Lizzy the cat/Bad

Lizzy the cat is changed EggMan's evil plan due. Lizzy thought that Mikaru did not like her.Mikaru mother noticed at night that Lizzy had disappeared. Mikaru not shown worried.

Mikaru asked Sonic, Tails, Amy, Rouge and Knuckles assistance to search for Lizzy.

They were looking all over the city Lizzy. But Lizzy is not found. Then, finally, Sonic discovers something in the old factory.

All gathered around to see what was there. Then the darkness came Lizzy. Mikaru was going to hug, but Lizzy Lizzy pulls back and runs. Lizzy jouksi EggMan. EggMan's lap and grins.

Sonic Egg man is to blame, and all but Mikaru agree with that. Mikaru is shocked and is unable to move.

EggMan tells Lizzy attack and works commanded. Amy shouts and all the stops.

Amy suggests that they organize a baseball game because that's Lizzy's favorite sport.All wondered for a moment and then they will concede.

If the Sonic team to win, EggMan released Lizzy. But if they lose Lizzy is the egg man forever. The game is hard and no one is going to lose. But Lizzy is a bad side and he is good in the game. The game is tied and the shot is the last that is Mikaru interactions. Mikaru focus and hit the home run.EggMan is gone, leaving Lizzy Sonic and the others join him. But Lizzy has not woken up EggMan's power. Mikaru is sad and cries.All are depressed, they are going to have a friend, or are there?

Continued on soon ...