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Lightning the dogEdit

"You think i'm CUTE? YOU THINK I'M CUTE?!?!?!?!? I'M GONNA KILL YOU!!!!!!"- lightning the dog

Gender: Female

Alliance: Neutral

Family: Unknown. ( its a very strange story that i don't want to explain)

Favorite food: T-bone steak

Likes: patrice "flutterbye" speed, t- bone steak, fighting, the emerald of hearts and heart emeralds, goldy, music, animating, tails doll, shadow, knuckles, E123 omega, video games.

Dislikes: water, flutterby doll, anyone who can slow her down, anyone thats can beat her in a race, lies, stupid things (example: tails doll curse),tails, sonic ( depends), bubblegum pop, bad animating, anyone who thinks she can't run the speed of light.

Personality: half-hearted ( Literally she only has half a heart and half a soul) nice, polite, tough,

Speedy forms: lightning the werewolf, no- heart lightning, dark lightning

Abilities: running speed of light, digging, climbing.

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