Lillian The hedgehog: (Lillian De Hedgehous.)

Name: Lillian Marie Yensen

Age: 9 (Has the appearance of a 15 year old)

Birthday: July 15th 2003

Family: Zenra The Cat (Long-lost cousin), Ashley Marron (Older Sister.) and Lina Marie Godoy (Untwin Dupliciate)

Love Intrest: Classic Sonic (Secretly pretends she dosen't know him)

Allies: Amy Rose,Cream,Breeze The Cat,Edla the Cat,Zane The Cat,Modern Sonic and Foina Fox.

Enemies: Eggman Ivo Robotnik. and Rouge.

Birthplace: Richmond,Virginia

Currect Residence: National Harbor,Maryland.

Martial Status: Straight.

Look Alike: Teto Kasane.

Voice: A mix between Teto Kasane and Utantne Piko.

Personality: Lillian is normally quiet or linvisable to others. She dosen't like to be noticed in a conversation sometimes.

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