no idea who Sonic, but at this point it's not necessary at the moment." He said, seeing if there were any more guards. (noticed on how he didn't say Tails? o3o)

(Yeah, I did.)

(Joshua has actually heard of Tails, since his father knows Amadeus because of a certain war, lel)

Liam nodded as he continued to watch Blade rip the incoming guards to shreds.

Blade: Are there any more of you warmongers in here?!

Eventually all the guards were taken out.

Blade: I think that's all those bastards got.

"If that's the case, then they really aren't good in security." Joshua said, looking around the facility.

(Ah, okay. Lawl.)

Liam: Should we destroy all their EMP weapons stock?

"The Federations wishes to confiscate some of them. Though whatever we can't carry nor want, we destroy, along with this facility." Joshua said.

Liam and Blade nodded and grabbed the EMP weapons they could carry.

Liam: Can you carry some too, Mr. Joshua?

Joshua was seen carrying some of the EMP weaponry. "Alrighty on it."

Blade: Okay, let's take this back to Fort Jkirk and then continue our hunt for Danny May. As Blade was holding his EMP weapons, he used his prehensile tail to make a gas trail leading all the way up to the bunker entrance. While on the way out, Liam dragged the sleeping Cujo back out as well. Once outside, Liam and Blade waited for Joshua.

Joshua exited the underground facility, carrying the EMPs with him. For someone with Level 4 Strength, he seems to be able to carry heavy objects at long distances.

Blade then ignited the gas trail with his M1911 Pistol, GTA V style. The fire traveled all the way down to the lowest floor and the bunker exploded.

Blade: That's another manufacturing operation down.

Joshua watched as the bunker had exploded. "Indeed. Though I can already tell our work here is far from over.." He said.

Liam: Yeah. Let's bring Cujo the Dog to Fort Jkirk too so they can tame him.

"That you'll have to consult with my father on that one." Joshua said, walking over to the Aircraft they entered before.

Liam nodded as he and Blade entered the plane they put the EMP weapons in the back along with Cujo. They waited for Joshua.

Joshua was already on the plane when they loaded in the EMPs.

Blade locked the door and took off for Genesis City.

[Skip turn]

After flying for hours, the plane landed in Genesis City. Liam and Blade got off.

Liam: Aaah, I missed the smell of Downunda.

Joshua immediately exited the plane as they were at a Airport, of which gave them clearance to land. He slid down his BFT-HUD to contact his father of their arrival.

Liam and Blade had gotten the EMP weapons and Cujo from the plane and Blade locked the plane after that.

"He's on his way over here. I don't think you've met him, have you?" Joshua said, looking over to the two.

Liam and Blade shook their heads.

Liam: No, not really. We have seen your father on that colonel's reality show, though.

Blade: In my eyes, reality tv is not a way to get famous. It's the easiest way to become famous. In my eyes, you have to work really hard for your fame, like my old Uncle Sonic and my old dad Tails did. Only then will you be truly famous.

"I see." Joshua said. "Y'know, I still never heard about this 'Sonic'. Since we're out of that little foxhole, I guess I have time to hear about him." He added to his statement.

Blade: Sonic the Hedgehog is the Hero of Mobius, and my old dad Tails is his best friend. Sonic is always saving the world from Dr. Eggman, or "Robotnik" as you call him, and also battles other villains. He's also an unintentional ladies man. He's also Leader of the Freedom Fighters...I think, which my old dad is also part of. I was gonna succeed my old dad as a Freedom Fighter until the Cosmo Incident, but now I'm on my breakthrough adventure, so I don't need the Freedom Fighters anymore. Basically, almost everyone on Mobius has heard of Sonic.

"I see..." Joshua said.

A Genesis Transport is now in view, as it begins to land on a landing platform.

Liam: Ah, that must be your father.

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"Indeed it is." Joshua said, looking at the Transport.

Adex could be seen emerging from the transport, as it's gravity lift take him down to the floor. He walked up to the three, inspected the unconscious dog and the EMPs. "Greetings, you three." He said.

Liam and Blade saluted Adex.

Blade: Greetings, sir.

Liam: We brought back EMP weapons from one of Danny May's manufacturing plants, along with a bloodthirsty dog Jkirk could possibly train. His name is Cujo.

Adex took a look at Cujo. "Hm, I see.. I congratulate you three on your efforts, however I suspect the fight has not ended yet." He said.

Blade: I suspect the same thing. We must continue to take down more EMP manufacturing plants to slow down Danny's progress.

"Indeed.. have you pinpointed one of their operation centers yet?" Adex asked.

Blade looked at his Blade Electric handheld.

Blade: Hmmm...According to this, one of his operation centers can be found in the heart of an active volcano, located in Mazuri. Seems like a dangerous operation to me...

"An active volcano? That may be dangerous.. though if you want to go through with it, I won't stop you." Adex said. "..By the way, Josh, someone seems to have missed you during your travels."

"Missed me? Who mi- ..Oh." Joshua said, now realizing who he was talking about.

Liam and Blade both raised an eyebrow.

Liam: Who are you referring to, sir?

"..My sister." Joshua said to Liam.

"Mhm. She's in the transport right now, actually." Adex said.

"Wait, what." Joshua said, looking at his father in surprise.

Liam: Wow, we never knew you had a sister, Mr. Joshua.

"I didn't either until a couple of weeks ago." Joshua said.

"Do you want me to get her, or do you want to go into the transport?" Adex asked.

"..I want her here, please." Joshua answered.

Chapter III: Meeting Jayden

Blade: I'm really curious, Joshua, what's your sister like?

Adex at this time used the transport's gravity lift to enter the transport.

"She's.. ah.. kind of hard to explain it in full detail, actually, but let's just say she can be a bit.... clingy.. at times." Joshua said.

Blade nodded.

Blade: I guess that goes to show you how much she cares about you.

Suddenly, Lucas and his daughter Sophia Nancy Vincent walked over.

Lucas: Hello, Joshua. How's the mission progress?

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"Mhm." Joshua said to Blade, before looking over to Lucas and Sophia. "Oh, hello Colonel, and...... uhm.. who are you?" Joshua asked Sophia, having a confused expression.

(Hmmm...From the training yard, I guess. x3)

(But this is Genesis City tho. .3.)

Sophia: I'm Sophia Nancy Vincent, Colonel Vincent's daughter. I just joined Jkirk about a week ago. I heard my father was lonely because my big brother was imprisoned so I came here to keep him company, and he asked me: "Hey, want to join Jkirk? We could use some extra hands around here." And I said: "Sure, why not." And here I am.

"..Huh.. I see." Joshua said.

Adex was then seen emerging from the transport via it's gravity-lift. Another individual seemed to be behind him, who peeked her head out from his right side.

Blade: Look, Liam. That must be Joshua's sister.

Liam: Yeah. She looks really friendly.

Blade: Yeah.

Joshua approached Adex and the individual, turning around to face Blade and Liam. "You two, I'd like to introduce you to-" He said, before being interrupted. The individual seemed to have got Joshua's right arm captive. "..My sister, Jayden." Joshua finished, who looked to be slightly embarrassed.

"Hello!" Jayden said, cheerfully, still having her brother's arm in her grip. Adex couldn't help but slightly smile.

Liam and Blade smiled too.

Blade: Hi. The name's Blade Eastwood.

Liam: And I'm his step-brother, Liam Monteiro. We're Heroes for Hire, and we're helping your father and brother with a mission.

"That's nice!" Jayden replied.

Joshua looked over to his sister. "Can you, ah.. let my arm free now?" He asked.

"No, I missed you." Jayden replied, tightening her grip on his arm a little.

Liam and Blade chuckled as Blade put an arm around Liam and Liam put an arm around Blade's waist.

Liam: Sibling love at it's finest.

Blade: Yep.

"..Anyways." Joshua said, facing the two. "Should we be heading off now?"

Liam: Yes, let's go.

Blade: Off to Mazuri we go then!

"Mhm." Joshua said, nodding.

"..Can.. can I come with?" Jayden asked, tightening her grip even more now.

"..What." Joshua looked over to his sister with a concerned expression.

Blade: Are you sure?

Blade looked at Jayden with a concerned expression too.

"Yes, I'm sure" She said, still cheerful.

"Uhm... I don't know.." Joshua said.

Blade looked at Adex.

Blade: What do you think, sir? Is she allowed to come with us?

Adex crossed his arms. "If she convinces her brother, then I don't see why not."

Joshua remained quiet, as he looked at Jayden.. eventually he made his choice.

"..Alright, you can come with." He said to her, still not completely sure of his decision.

Suddenly he found himself completely in her grip as she hugged him in joy, letting out a quiet 'urk' when she did. "Thank you!" She said.

Blade nodded.

Blade: Okay, let me get some fuel for my plane, and then we can go to Mazuri. Sir Burns, does Genesis City provide fuel for foreign planes?

"Indeed it does." Adex said, gesturing over to suitable fuel tanks nearby.

"..Uhm.. you can go back to my arm now." Joshua said.

Jayden nodded as she went from hugging him entirely to just holding his arm hostage again.

Blade nodded as he walked to the fuel tanks, and used the gas pump to refuel his plane. Once his plane was refueled and everything else was ready, Blade boarded his plane. Liam got in too. They then waited for the Burns Siblings.

Jayden waved to Adex as they both boarded the plane, Adex waving back to them. "Be careful, you two." He said to them.

Liam: I'm sure they will be careful, sir.

Blade: Yep. Alright, closing the door!

Blade closed the plane doors and took off.

Quentin Jr.: And off they go!

Lucas: Jayden's first big mission. Amazing right, Mr. Burns?

"Indeed." Adex said. "..He still has that doll of his, even though his daughter's here?" He thought to himself.

Throughout the entire plane trip, Joshua and Jayden would be sitting in the hold, as Joshua had his BFT-HUD down on his eyes, while Jayden sat close to him, having his arm captive with only her left arm now.

(Lucas still has Quentin Jr. because he feels that Quentin Jr. would feel neglected now that Sophia's in Genesis City.)

(I didn't really need that explanation, but okay lel)

Liam: So, Jayden, where have you spent most of your time?

"Huh?" She said, looking over to Liam.

Liam: As in, before you joined Jkirk?

"Oh! I mostly was with my grandfather before I was reintroduced to my brother about a couple of weeks ago." She said.

Liam: Ah, I see.

Blade: Must be interesting for you to have gotten into the family business.

"Mhm!" She said. "I'm beginning to like it here in the Federations!"

Blade: That's great. Your brother actually trained me last year for my upcoming hero career, and I'm thinking this is gonna be the breakthrough mission.

Liam: Blade's really ambitious, as he wants to be a hero like Sonic the Hedgehog and Tails Prower.

"I.. don't know who either of those are." Jayden said, before looking at her brother. "But you trained him, Josh?" She asked him.

"Indeed I did." He replied, still having the BFT-HUD on his eyes.

Blade: And he did a damn good job at it.

Liam: Mhm, he sure did.

"Glad you think so." Joshua said.

"Do you think you can train me someday? Jayden asked.

"Maybe. You seem to be okay with your blades and axe so far, but I suppose I can help out with a few spars.." He replied.

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After flying for a few hours, the foursome arrived in Mazuri in an open valley near the volcano.

Joshua and Jayden exited the plane, as the two looked at the volcano.

"How the hell did he set up a base inside an active volcano?" Joshua questioned.

Liam: Beats me...Maybe he wanted us to come here in order to trick us into dying or something?

Blade: Well, no active volcano is gonna stop us! Let's go!

Blade locked the plane and then took the lead.

Joshua took his Plasma Rifle out of it's holster, and kept it lowered as he followed, with Jayden on his left side, having some kind of device in her right hand.

Blade had his Pump Shotgun equipped, with Liam wiedling two machine pistols. The group walked up to the volcano, looking for an entrance.

Joshua was looking for an entrance with his BFT-HUD, while Jayden still stood beside him. "Alright, lemme see here.." He thought to himself.

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Liam and Blade waited for Joshua to find an entrance.

"...Huh. Well isn't this interesting?" Joshua said, apparently having found something. "The one entrance I have found is at the very top of the volcano.. Welp." He said, bringing his BFT-HUD to his eyes. "Who's up for some flying?" He asked.

Blade: Sure, let's go.

Blade grabbed his jetpack and put it on.

Blade: After I lost one of my two tails, I got this jetpack which helps me to fly. Get ready, Liam.

Liam nodded and he held onto Blade.

Blade then flew to the top of the volcano.

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Joshua began to ascend as Jayden held onto her brother's back, as they both followed Blade and Liam onto the top of the volcano.

Chapter IV: The Search Continues

Liam and Blade got to the top of the volcano and waited for Joshua and Jayden.

The two would make it up to the top of the volcano, as a metallic door was seen on the ground.

"This seems to be the only way in, as far as I know." Joshua said, as Jayden hopped off of his back.

Blade: Alright. Leave this to me.

Blade used his Eternity Time Watch to shoot a laser at the door and make a round hole in it.

Blade: I built a small, yet powerful laser in my time watch for situations like this. (I wouldn't be surprised if the door was actually unlocked. XD)

"..Or we could just open the door if it was unlocked." Joshua said, using his right foot to put pressed on the door, as it opened. "..Like so."

Blade facepalmed and he and Liam went inside the volcano.

Joshua sighed, as he and Jayden proceeded to enter the volcano as well. They would land in what appeared to be a hallway of some sort, striking a metallic gray color scheme.

Liam and Blade took the lead again.

Liam: It appears we're in some sort of hallway.

"Mhm. If it's anything like the other facility, we should keep a look out for any defenses." Joshua said, as the two of them followed.

Liam: Agreed, we should look out for them.

As Liam said that, he stepped on a trap, causing spears to be fired in the foursome's direction. Blade quickly pushed Liam's head down.

Joshua stood directly in front of Jayden, as he tanked whatever spear thrown at him with his Chaos Shield, protecting both himself, and Jayden.

Blade: Liam, you really need to watch your step!

Liam: Sorry, Blade, I'll look out next time.

Blade nodded as he and Liam got up and walked to the end of the hallway, watching out for any other traps. Once they got to the end of the hallway, they went through a door to the next room.

Joshua checked on Jayden to see if she had gotten hurt, who turned out to be just fine. After that, they proceeded to follow the other two into the next room.

The next room was swarming with Danny's goons. They noticed the foursome enter the room and all got out their military class rifles.

Sergeant Hartman (Full Metal Jacket reference XD): You are trespassing in a top secret facility! We'll get you, you f**king kids! (Oh god d*mnit. XD)

The goons then began firing their guns at the foursome. Liam and Blade got into cover and began firing their guns at the goons.

Joshua and Jayden too got into available cover, as Joshua retaliated with his C-T59 Plasma Rifle. Jayden would point her device on the floor behind Joshua, as a beam of continuous energy shot out from it.

Many of the goons were shot as Sergeant Hartman had gotten into cover too. He had gotten out his radio.

Sergeant Hartman: They're too strong for us! Launch the missiles, O'Leary!

Sergeant Hartman's assistant Tracy O'Leary then began firing missiles towards the Monteiro Brothers and the Burns Siblings.

Joshua immediately noticed the missiles, as he stood in front of Jayden as he had the missiles hit his Chaos Shield. He would still retaliate with his rifle, even attempting to shoot any missile out of the air. Jayden continued to shoot the continuous beam of energy at the floor, as something resembling a Turret would begin to take shape.

Liam and Blade began shooting the missiles out of the air as well, using their respective Rocket Launchers to do so. Once all the missiles were shot down, Liam and Blade continues taking out the goons inside the room. Soon, all the goons were taken out.

Sergeant Hartman: Mercy! All of them were taken out! Guess it's up to me!

Hartman then activated his mechsuit, which formed around him. He then walked into the open.

Sergeant Hartman: I'm Danny May's protection against terrorist kids like you! I'm gonna send you all straight down to hell! It's a huge s**t sandwich, and we're all gonna have to take a bite! (Quote from FMJ. XD)

The sergeant then began firing fireballs at the foursome.

In the time that had taken for the Sergeant to get into the mech, Jayden had finished constructing a modified DC-ST Automated Sentry, which was a small turret that came equipped with two Autocannons, one that fired Anti-Matter and the other Dark-Matter, along with coming with a napalm/electromagnetic missile launcher.

'BEEP BEEP.' The sentry turret blurted out, as it faced the sergeant's mechanized suit, as proceeded to fire at it with it's autocannons. Joshua on the other hand pulled Jayden into the hallway, specifically the edge of the doorway, in order to get out of the way of the fireballs.

Liam and Blade had dodged the fireballs while the sergeant's mechsuit was blown to pieces.

Sergeant Hartman: F********k!

(Wait so is he dead? XD)

(Probably, if Anti-Matter and Dark-Matter can go through stuff.)

(Since the suit is most likely made out of some kind of matter, that suit is facked from the Anti-Matter alone lel)

'....Beep. Beep beep.' As the sergeant was taken down, the automated sentry turret stopped firing, as no more hostile was in sight. Joshua took a peak into the room to see if anyone else was left.

No one else was left. The room was cleared.

Joshua entered the room to see for sure if it was clear. Upon confirming that it was clear of hostiles, he turned to face the others. "Room's clear, we can proceed further." He said to them.

Jayden entered the room upon his confirmation, looking around.

Liam and Blade got up and proceeded to enter the next room, which had an alligator infested pool.

Liam: Oh, fiddlesticks! Alligators!

Joshua and Jayden would follow them into the next room, leaving the Sentry there as to provide a safe-way back through the way they came should they needed to, or otherwise stall any reinforcements.

"..Really?" Joshua mouthed, sounding annoyed.

Blade: It appears Danny May is trying all he can to slow down our progress...

Liam: We can deal with these alligators. I happen to have food with me with some secret sauce. The secret sauce can make alligators fall asleep.

Liam got out a box of drumsticks with the secret sauce on it, and he fed it to the alligators. They began eating it and then fell asleep. (This is a tactic in a children's game called Spy Fox: Operation Milky Way. In a randomly chosen scenario, you have to order drumsticks and you have to put secret sauce on it. You have to use this late in the game to make alligators fall asleep so you can cross to the other side of a pool.) (.3. Waaaat.) (It's for 8-12 or something, don't question it.)

"..Y'know we could've just flown over it, right?" Joshua said, slightly ascending as Jayden hopped on his back, as he flew over to the other side.

Liam facepalmed as Blade picked him up and flew him to the other side of the pool.

Liam: Why does my writer always make things so complicated...? (Fourth wall break, lawl.) ([Shoots you in the freaking head]) ([Has a metal plate in my head like Michael Knight from Knight Rider] :3)

The foursome proceeded to the next room. It had a spiral staircase with lava flowing down the walls of the room.

Neither Joshua nor Jayden heard what he said as they proceeded to the spiral staircase.

"Hm.. I get the feeling that if there's a trap here, it's going to involve Lava." Joshua said, as he observed the staircase.

Blade: Probably...Let me try try it out with my danger droid.

Blade got out a tiny robot and turned it on.

Blade: Danger Droid, go down this staircase!

The Danger Droid bleeped and blooped, apparently saying it understands, and it began walking down the staircase. It managed to reach the end of the staircase unharmed.

Blade: Hm, nothing happened. Looks like it's safe.

Liam nodded and he and Blade walked down the stairs.

Joshua blinked a couple of times with a '..What.' expression, before he and Jayden followed the two down the staircase.

Liam and Blade entered the next room where a robotic door was guarding the next room.

Guard Door: Halt, Danny May told me to guard this place! To get past me, you have to eat these 150 year old taco's!

Liam and Blade groaned in disgust.

"..Or we can just blast right through you and be on our way." Joshua said, before facing Jayden. "Sis', if you may?" He said to her as he reached for his right M9-Z4. She nodded in response, getting out the same device she used earlier to begin building another automated sentry as she pointed it at the floor.

Guard Door: Your advanced gadgets won't pierce through me, kiddie! Either eat the taco's or leave!

Joshua simply walked up to the Guard Door, and ignited his blades. Afterwards, he proceeded his attempt to pierce the door with his blades.. since the Door is most likely made with some kind of Matter, the Anti-Matter blade would most likely succeed in piercing through the door. Jayden continued to build the second sentry turret with her device.

The Guard Door was being destroyed with the Anti-Matter blade.

Guard Door: Urgh...Looks like...Your advanced gadgets...are me... *death choke*

As that happened, Joshua began to make an entrance through the door with the blade by cutting a hole through said door. "Well, count yourselves lucky guys, you won't be eating any rotten food tonight.. Jayden, we'll still need the turret there to cover our escape." He said.

"Okay." Jayden replied, as she finished constructing the turret, with let out a 'beep-beep.'

Liam and Blade went into the next room, where two of Danny's goons entered.

Goon #1: Where do you think you're going?!

Goon #2: You guys aren't allowed in here!

The goons got out their rifles, but Blade shot them out of their hands with his M1911 Pistol. The goons immediately raised their hands.

Goon #1: Don't kill us!

Goon #2: What he said!

Blade looked at Joshua.

Blade: Well, Josh, what should we do?

"Incapacitate them if possible." Joshua said.

Blade nodded and incapacitated the goons by tying them up.

Goon #1: You will be destroyed by Danny May!

Goon #2: You will pay for this!

Liam and Blade proceeded to the next room, where a robotic version of Danny May was standing.

Mecha Danny: Greetings, losers. I am Mecha Danny, Danny May's robotic counterpart. I have been tasked with guarding this volcano lair. If you wish to leave this volcano, you can't. Prepare to die!

Mecha Danny then locked the door behind the group, fortifying it with a material that even Joshua's Anti-Matter Blade couldn't cut through. Mecha Danny then engaged in battle mode.

(No known material can't even HOPE to withstand Anti-Matter. So I find that very hard to believe .3.) ('Kay.)

Joshua took a defensive stance, as Jayden began constructing something behind Joshua with her device. A distant explosion may or may not have been heard as she was doing so.

Mecha Danny began firing bullets at Liam and Blade, who dodged and fired back.

Joshua suddenly charged at Mecha Danny, using his Jetpack to boost himself forwards as he swung his sword in a upwards slash motion, attempting to hit him. Jayden continued to construct the thing on the ground as she got into cover.

Mecha Danny countered Joshua's attack by using a sword of his own.

Mecha Danny: You have much to learn, young swordsman. Your papa clearly doesn't train you well.

When the swords clashed, Joshua immediately reached for his other sword with his free hand, igniting the blades as he swung it in a sideways motion towards Mecha Danny's chest.

(Which blade on the sword is he using?)

(Since the other blade's Antimatter Blade is facing Mecha Danny, the one he just pulled out has it's Darkmatter Blade facing him.)

(So...He's using the Anti-Matter Blade?)

(Technically he's using both, but the Dark Matter blade would be the one to hit first on the newly equipped sword, with it being the opposite on the other sword that was countered.)

(Ah, okay. Also, don't forget to edit the Lucas Knows Best: Season 2 RP.)

Mecha Danny was hit with the Dark Matter Blade.

Mecha Danny: Error! I have been hit! Proceeding to Combat Mode Level 2!

Mecha Danny then spawned gatling guns onto his shoulders and an electric lance to replace his left hand. He charged his electric lance and swiped it at Joshua as he fired his gatling guns towards Jayden.

In the time that elapsed, Jayden noticed the gatling guns sprout on Mecha Danny's shoulders, as well as heard him state he was going into Level Two. As such, she attempted to get into some cover once she finished constructing another Sentry, which gave out a 'Beep-beep.' ...but it wasn't firing.

Joshua immediately noticed his lance, and leapt backwards in response. In an attempt to counter-attack, Joshua targeted the left shoulder Minigun with his right sword, swinging it in a sideways motion in an attempt to slice it off.

The left shoulder Minigun was sliced off as the right shoulder Minigun was shot off with Blade's shotgun.

Mecha Danny: I still have my lance, so you won't beat me this easily!

Mecha Danny then fired his electric lance at Liam, who was pushed away by Blade who dodged the lance also.

Joshua turned back to look at Jayden.. thankfully, she was alright, but he noticed her sentry was firing "..Why isn't her sentry firing... wait.. I'm in it's line of sight." Joshua thought to himself, as he simply stepped to the left a couple of times.

'...BEEP-BEEP.' The sentry cried out, as it suddenly opened fire on Mecha Danny, firing it's Dark Matter and Anti-Matter autocannons.

Mecha Danny was hit a bunch of times as his limbs were shot off.

Mecha Danny: Proceeding to Combat Mode Level 3!

Mecha Danny then grew a jet where his legs used to be and he grew Laser Scopes where his arms used to be. He also grew a missile launcher on his head which fired a rocket at Jayden's sentry.

The sentry managed to tank the missile with it's moderate shielding, as it continued to fire, retaliating by firing an EMP missile from it's launcher.

Mecha Danny: Ah, I knew this would happen...

Mecha Danny was then hit with the EMP missile, causing him to shut down.

Liam: We did it!

Blade: We sure did!

"Not yet." Joshua said, as he walked over to the shut down automaton, as he proceeded to thrust both of his blades into the arm joints, letting go of the handles. "Now we're done." He said, facing to the cover where Jayden was. "You okay, sis'?" He called out to her.

"I'm fine!" She said, emerging from her cover.

Liam: Okay, let's destroy all the EMP weapons in this lair and then get out of here.

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"Indeed. But be sure we possess the ones that we're able to carry." Joshua reminded.

Liam and Blade nodded and grabbed as many EMP weapons as they could carry.

Joshua too began to grab any weapon capable of EMPs, as much as he could. Jayden too did the same.. surprisingly, more than Joshua.

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Suddenly the volcano began to rumble as the volcano ground began to crack open and lava began rising.

Liam: Quick, we gota get back to the entrance!

Liam and Blade ran for their lives.

"Oh boy.." Joshua thought to himself, as he double-timed it to the exit. Jayden followed them.

Liam and Blade made it outside the volcano and they waited for Joshua and Jayden.

The two siblings also made it out of the volcano shortly after Blade and Liam. "We need to go, now!" Joshua said as he exited.

Liam and Blade made a dash for the plane with the EMP weapons. They quickly loaded the weapons and got in the plane.

Joshua and Jayden followed, as they too loaded in the weapons that they had brought into the plane. Shortly afterwards, they strapped themselves in.

Blade closed the door and got in the pilot seat. He started up the plane and they quickly took off as the volcano erupted.

Blade: Damn, that was epic!

"And a little bit too close for comfort, might I add." Joshua said, before turning to face his sister, who laid her head on his right shoulder. "Are you alright, Sis'?" He asked.

"Yeah, I'm okay." She replied.

Blade flew the plane back to Genesis City. Once they got there, Blade landed the plane and they brought the EMP weapons to Fort Jkirk.

(Wait, so they landed at Genesis City, and then brought the weapons to the fort... why not land the plane at the Fort? XD) (I was actually thinking the same thing. XD) (Y U NU do it then o3o) (Idk.)

Liam and Blade arrived at the fort.

Joshua and Jayden also arrived at the fort with them. "..Why didn't we just land here?" Joshua thought to himself.

Blade: We got EMP weapons from one of Danny May's lairs. We wish to deliver them here.

"Bring them in." One of the soldiers standing guard at the entrance said.

Liam and Blade nodded as they entered the fort. They brought the EMP weapons to the weapon lockup. Once they got there, a soldier walked up to them.

Soldier: Mr. Eastwood, Mr. Monteiro, Colonel Vincent and his daughter wish to speak to you in the Command Center. (That is, if Lucas is permitted to allow Liam and Blade access to it.)

(Nah, more than likely they'll be talking outside of the command center) ('Kay.)

Liam and Blade nodded and they walked over to Lucas and Sophia.

Lucas: Ah, here's the Heroes for Hire. Welcome back.

Blade: Yeah, thanks. So, you wanted to talk to us?

Sophia: Yes, while you were gone, we did some research on where Danny May could be hiding, and we think his next stop is all the way out in Holoska.

Blade: Damn, that cold ice land? Guess we're gonna need warmer clothes.

Lucas: I'm sure the Holoskans can provide those warm clothes for you. Do you have rings?

Blade: Yes, we do.

Lucas: Good, because Holoskans accept rings too.

Quentin Jr.: Yeah, rings make the world go round.

Blade: *inside his head* That doll is even creepier in real life...

Liam: We will definitely go to Holoska to check for traces of Danny May.

Sophia: Okay. We might wanna warn you, as Danny May has deployed heavily armed and heavily armored soldiers in Holoska, so be careful, alright?

Liam: We will definitely look out there in Holoska.

(Seperating the chapters now.)

Chapter V: Liam in Charge

Suddenly, Blade began sweating and dropped to the ground.

Liam: Blade! Say something!

Blade: Oof...Fever...Don't feel so good...

A couple of personnel notice Blade's sudden collapse, as they rushed over to him.

Blade: Liam...I want lead the hunt on Danny May...until I'm feeling better...

Liam: Don't worry, big brother, I won't disappoint you!

Blade: Thanks...

Liam then turned to see where Joshua and Jayden were.

Liam: Looks like it's gonna be just the three of us going to Holoska.

The personnel proceeded to take Blade to a medical bay where he would stay until he felt combat-able.

The two of them were with their father, debriefing him on the situation before they turned to face Liam.

"Three of us? What do you mean?" Joshua said to him.

Liam: Blade collapsed from a fever and is currently being treated.

"..He collapsed from a fever?" Joshua asked.

"Is he going to be okay?" Jayden asked, showing some concern.

Liam: I sure hope so. I'll lead the hunt on Danny May until Blade is feeling better. Now, since I don't know how to fly a plane, we're gonna need different transport to Holoska. Can you get some transport ready, Joshua?

"Or you can ask me to get some transportation to your destination." Adex said to him.

Liam: Ah, yes, sir, could you please get something ready to get us to Holoska?

"Very well. I will prep a Holomane Transport for your transportation." Adex said, as he slid down a device from his forehead to his eyes as he proceeded to establish contact with someone.

Liam just stood there, awaiting Adex's transport.

"..The transport is located at landed pad 1-B. My children can direct you there." Adex said to him.

Liam nodded as he followed Joshua and Jayden.

"Be careful you three." Adex said to them as Joshua and Jayden directed Liam over to the designated landing platform, where a Holomane Transport was waiting for them.

Liam: This looks pretty neat.

"Mhm. Come on, we have work to do." Joshua said, as he and Jayden proceeded to step into the transport.

Liam boarded the transport as well.

The transport then proceeded to take off from the landing platform, as it proceeded to make it's way over to Holoska. Jayden once again sat next to Joshua, as she rested her head on his shoulder.

Liam: I hope Blade will be alright...

"I'm certain he'll pull through." Joshua replied.

Liam nodded as he played around with his smartphone.

A couple of hours will pass, and the transport arrives in Holoska. The pilot overlooks the area to find a suitable place to land.

Liam: We're here!

(Whoops, I'll change that. XD)

(Alright.. so where do I land? XD)

(In an open snow field or something?)


The pilot spotted an open plot of land as he begins to touch down, landing the transport, opening the hatches. "I'll remain here for your return." The pilot said to the three as he looked back in the hold.

Liam: Okay, thank you.

Liam got off the transport and started shivering.

Liam: Brrr...It's so cold out here...Do you guys have fur coats on this transport?

"I'm afraid not." Joshua said as he buttoned up his jacket, with him and Jayden stepping out of the transport a little bit after. Luckily for those two, Jayden had a sweater on with Joshua an actual jacket.. that would moreso make resistance however.

"Wow, it's cold out here." Joshua said as he put his hands into his jacket's pockets.

Liam was only wearing a casual office outfit with white gloves.

Liam: W-Well, if Sonic the Hedgehog can survive out here without any clothes on, then this shouldn't b-be much of a problem for me...L-Let's look for Danny May's hideout...

"Yes, and the sooner the better." Joshua said as he began to head out, with Jayden following, her arms crossed implying she was cold. Everyone seemed to be cold.

The threesome proceeded to walk through the cold snow plains of Holoska, looking around for any tracks that might lead them to Danny May's hideout. Suddenly, Liam found foot tracks in the snow.

Liam: H-Hey, look! F-Foot tracks i-in the snow!

Both Joshua and Jayden looked down at the footprints below.

"..Well, that's convenient." Joshua commented.

Liam: Y-Yeah, l-let's follow those footprints!

Liam then followed the footprints.

Joshua and Jayden followed Liam as he traced the footprints to whatever destination.

Liam traced the footprints to an ice fortress equipped with flamethrowers (Makes perfect sense. XD). He tilted his head.

Liam: Why the heck would you equip an ice fortress with flamethrowers?

"Because whoever's in charge of it probably doesn't have any common sense." Joshua said as he saw the fortress.

Liam: I-I suppose so...Let's go inside...

Liam tried entering the fort, but a laser shot at him, causing Liam to run away.

Upon the shot of the laser, Joshua and Jayden quickly got into any available cover they could find. Joshua immediately took his C-T59 Plasma Rilfe out of it's back holster as he remained in cover, while Jayden took out her little device as well.

Liam was still running from the laser at it chased him around.

Joshua emerged from his cover, taking aim on the source of the laser, and proceeded to open fire.

The laser was shot as it dropped to the ground.

Liam: *panting* Thanks, Joshua...

"Mhm." Joshua replied as he kept his rifle out, coming out of his cover along with Jayden, who kept her device out as well. "Stay on guard, they might have more defenses."

(How about the fortress' front door kills you if you walk into it? XD)

(But how tho o3o)

(Idk. I know an NES game called Dragon's Lair where almost everything kills you in one hit. You can even die by walking into the castle's front door. So there's where I got that idea from.)

(Okay.. Yer turn .3.)

Liam walked up to the fortress' front door and stopped in front of it.

Liam: Hmmm...How do we open this...?

Liam then saw a keypad.

Liam: I know! I'll hack into this thing!

Liam then got out a keyboard and plugged it into the keypad. Liam then used his keyboard to hack the front door, causing it to open.

Liam: Alright, entrance is open! Let's go!

Liam unplugged his keyboard and walked inside, his Carbine Rifle raised.

The two siblings looked at each other, Joshua shrugging as they proceeded to follow Liam in.

Two patrolling guards walked by and spotted the trio.

Guard #1: Hey, what are those kids doing here?!

Guard #2: We will get you!

Liam quickly disarmed the guards by shooting their guns out of their hands. He then aimed his gun at the two.

Liam: These "kids" you're looking at pack quite a punch, gentlemen. I suggest retreating.

The guards then ran for their lives.

Liam: Wow, I can't believe I said that!

"Well, it scared them off nonetheless. Come on, let's keep moving." Joshua said as he and his sister moved forward.

Liam followed the two. They then ended up in a hallway with multiple pathways.

Liam: Wow, this is really one of those "where the f-word do I go?" kind of dungeons.

Joshua and Jayden looked at the multiple pathways. "Hm..." Joshua mouthed as he began thinking as to which path they should take.

Liam began thinking as well. He pointed at the various paths with his left index finger as he mouthed "There...".

Joshua looked at the path that Liam had chosen. "..That one? Are you sure?" He asked.

Liam: Oh, I was trying to decide which path to go. I haven't really made a decision yet.

"..Hm, I see... perhaps this one may suffice." Joshua said, pointing to one of them at random.

Liam nodded and walked off into the path.

Joshua and Jayden walked along with.

"...Josh." Jayden whispered to her brother, who replied with a silent 'Hm?' "Do you think this path is the right one?" She asked him in a silent whisper.

"To be truthful with you, I think all of the paths have some kind of trap. Let's just hope that this one won't get us injured." Joshua replied back in a whisper. "...Or worse, gets one of us killed." He thought to himself.

Suddenly, a boulder dropped down from the ceiling similar to the scene from Indiana Jones and the Raiders of The Lost Ark and began rolling towards the trio.

Liam: Shoot! Run!

Liam then ran away as fast as he could.

(I'll be back after a shower.)


"Yep, I called it." Joshua said before he broke off into a sprint, same with Jayden, albeit at slightly faster speed.


Liam got off the path and took a left turn to dodge the incoming boulder.

Joshua and Jayden took the same turn as him in order to get out of the way of the rolling boulder.

The rolling boulder then rolled past the trio and crashed through a wall.

Liam: Phew...Glad we dodged that...

"Yeah. My question is how they triggered the trip to begin with." Joshua said as he emerged from the turn, Jayden following.

Liam: Beats me...

Liam followed too. The trio was unaware they were being watched. In the Command Center of the fortress, an eagle in a wheelchair was watching them.

Sly the Eagle: I'll make sure those kids will spend the rest of their lives wandering around this fort...

Sly then activated another trap to slow down the trio.

A force field appeared at the end of the path with a Shoop da Whoop face appearing on it.


Shoop da Whoop then fired it's laser at the trio.

Liam: Oh noooooo!

With quick reaction, Joshua stood in front of both his sister and Liam, as his chaos shield would take the full brunt of the blast. "Get it while it's distracted!" He said to the two.

Liam: What are we supposed to do to get it?!

"Oh for the love of.." Joshua said slightly irritated.

Suddenly, Jayden charged at the cannon at half of her speed, holding a M9-Z4 in her left hand as she prepared to strike the cannon with the Anti-Matter blade, going for a sideway-motion slash.

The cannon was destroyed and the force field faded. Liam slapped himself in the face from frustration.

Liam: I'm such an idiot! Blade would be so disappointed in me!

Jayden reverted the blades back into the sword's handle, as she put it on her left holster. "The forcefield is down." She said casually, as she looked over to Joshua and Liam.

Joshua's Chaos Shield had sustained damage, but remained active. He looked on over to Liam. "I understand the situation was a bit stressful, but please try to engage it next time." He said to him in a calm tone, as he proceeded to move forward.

Liam nodded as he followed the pair.

Sly: Drat! They got past Shoopy! I'll just send my elephants to deal with them.

Sly then sent a bunch of elephant soldiers to fight the trio.

As Joshua and Jayden progressed through the pathway, they noticed the elephant soldiers approach them. "..Really?" Joshua thought to himself, as he took his rifle out of his holster.

Liam got out his Carbine Rifle.

Elephant Soldier: Let's get them!

The elephant soldiers opened the fire on the group, but after noticing Joshua's Chaos Shield, they decided to go for Jayden and Liam. Liam fired at the soldiers.

Joshua immediately notice their aim towards Jayden, and immediately went in front of her as to tank any shot they fired. Jayden began to construct something behind her with her device as Joshua retaliated with his Plasma Rifle.

A bunch of elephant soldiers were shot by Liam and Joshua. The soldiers that were still standing continued to fire at the group, mainly going for Liam as he was unshielded. Liam dodged and continued to fire at them.

Meanwhile, Sly was calling the other units within the fortress and told them to guard every corner of it.

Jayden's construction finally finished...this time it seemed to be a barricade, as she took cover behind it. Joshua too noticed the barricade Jayden had constructed, and took cover behind it, still firing upon the elephant soldiers upon doing so.

Liam got behind the barricade as well as he continued to fire upon the elephant soldiers as they were dropping like flies.

Whatever fire that was being sustained upon the barricade will be blocked by it's shielding, as Joshua continued to fire at the elephants, with Jayden staying behind the cover.

Even more elephants dropped until four of them were left.

Elephant Soldiers: We're gonna lose! We gotta run!

The elephant soldiers then ran past the trio out of the fortress. Sly slapped himself in the face from frustration.

Joshua lowered his rifle as he and Jayden watched the surviving elephants run out of their line of sight. "..Huh. Must've had their morale lowered at an all-time low." He said, before facing to his sister. "Good call with the barricade, Sis'." He said to her.

"Thank you" Jayden replied, happily.

Liam: Yeah, we really needed that barricade. Good job.

(Going to hit the pillow soon. Good night!)

"Well, it's time to progress." Joshua said as he emerged from the barricade, with Jayden following. Once the three would be at a safe distance, the barricade would detonate, implying a self-destruct.

Liam followed as well.

Liam: Let's go.

"Mhm." Joshua mouthed as they progressed, Jayden within close proximity of her brother.

Liam spotted a closed door with a keypad next to it.

Liam: I'll hack this one too.

Liam plugged his keyboard into the keypad and hacked it again. The door then opened. Liam unplugged his keyboard and continued on.

[Skip turn as it's just the two progressing with Liam]

The threesome then ran into a unit of lynx soldiers.

Lynx Corporal: There's the kids the boss wanted us to take out!

The corporal then grabbed his EMP Rifle.

Lynx Corporal: I will dismantle whatever mechanical gadgets you've got...

Joshua and Jayden looked at each other for a second before turning back to face the lynxes.. the two reached for their M9-Z4 Swords, ignited the blades, with Joshua dual-wielding while Jayden had only one with her left hand. The two then began to charge at them as Joshua used his LVRA Jetpack to boost himself forward, while Jayden ran a little bit faster towards them, the two ready to strike.

Lynx Corporal: Oh shiiiiiii-

The corporal was then struck by the swords.

Joshua and Jayden continued to attack any hostile within their sight within their melee range.

Eventually, the entire unit of lynx soldiers was taken out.

(Also, be sure to edit the Lucas Knows Best: Season 2 RP some time.)

Joshua rubbed his forehead as he put away his swords, reverting their blades back into their handles as he did. Jayden too put away her sword.

"Well, that was easy." Joshua said, as he glanced over to his sister to see if she had any wounds.. none that were visible thus far.

Liam: Well, let's continue.

Liam took the lead.

"Indeed." Joshua said, as the two progressed along with him..

After crossing to the next wing of the fortress, the group was ambushed by pigs with Carbine Rifles. Liam retaliated by firing his own Carbine Rifle at the pigs from behind Joshua.

The ambush surprised the two as it was so sudden.. luckily for Joshua, his Chaos Shield had replenished whatever damage it had in the time that elapsed.. Jayden however would be struck in the right shoulder as she had no shielding. She would have been hit some more, if it weren't for Joshua standing between her and the pigs. She held her shoulder with her other arm, as Joshua retaliate with his C-T59 Plasma Rifle.. with a look of fury on his face as his rifle was set to Automatic.

Liam was angry too, as he began shooting the pigs to shreds as well. Eventually, the pigs were outnumbered. Liam then turnned to Jayden.

Liam: Are you okay, Jayden?!

(Outnumbered? You mean now there's only one - two pigs left? XD)

Joshua may achieve the final blow as his attack continued until they were eventually all cut down. He turned to face his Jayden as well with an expression combined with worry and seriousness on his face.

"Yeah, I'm fine.. nothing the healing station can't patch up.. it hurts though." She said in response, still holding her shoulder.

(Not exactly what I meant with outnumbered, but okay.)

(That's exactly what it means, lel)

Liam: We'll protect you. Come on, let's go.

Liam then walked in front of Jayden protectively as he continued through the fortress.

Jayden got out her device with the hand she was using to hold her shoulder to shoot the same kind of beam at the ground. Knowing what she was building, Joshua kept a very watchful eye out for anyone or anything that dared got in his line of sight.

Liam stood in front of Jayden with his Carbine Rifle, ready to kick the a** of whatever's in his way.

Soon some kind of structure was completed, as said structure shot out some kind of beam at Jayden's shoulder, who slightly flinched when the beam made contact with her shoulder. The wound would then start to heal at a very fast rate. Moments later, she moved her arm a bit, implying a successful recovery.

"It's healed up now. Still kind of hurts though, but I think it'll go away." She said to them.

"Yeah.. but.." Joshua said, as he pointed to her shoulder, as a visible blood stain was seen. "..that might concern our father." He said.

Liam nodded in agreement.

Liam: Yeah, I hope it won't anger him. I've done some research, and he's really nasty when he's angry.

"Well, all three of us get pretty.... nasty when we get angry to a certain point." Joshua said to him.. before turning to his sister. "Come to think of it, I don't think I've ever seen you in your ascension, Sis."

"Is that.. bad?" Jayden asked.

"No, that's kind of a good thing in some ways." Joshua replied to her.

From the command center, Sly was overhearing the conversation.

Sly: Ascencion? So Adex and his kids have some sort of hidden power driven by anger? Interesting...

Sly began to write things down as he continued listening to the conversation.

Liam: Ascension? What does that mean?

"To put it simply, a different form or power-up." Joshua said.

Liam nodded.

Liam: I see. It's best not to go into too many details about it, these walls have ears, you know? (No, this isn't metagaming, Liam has the feeling they're being watched.) (I wasn't suspecting that at first, lel)

"Most likely.." Joshua said, as the two would then continue to progress.. Joshua moving himself a bit closer to Jayden than before.

Liam took the lead as they went up the stairs. They then came across echidna's with Anti-Chaos Axes and Hyper-go-on Guns. They began firing at the trio. Liam retaliated by firing back, but the echidna's reflected the bullets with their axes.

(Anti-Chaos Axes- What? .3.)

(They're axes that can pierce any Chaos Energy powered defences and combat any Chaos Energy powered attacks.)

(Okee.. how they do that though.. also what are Hyper-go-on Guns? c:)

(Hyper-go-on Guns are guns that are powered by the Wisps' life energy, Hyper-go-on Power, and the guns can shoot powerful bullets because of them. And the Anti-Chaos Axes can pierce through Chaos defences like Joshua's Chaos shield because of the head of the axe being made of an Anti-Chaos Iron, researched and developed by Danny May so he could one day defeat Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends and conquer Mobius.)

(Okee, so... is the Iron enchanted with something, or..?)

(Pretty much.)

(So it's magic then. Alright then.)

Joshua retaliated with his C-T59 Plasma Rifle as he kept his distance, still in front of Jayden as she proceeded to construct something behind them, which may take form of a barricade. Since the bullets weren't shield-piercing, Joshua's shield would block them.

The echidna's dodged and three of them jumped up in the air to crash their Anti-Chaos Axes through Joshua's shield.

Joshua leapt backwards in an attempt to dodge their attacks, with Jayden doing the same as to not have her brother accidentally collide into her. He would continue to retaliate with his rifle as it was now set to Automatic, making it more difficult to block/dodge his shots.

The echidna's were being shot dead with Joshua's rifle, as well as with Liam's Carbine Rifle, with Liam stopping at a certain point to reload his rifle.

(I'm gonna take my leave right now, because I'll be preparing to watch The Voice of Holland around 20:40 PM Dutch time. Catch you later, Private Joshua!) (K.)

'...BEEP-BEEP.' A familiar sound blurted out, as suddenly Anti-Matter and Dark Matter shots were being fired at the Echidnas, as Joshua continued to fire his Rifle.. it seemed Jayden built yet another Sentry.

(She's got a talent for building sentries.) (And barricades, and healing stations. She be doing it with that device btw lel)

The echidna's were struck by the shots as they were dropping like flies.

Liam: Boom! Feel the fire of Sentry technology!

The sentry continued to fire it's autocannons, as Joshua stopped firing, watching as the sentry mows down anything in it's line of sight.

Liam: Now THAT'S how you mow down your foes, Jkirk style, suckers!

Liam was becoming very excited and confident.

The sentry then fired a couple of Napalm Missiles at those that are still remaining as it continued to fire it's autocannons

"..Did.. did it just.." Joshua thought to himself as his eyes slightly widened, same with Jaydens..

Liam: Sweet mother of Sticks...

The remaining echidna's were blown up by the Napalm Missiles. Even Sly was shocked at the fact the sentry fired Napalm Missiles.

(Napalm Missiles in a fortress made out of Ice, may I remind you, lel) (Ah, I see.)

The resulting explosion may cause the surrounding ice to melt, since obvious reasoning is obvious.

Sly: S**t, s**t! The fortress is melting! I gotta get out of here!

Sly made his way to his escape pod and rolled into it with his wheelchair. He closed the door and flew away with the escape pod.

Liam: We gotta get the heck out of here!

Liam started running towards the entrance.

"You don't have to tell us twice!" Joshua said, as he suddenly grabbed Jayden's left wrist as he broke off into a sprint, dragging her along with him.

Liam ran out of the fortress at a speed faster than the average human.

Joshua and Jayden soon emerged outside of the fortress as well. Once they were at a minimal safe distance, they turned to look at the now melting fortress.

The fortress then crashed because of it melting.

Liam: Man, I really wasn't expecting those Napalm Missiles...

"It was designed to have such armaments, so it was kind of expected.. still, we're probably not going to get anything out of that wreckage for now." Joshua said, putting his hands in his pockets now that they were outside again, with Jayden crossing her arms.

Liam began shivering again.

Liam: Y-Yeah...L-Let's report back to Fort Jkirk...

Liam then went back to the transport...

"Indeed." Joshua said, as he and Jayden followed Liam to the transport, which was still there, landed.

Liam boarded the transport and waited for take-off.

Joshua and Jayden too boarded the transport.

"Everyone accounted for?" The pilot called back to them.

"Yes, everyone's here. Take us back to Fort Jkirk, please." Joshua replied.

"Copy that." The pilot said, as the transport began to ascend.

Liam: I hope Blade's okay...

Meanwhile, back at Fort Jkirk, Blade was back on his feet as he was awaiting Liam's return alongside Adex.

Blade: I wonder how Liam's been doing without my help...

"He is probably alright." Joshua said to Liam.

Adex remained silent as he awaited for the arrival as well... soon the Holomane Transport came into view, as it began to touchdown upon the landing pad.

Liam saw Blade.

Liam: Blade is okay!

Joshua and Jayden hopped off of the transport upon it's landing, as their feet touched the landing pad.

"...You sustained injuries." Adex said to Jayden, immediately noticing the blood stain.

Liam: Yes, she was shot during an ambush, but most of the injury was patched up by her healing sentry.

"Hm, I see.. does it still hurt though?" Adex asked, as he motioned his hand to touch Jayden's shoulder.. she jerked her shoulder back upon contact in a flinch.

"..The bullet must still be in." He said.

Blade: Apparently...I suggest we leave Jayden to recover while we go to find Danny May's next lair.

"That would be best." Adex said.

"But.. I don't want to leave Josh." Jayden said, kind of concerned.

"You don't have to.. because I'm not going." Joshua said.. which made Adex and Jayden look at him in a 'wait what' expression.

Blade: Are you sure, Joshua?

"I'm positive. I don't want to leave my sister here worrying over me to death." He said. Upon hearing that, his sister hugged him tightly, as a sign of sheer relief and joy.

"Hm.. very well then. If thats the case, then I suppose I should go with you two then." Adex said, as he faced Liam and Blade.

Liam and Blade's eyes widened.

Liam: You're really coming with us?

Blade: That's a good sign. If the Faction Leader is interested in joining us, that's a sign of a deep level of trust in my eyes. Is there a transport I can fly to our next location?

"Your plane is still over at Genesis City.. or was. I had it redirected to the Fort for faster deployment time." Adex said, as he faced Joshua and Jayden. "As for you two, I suggest you get your sister to the medical bay to remove that bullet in her shoulder." He said.

"I was planning on doing that.. I won't leave her side either." Joshua replied, before looking at Jayden. "Come on, Sis', let's get you patched up." He said.

"Okay." Jayden said, as the two of them began to walk over to the nearest medical bay.

Blade nodded.

Blade: We also need a location to go to.

Lucas: My daughter and I have found another one of Danny May's lairs. He also has one on the west coast of Eurish.

(Where the hell did Lucas come from? ._.) (Command Center.) (Y u no specify)

Adex turned over to face Lucas in surprise, as he didn't expect for him to appear so suddenly.

Blade: I see...If you would be so kind to show me where on the west coast that is?

Lucas nodded and showed Blade the location. He nodded.

Blade: Okay, thank you. Well, Liam, Mr. Burns and I will be taking our leave.

Liam and Blade made their way for the plane and boarded it.

Adex took made his way over to the plane, as he too boarded it, seating himself upon boarding.

Once Adex had boarded the plane, Blade locked the doors and took off for Eurish.

(Seperating the chapters.)

Chapter VI: Adex on Your Side

As the trio was flying towards Eurish, they were talking.

Blade: Well, Mr. Burns, it's a rare sight to see the Jkirkian Overlord out on the battlefield, and it's certainly bad news for our enemy.

"Indeed. Especially since my experience in the 'Great War' will certainly help contribute to this." He responded.

Blade nodded.

Blade: Reminds me of the stories my former grandpa Amadeus used to tell me...

Liam: Blade used to be Amadeus Prower's grandson.

"Hm, I see. I knew Amadeus back then at the war. We were quite the comrades back then, I can assure you." He said.

Blade: Yeah. Come to think of it, he did mention you in some of his stories, and stated that he kept in contact with you regularly. I still miss being Tails' son, though...

(Uh.. you do know Jkirk and Acorn are allies, right? c:) (I'll change it then.)

"Yes we sometimes keep in contact with each other, since the nations he resides in and mine are allies." He said.

Blade: I see. Interesting.

Liam: It sure is.

"Mhm. Anyways, I presume this flight may take a bit, no?" Adex asked.

Blade: Yes, it'll take a few hours for us to arrive in Eurish. I'll turn on the radio.

Blade then turned on the radio which had a classic rock music station playing.

"Very well then. I'll just occupy my time with some evaluation." Adex said, as he slid down on what appeared to be a Jkirkian Battlefield Tactical HUD.

Liam gets out his tablet to watch The Walking Dead. Blade just continues to focus on the skies. After a few hours, the plane lands in Western Eurish.

Blade: Here we are.

Adex slides his BFT-HUD up back to his forehead as he stands up. "Alright. Let's head out then." Adex said.

Liam nods and puts his tablet away. Him and Blade then got off the plane.

Adex too exited the plane, as he began to look around his surroundings.

Blade locked up the plane.

Blade: Okay, according to Colonel Vincent's coordinates, the lair is located underwater, off the coast. Looks like we'll have to swim there.

"It's underwater? Hm.. we're going to have to acquire some kind of transportation then." Adex said.

Blade: Yes. Let's see if we can get a submarine anywhere.

Liam nodded and him and Blade then walked off to the nearest harbor town to see if they can get a submarine.

Adex followed them as well to see if they could acquire such a vehicle somehow.

They eventually found a submarine rental in the town, and Liam paid for a submarine. They were then on their way towards the lair.

Adex was within said submarine, as he took a look around it. "Hm.."

Blade was piloting the submarine.

Blade: Let's see if we can find Danny May's next fortress.

"The submarine should come with Sonar. I suggest using it." Adex said.

Blade nodded and activated the Sonar. It began beeping slowily.

Adex simply waited until the location of the facility was discovered.

Eventually, the Sonar began going crazy as they had found the facility.

Blade: We found it!

"Good. We now must find an entry point." Adex said.

Suddenly, the submarine alarm went off as the facility's guardian came swimming in. It was a giant skeleton shark shark named Kingfin (From Super Mario Galaxy 1.). Liam became frightened.

Liam:! It's a scary butt skeleton shark!

Adex just blinked a couple of times. "..Seriously?" He thought to himself. "Do we have any kind of weapon systems?" He asked Blade.

Blade: We're about to find out.

Blade pressed a few buttons and it fired a torpedo at Kingfin. He was hit and became angry. He then started chasing the trio. Blade maneuvered the submarine to dodge Kingfin and continued firing torpedo's at him.

[Skip turn as Adex is just standing there and watching]

Blade continued to fight Kingfin until he exploded.

Liam: Ah, phew. Glad that thing's gone.

"Good. Now let's find a way into this little facility." Adex said.

Blade went around the facility until he found an entrance. He went inside and they ended up in a submarine garage. Liam and Blade got out and waited for Adex. (You mean a Underwater Port? XD) (Yeah, I couldn't find the right words to describe it. XD)

Adex too got out of the submarine, as he looked around his surroundings upon leaving said submarine.

Liam: Well, let's go and scout the place and bring back more EMP weapons.

Blade: Yes. Let's go.

Blade got out his Pump Shotgun and took the lead. Liam got out his Dual Glocks and followed.

"Indeed. Let us proceed." Adex said, as he reached for what also seemed to be a Shotgun, as he carried it in his arms as they progressed.

As they entered the next room, they ran into some of Danny May's goons.

Goon #1: Intruders! Kill them!

Blade then shot the goons to prevent them from doing any harm to him, Liam and Adex.

Adex too began firing his Shotgun at the hostiles, as it fired wipe-spread shots of Plasma.

Liam fired his Dual Glocks at the goons. Soon, all the goons were gunned down.

Blade: There we go. Room clear.

Liam: Let's go to the next one.

The brothers made their way to the next room.

Adex followed them into the next room, as his guard remained.

Liam and Blade shot more of Danny May's goons.

Since there were more of his goons in the next room, Adex too shot at them.

Suddenly, an explosion occured in the facility. Three goons wearing military bomb suits came walking in. One of them brought out a Minigun, scaring and shocking Liam and Blade.

Blade: Sweet...mother of s**t!

Liam and Blade then ran behind Adex for cover.

Adex took a look at the three of the men in the 'bomb suits' as his shotgun was still out. "..That's adorable." He said sarcastically.

The goon with the Minigun then began firing at the trio.

Adex rolled to the left side to dodge the initial shots. Afterwards, he began to run up to them at his full speed, his shotgun in hands as he prepared to fire a shot at the one with the Minigun.

(The shotgun shoots Plasma, right? Can it go through such a military bomb suit?)

(It does shoot plasma, yes. Plasma is an anti-armor component, so it's most likely)


The goon with the Minigun dropped to the floor as his comrades began firing with their Carbine Rifles. They were taken out by Liam and Blade.

"Hmph." Adex mouthed as he lowered his shotgun. "We should progress further."

Liam and Blade nodded as they progressed further into the facility. They then got to a closed door with a keypad next to it.

Blade: I'll hack this.

Blade then hacked the keypad and the door opened.

Adex simply entered the room, his shotgun pointed out as his checked his corners, his guard up.

Liam and Blade entered the room too with their weapons out. Suddenly, they were ambushed by Danny's goons who fired at them with Desert Eagles. Liam was hit in the shoulder as he dropped down.

Liam: Aw, crud! I'm hit!

Blade: Noooo, Liam!

Blade's eyes turned red, although this couldn't be noticed because he wore sunglasses. Blade then got out his M134 Machine Gun and began ripping the goons to shreds.

Blade: Are there any more of you a**holes in here?!

Adex was at this point firing at the goons to notice Liam's injury, as he was within cover due to his fast reflexes.

Liam: Aw, man...I'm gonna bleed out...

As he took aim at another 'goon', he noticed Liam out of the corner of his eye. "..Uh oh." He thought to himself, as he ran over to Liam in order to drag him into some cover.

One goon managed to grab Blade, but Blade pinned the goon to a wall and locked into zombie mode. Blade then bit a chunk out of the goon's throat and spit it out. Blood was oozing from the goon's throat as he bled to death. The other goons then tried running but Blade shot them all dead with his M1911 Pistol and stabbed the last one standing with a knife.

(Since when did he had a zombie mode? .3.) (Since he watched Rick Grimes kill Joe by biting his neck out on The Walking Dead.) ([Blink] ...Okay)

Adex fortunately did not notice Blade in his little 'mode', but did see him finish off the rest of the goons. "Hm.. I know that look very well.." He thought to himself.

Blade then turned around.

Blade: *livid tone* They're f**king with the wrong people...

Liam: Ow...It hurts so much...

"..Hm." Adex mouthed, before he attended back to Liam. "It's just a shoulder wound. You'll be alright." He said.

Liam: Okay...We'll have to do something about it once we get out of this facility...

Blade: Let's go...

Liam nodded and got up. He and Blade then went to the next room.

Adex followed them into the next room, as he still kept up his guard.

Blade shot a bunch of goons to protect Liam.

Adex too fired at any hostile within their path. "How much further?" He asked.

Blade: According to my time watch, Danny May should be in the office up these stairs.

"Danny May is in the facility? Hm, how interesting.." Adex said. "Try to bring him in alive."

Blade nodded as he and Liam went up the stairs and broke down the door.

Danny May: Oh, s**t!

Blade: Prepare to get your ass kicked!

Danny got out a lightsaber.

Danny: I'm not going down without a fight!

Blade nodded as he got out a lightsaber of his own (The lightsaber is one of the few swords Blade likes, besides the katana.) and began battling Danny. Upon defeating Danny, he turned into a scorpion. Liam and Blade were shocked.

Blade: That wasn't Danny May! That was just a f**king impostor!

Blade then used his Time Watch to scan the scorpion.

Blade: Hmmm...Yep, it was an impostor, because it was called Scorpion Danny.

Adex blinked a couple of times, annoyed. "There has to be somewhere where he's making these 'imposters'.." He said.

Liam: I bet...

Liam was annoyed too.

Liam: I was shot in the shoulder just to be given the middle finger salute! Now I'm mad! I want to find the real Danny May as soon as possible!

"Mhm." Adex mouthed in agreement. "Perhaps the information of the facility's whereabouts are in here somewhere." He said.

Blade nodded before killing the scorpion which was wandering around the room.

Blade: Let's try the computer in this room.

Blade then accessed the computer.

Blade: It's password protected! Fortunately, I can hack into this.

Blade then hacked into the computer to search for the real Danny May's current location.

Blade: According to this computer, he's currently hiding out in Green Hill Zone.

"Green Hill Zone? I think I heard of that place before.." Adex said.

Blade: Yeah, my old Uncle Sonic traveled there during his younger years. It's located on South Island. Let's get back to the surface.

Liam and Blade then made their way to the Underwater Port and waited for Adex.

"I see." Adex said as he followed them to the underwater port.

Liam and Blade boarded the submarine and waited for Adex to board too.

"Let us head back to Fort Jkirk first before we go to Green Hill." Adex said as he boarded the submarine.

Liam: Sure.

The submarine then took off towards the surface. A goon who was still in the facility contacted Danny May and informed him the trio was coming for him.

The trio made it to the surface and Blade refueled the plane. He and Liam then got in. They waited for Adex.

Adex too boarded the plane as he sat himself. "Let us hurry." He said.

Blade: Okay, let's go!

The plane then took off back to Fort Jkirk.

Adex waited for them to arrive as he sat there.

A few hours later, they arrived back at Fort Jkirk.

Adex immediately got out of the plane as soon as it made a successful landing.. he seemed to be making his way to one of the infirmaries. "While we're here, you might as well get patched up, Liam." Adex said.

Liam nodded as he made his way towards the medical bay. Blade refueled his plane once more and then sat down while he awaited Liam and Adex's return.

Liam would be directed to a room within the infirmary that would allow his wound to be patched up.

Meanwhile, Adex was making his way to the room where Joshua and Jayden were located. By now, Jayden's wound would've healed completely.

Blade was playing a game on his smartphone while he waited.

A certain amount of time would pass before Liam's wound healed and Adex gathered Joshua and Jayden. Blade could see the three of the approaching the plane.

Blade: Whoa, the entire Burns family is joining us!

Liam: Sure looks like it.

..Something began to uncloak behind the three as they approached.. it looked to be an automaton. (Enter Fulgore. o3o) (O.O)

Blade: *points at the automaton* What's that?!

The three of them looked over to the automaton. "That? Well, allow it to introduce itself." Adex said, as the automaton stepped forward.

"I am an automaton of Project Kilgore. Designation: Fulgore Mk I. I have received orders to accompany the faction leader as his acquaintances in the mission." The automaton said.

Blade: I see. Well, take place in the plane, we're going to Green Hill Zone.

"Affirmative." Fulgore said, as it began to board the plane, along with the Burns family.

Liam and Blade boarded the plane too and took off to Green Hill Zone.

(Should we seperate the chapters again?)

(Probably. o3o)

The three family members were only again sitting the plane. Jayden was once again resting her head on Joshua's left shoulder as Adex was sitting on her right. Fulgore was the only one that seemed to be standing.

Chapter VII: Raiding Danny's Bases

After a while of flying, the group landed in Green Hill Zone. Liam and Blade got off once the plane landed.

Joshua, Adex, Jayden, and Fulgore all exited the plane as they looked around their surroundings.

"So, he's in this area?" Joshua said.

Liam: Yes, according to Blade's research, he's in this area.

Blade: Let's go look for him.

Liam and Blade took the lead, and they began walking through Green Hill Zone.

The four followed them as they proceeded, with Joshua and Jayden looking around their surroundings.. they never seen such a forest before.

Liam: It's amazing to be in Green Hill Zone.

Blade: Yeah, it's amazing to walk through the place my old Uncle Sonic went through on his adventures.

"Mhm." Joshua mouthed as he kept looking around.

"He has to be around here somewhere." Adex said.

Suddenly, Liam and Blade saw a fortress standing in the distance.

Blade: Over there! Danny May must be in there!

The four looked over to where said fortress was.

"Hostile fortification sighted. Plan of attack is needed to commence assault." Fulgore stated.

Liam and Blade nodded.

Blade: Hmmm...

Blade tried to think of an attack plan.

Joshua slid down his BFT-HUD to his eyes so he could get a bird's-eye view of the fortress to see what it has to offer. Jayden noticed this and looked at her brother as she waited.

Blade: Hey, Joshua, is there a possible roof entry we can go through?

"In the event that we can't blast through the entrance? There's a couple of skylights we can use." Joshua said. "I'm trying to see what kind of outer defenses they have though." He added.

Liam: Well, according to my Liam Electric, they've got snipers in these turrets here, here and here.

Liam showed the sniper turrets to the group.

Liam: They also have guards patrolling with guard dogs, and those guard dogs got a pretty nasty bite. They also have a force field, but Blade and I can hack through that. Finally, they got powerful lasers gained from draining Wisps' hyper go-on power.

"Snipers, Patrols, a Forcefield, and Lasers.. that all they got?" Joshua said.

"I'm sure that's nothing Fulgore can't handle!" Jayden said confidently.

"Indeed.. Fulgore." Adex said, turning to the Automaton. "Eliminate the fortress' outer defenses. We will come to you if you require assistance." He said.

"Affirmative. Orders received: Eliminate outer defenses of hostile fortification." Fulgore recapped, as he suddenly disappeared from view, as he cloaked himself.

Liam and Blade just waited.

Unknowingly to the personnel manning the outer defenses, Fulgore was approaching their location, using it's teleportation to bypass the forcefield, as well as teleport to where one of the laser cannons were located.

The guards didn't notice Fulgore and continued their patrol route. The snipers were awaiting enemies.

Suddenly, Fulgore swiped his left plasma claw in a sideways motion at the laser cannon, becoming uncloaked upon doing so.

The laser cannon was damaged and the guards saw Fulgore and sounded the alarm. Guards tried shooting Fulgore down.

The armor of Fulgore tanked the shots by the guards, as it once again sliced at the laser cannon with the same claw as it reared it's head towards the guards, preparing to fire plasma beams from it's visor.

The laser cannon then shut down as it was too damaged. The guards got scared.

Meanwhile, Blade wasn't happy that the alarm sounded.

Blade: Great, they know we're here now...

"Actually, they know that he is there, we're somewhat out of view.. though to be fair, stealth wasn't really his endgame." Joshua said, as he observed with his BFT-HUD.

In the meantime, Fulgore charged towards the snipers with it's boosters, extending it's right arm forward as it prepared to thrust its plasma claw into them.

The snipers were taken out by Fulgore's Plasma Claw.

"Indirect support eliminated." Fulgore stated, as it then jumped off the roof, landing on the ground with a thud as it face the many guards on patrol.

The guard dogs barked at Fulgore as they wanted to attack him.

The claw on Fulgore's left wrist began to spin rapidly around said wrist, as Fulgore's boosters began to charge up.

The dogs then whimpered and quickly ran away. The guards then ran away too.

Fulgore's claw then stopped spinning as it's boosted halted its charge. He then stood firm as he assessed his surrounded. "Hostile presence in the outer fortress has been neutralized. Proceed with caution." Fulgore said to Joshua, specifically his BFT-HUD.

"Fulgore says it's safe to proceed, but remain cautious." Joshua said to everyone.

Liam and Blade nodded as they got out their weaopns and took the lead.

The three followed as they approached the fortress, with Fulgore waiting at its entrance.

Blade: Okay, let's go in.

Liam and Blade went inside.

Fulgore followed them inside, along with Joshua, Jayden, and Adex.

The group ended up in a construction site like room. Donkey Kong was climbing up the frames. He then jumped, causing the frames to bend to form slopes. Donkey Kong then taunted the group.

Blade: How in f**k hell did they get Donkey Kong in here?

"..Who the hell is.. you know what, I'm gonna stop asking questions now." Joshua said, as he suddenly ascended upwards with his LVRA Jetpack, the other three watching him do so.

Donkey Kong began throwing barrels at Joshua.

Joshua, having the advantage of flight, attempted to dodge the incoming barrels as he took his C-T59 Plasma Rifle out of his holster. Afterwards, he took aim with his rifle, and opened fire with semi-automatic plasma shots.

Donkey Kong was hit and died the same way Mario dies in Donkey Kong, by spinning around and lying on his back with a halo above him.

Liam: Isn't that Mobini abuse?

Joshua didn't hear him as he was still in the air, descending currently. Adex and Jayden heard though, and they turned to face him.

"..What? No. This was an act of self-defense." Adex said.

Liam: If you say so...

Joshua then landed on the ground as he looked at Liam and Blade. "Alright, shall we proceed?" He asked.

Liam and Blade nodded as Blade took the lead. They went to the next room, which was full of Goomba's with human bodies who wore black suits with black ties and black loafers and were armed with lightning guns. They began firing at the group. Liam and Blade got in cover and began firing their weapons at the Goomba's.

Joshua, Jayden, and Adex too got into cover, as Fulgore cloaked himself, probably en route to ambush the 'goombas'.

Jayden began to construct something next to Joshua with her device, as Joshua peeked out of his cover for a slight bit to deliver a few shots with his Plasma Rifle.

A bunch of Goomba's were hit, but most of them continued firing.

Joshua hid back in cover as the 'goombas' were firing. Jayden continued to construct besides him as said construction took the form of a sentry turret. Fulgore was still moving himself into position.

The Goomba's continued firing. Liam and Blade fired at the Goomba's.

The sentry turret was then completed as it let out a 'beep... beep-beep.' , however it didn't fire since it's line of sight was blocked by the cover. To solve that problem, Adex moved the sentry out of the cover, and it began to fire it's autocannons at the goombas. Fulgore got into position behind the goombas, and extended his hands outwards as flames were shot out of the palms of his hands, uncloaking while doing so.

The Goomba's were fried by Fulgore's flames and Jayden's sentry. The rest of the Goomba's fled.

Liam: All clear! On to the next room!

Liam and Blade went into the next room.

The others nodded as they followed them in, Jayden's sentry self-destructing upon doing so.

The next room was filled with robots modeled after Egg Launchers. They began firing homing missiles at the group. Blade got into cover and grabbed his Panzerfaust 3 Rocket Launcher and fired at the robots.

"They have automatons from the Eggman Empire?!" Adex thought to himself before he charged at the robots, his C-T34 Plasma Shotgun in hand as he prepared to fire. Joshua and Fulgore remained behind so they could provide indirect fire-support. Joshua with some shots with his modified C-T59 Plasma Rifle, and Fulgore with plasma beams from his visor. Jayden went along her father as she had a M9-Z4 Sword in her hands as she prepared to engage the Egg Launchers in Close Quarters.

The Egg Launchers were both Adex and Jayden as well as Blade's rockets. More Egg Launchers dropped down from the ceiling.

Joshua and Fulgore continued to provide ranged fire-support as they shot at the Egg Launchers, while Jayden and Adex continued to engage them in Close Quarters whenever possible.

Blade aided Jayden and Adex with his Rocket Launcher by firing rockets at the Egg Launchers, destroying them.

[Skip turn]

Even more Egg Launchers dropped down from the ceiling.

Blade: Seriously? When are they gonna stop?!

Blade continued firing at the Egg Launchers.

'...Whhhhhiiiiiiiirrrrr...' A sound came from Fulgore's chest, as both of it's claws slowly spun around his wrists. Adex and Jayden managed to hear it from their location, and immediately knew what was going on.

"Get in cover!" Adex called out as the two of them took any available cover. Since Joshua was standing besides Fulgore, he didn't have to take cover.

Liam: What the heck is gonna happen?!

Blade: I don't know, but we better not get in Fulgore's way!

Fulgore's chest then suddenly opened, as a powerful, continuous wave-motion laser beam was fired from his chest, as it was aimed directly at the Egg Launchers.

The Egg Launchers were ripped to shreds with Fulgore's beam.

Blade: Holy s**t!

Liam: It's best we keep Fulgore on our side, because he's pretty deadly as enemy.

The beam stopped firing once all of the Egg Launchers were destroyed. 'Hostiles Neutralized.' Fulgore stated, as it stood there triumply.

"Excellent work, Fulgore." Adex said as he and Jayden got out of their cover to approach him.

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