That title it's just...i don't know...I'm sorry ;-; I'm...I'm so sorry *sits in emo corner*

This is like, totally not serious at all I have no idea what i'm doing :D

Love and Hate

It was another normal day for Ivy, her dreams reminded her of her depressing past and she fell into an emo trance thing for most of the morning. Obviously Rac got annoyed when she started to cut herself, so the two had a big argument are probably gonna get divorced. Poor rac, he doesn't know how to be a girlfriend.

So yeah Ivy was like, pissed and depressed at the same time, her normal every-day emotion, although she hides it. She's stubborn like that. Suddenly she heard something, something she hated. She tried to hide her anger, that's kinda hard with this guy. And no it's not Amanda Bieber.

"KITTY!!" Romania screamed running to ivy like this Now Ivy has good reflexes, but this guy is motherf*cking Romania, she doesn't stand a chance. Poor half kitty...

"AGH! What do you want Romania?" Ivy sighed, just missing a glomp from Romania, causing him to run into a tree. Lol...Ivy giggled at it... I hate that word >:I

"I came to see you da?" Romania said happily.

"Why?" Ivy said, giving him a "get any closer to me and I will snap your neck and destroy your vital reigons" glare

"I wanted to hug you, because you're a cute kitty!" Romania said

He's a little OCC lol

"I don't care, go away Romy"

"I told you not to call me that" Romania said, somehow...stll happy? Seriously how OCC is he gonna get in this fanfic?

"Ok Romy"


"Hey Romy?"

"Don't call me that"





"Romy Romy Romy"

"Do you ever shut up!? Ce frumos..."

"What's wrong Romy?"

"Screw this, I'll find another kitty, china probably has one."

"But Romy D8" I'm guessing Ivy likes attention in this fanfic.

"Nope BI" Romania walked away...the bastard

"Da B(" Ivy Said


"Da B(" Ivy said

"Fine -_- only because you're a kitty and CHina would kill me if I touched his hello kittys"

"And that kids is how I met your mother" Romania said to his half human half country half hedgehog haf cat messd up children


I'm sorry, this fails so much...the title is so irelevent *emo corner*

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