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Light The hedgehog




Chloe The Hedgehog(Girlfriend) Kai The Hedgehog ( Brother) Indy The Hedgehog (Sister) Zero The Hedgehog(Evil Twin) Sonic The Hedgehog(Mentor)


somewhat Smart

Combat Skill From 1-10



Freedom Fighter

Groups in Charge of

Next-Gen Freedom Fighters, Team Light


The Sliver Streak


Super Speed, Chaos Energy,


Super Form, Hyper Form, Dark Form

Favorite Foods


Light The Hedgehog

I'm Light, Nice to meet You!"

Age: 15


Light is a Silver Metallic Colored,He also has Golden Eyes,  He Wears a White T-Shirt with Black Sleeves and Black Sweatpants, He Wears Black Gloves and Black Shoes with Red lines on the Sides.


Light’s Powers are DNA Based, Due to Robotnik’s Experiments on Him, Light’s Speed is Not Birth-Based, Sonic Teaches Light how to achieve super speed; His Powers use Chaos Energy like Sonic and Shadow. But, Due to his Inexperience in Combat makes his Attacks Slight Weak, Slightly Strong, They Are Powerful, but not as Strong as Shadow’s.

When in Hand to Hand Combat, He Can Throw Down with The Best of Them, Still Early in his Young fighting career, He Can’t Keep up with Very Experienced Fighters but he can still Be Troublesome when Fighting Tough Villians.


“Chaos Blast (Hand-Based)

“Chaos Spear”

“Chaos Essence”

“Light Speed Dash”

“Light Speed Attack”

“Light Bomb”  

" Light Spear"

" Chaos Blast Explosion

Ultimate Move

“Full-Power Chaos Spear”


Light Was Born on the Day of The Original Robotnik’s Defeat by Sonic, Light was born with A Brother and Sister, Kai and Indy. One Day When Light was playing in the Great Forest, Metal Sonic( The One With the Power Gem, The Original one) Captured him and Took Him To Robotnik, Instead of Robotizing Light, He Decided to Perform Experiments on Him to Use on Sonic(If He Can Catch him that is.) Using a Template from Sonic’s DNA used from Sonic Becoming Mecha Sonic, Robotnik Infused Light and Sonic’s DNA together to Give Him Super Speed, With His First Experiment a Success, Robotnik Used the Chaos Emeralds to See if Light could Use a Super Form, but due a Malfunction with Robotnik’s Machine gave Light the Ability to Transform without The chaos Emeralds! Making Light Extremely Powerful, Using his Newfound Power, He Escaped to Knothole where Sonic’s Parents took him, Kai, And Indy In.


Super Form:

Light’s First Form, Due to Some sort of Malfunction with Robotnik’s Machine and The Chaos Emeralds gives Light the Unique ability to Transform into his super form. The Form gives Light the Ability to Fly and Increases Overall Energy output.                                                                                                                                   Note: Even Though Light Can Transform Whenever he wants he needs a decent amount of rings or Chaos Energy to do it, Without the emeralds Light isn't as strong as could be. Also, when he transforms without the emeralds, the rings he has collected will deplete faster than normal super transformations

Super Form Abilities:

“Chaos Blast”

“Chaos Spear”

Super Light

I'm Super Now, so I Won't Go as easy on you.

“Chaos Barrage”

“Super Spindash”

“Light Speed Combo” (Combines Light Speed Dash and Light Speed Attack)

Ultimate Move

“Light Tornado”

Theme Song: No More Words By EndeverafterR

Super Form Theme Song: My Everything By Goldfinger


Kai The Hedgehog









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