UPDATE 8/1/17


Main thing being removed: 80% edginess and cliché abilities

Update 9/26/17

What was once Midnight the Mercenary is now Lloyd the Lynx... I feel bad that it took me two months just to START rebooting this character. But um... yeah, all info below is still inaccurate, so if you're reading this....  no, don't bother criticizing now.

Appearance (WIP)

History (WIP)

Personality (WIP)

Equipment (UNDER REBOOT)

Lloyd's Blade

Created by his father himself for Lloyd only, the blade can only be safely lifted by Lloyd, because it was designed solely for him. The sword casts multiple negative ailments against others who try to lift it up.

Physically, the blade has an infinite level of sharpness, due to the tip of it being so sharp that it can exist on the second dimensional level. The super-dimensional "godsword" is sharp enough to slice through the fabrics of spacetime and reality itself, allowing Lloyd to ignore the durability and shielding of pretty much everything that is under the influence of time. Sharpness on this level can cause space time rifts, which can also be used to make portals to other universes and other planes of existence.The sword has shown to slice through things such as intangibility, physics, ghosts, and existence in multiple timelines at once.

However, when one adds in the fact that the nature of the sword is supernatural, it takes sharpness to a whole new level of power. The blade is of conceptual existence, and as such, is able to slice several types of concepts, time, magic shielding that isn't vastly superior, and several forms of attacks.

As an example, if one were to use a normal sword, attempting to slice something such as a fireball wouldn't exactly work. However, this sword is able to split said fireball in half, causing them to legitimately split apart rather than reform around said object.

With an ability such as that, Lloyd can conceptual slice entrances and exits into dreams, illusions, nightmares, limbo, heaven, limbo, hell, the nether, etc. It is also because of this that The blade faintly simmers in illusions, having already cut out of them itself just by existing.

Aura Armor

The aura armor also repels many negative affects, such as forms of withering, atomic transmutation, multiple magical abilities, large resistance to telekinetic attacks, molecular manipulation, absorption of half the energetic strike he is struck with, etc.

Abilities (UNDER REBOOT)

Being the son of the God of War, Lloyd gained the abilities of war and combat to a divine tier of power.

Divine Combatant

Once unlocking his first limiter of his potential, Lloyd gained the knowledge and skill of all known forms of armed and unarmed combat styles and techniques. He is most dangerous in close quarters combat; When launching consecutive strikes against his opponent, his striking power increases at an exponential rate, though it resets when the successive strike session ends. The longer Lloyd is in combat, the greater his stats increase during combat.

Lloyd's combat is within his muscle memory, meaning he can react quicker and move out of the way of danger at an incredibly rapid pace. On some occasions, he may dodge attacks before his mind itself can react to it. This was useful in situations where Lloyd deals with opponents who prioritize in feints, conditions where Lloyd has been blinded, or when placed in an illusion where Lloyd could not tell false danger from true danger.

Fearless Warrior

With his indomitable willpower, Lloyd's massive amount of courage and casual ability to suppress his fear makes him able to stand up against any challenge with little to no hesitation.

Demigod Longevity

It is possible that he may be immortal, but if not, Lloyd's life span vastly exceeds that of others due to his genetic inheritance.




Aura Sights

Lloyd can see the aura of others. This means it doesn't matter if you hide behind a thick wall, invisible, or even with no body, you are always in his sights if you have an aura, or if you don't have a magical block to it.

Energy Absorption


Accelerated Healing Factor

Weapons Proficiency

Close Quarters Combatant

Lloyd can read an opponent's fighting style quickly and adapt to it accordingly.


His inherited crave for a good fight may make him, at some times, allow the enemy to become stronger if he/she can.


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