Liana i drew with my tablet


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Liana in her normal outfit

First Name: Liana

Last Name: Helen

Nickname: Li (Lee)

Sex: Female

Species: Meerkat

Skin Color: White

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Very Very Light Brown

Romantic Interest: Iccerus The Cat

Personality: Quiet, Smart, shy, Loves the Wild, Loves Adventures, Thinks ahead so she doesnt make a mistake, and loves plants

Dislikes: The Sight of blood, People Harming her Plants, Large Groups Of People, People Making fun of her Hair, and Scaled Creatures

Likes: Plants, Adventures, Being Alone, Wildlife, Safety, The Dark, and Flying Aircrafts

Sexuality: Lesbian

Powers: Really Doesnt Have Any besides being good at Gardening., And Flying

Friends: Korps, Lazzarus, and Noon

Apparell: brown Hoodie w/ silver zipper, Light brown cargo pants w/ gold buckled belt, orange sandals

Allignment: Good
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Liana W/ Her Gardening Tools