"This is Middle Class Elite Litzrieg! Do you hear?!!!!"

(Litzrieg shouting into his radio.)

Litzrieg is an anamorphic gharial and a Middle Class Elite Fighter in the Shugo Fighters.


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November 12

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Litzrieg is a very tall, scaly, man with short black hair that extends to his lower chin. He has a very pointed snout and rough green skin. On the top of his head he sports a navy blue army helmet with the word “PIECE” etched on to it. His attire consists of an open brown jacket with a pair of binoculars tied to his neck and a pair of dark green gloves. In addition, he wears a pair of khaki jeans upheld by a camo-patterned belt with a pair of brown, rather large, boots.


Litzrieg is a very gruff and demanding person, often acting as an army general of some sort, roughly barking orders at his fellow subordinates who don’t comply with his orders. He also strongly believes in “survival of the fittest” and how in battle, only the strong will survive. This however, does not stop him from assisting his comrades in battle.

Despite his hard-cased nature, he shows a soft side when around women, often doing what he can to help “damsels in distress” and often showing off by acting as a “dashing hero”.

Abilities and Powers

Litzrieg has an immense amount of physical strength, being, so far, one of the most physically strong characters in the series. When fighting Maikeru, he easily lifted a massive chunk of rock several times his own size and hurled it toward him with ease. He also was shown capable to completely shatter steel as when he fought Maikeru; he came narrowly close to breaking his “Maikeru” sword.

His incredible physical strength is only paralleled by his immense endurance and speed. His scaly exterior shows to be capable of protecting him from dangerous and potentially fatal attacks. This is further proven when he is electrocuted by Maikeru while sitting in a river, but sustained minimal damage.

His fighting style mainly consists of lunging attacks and striking with brute force. He also shows to use his scaly exterior to damage his opponent when striking them.


  • The name "Litzrieg" is a pun on the word "blitzkrieg" which is a German war term meaning "lightning war".
  • The inscription "PIECE" on the front of Litzrieg's helmet is a reference on how the word "piece" is a slang word for a gun.