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Lucero the Wolf
First appearance n/a
Appearances n/a
Biographical Overview
Name Lucero Nix
Nicknames Luz
Age 16
Birthday October 27
Birthplace Unknown
Physical description
Species Wolf
Gender Female
Height 3'1
Weight 64 lbs.
Fur/feather/scale colour White and black.
Eye colour Blue
Attire Magenta top, purple skirt, dark gray leggings, and boots.
Alignment and character traits
Alignment Neutral
Favourite food Hawaiian Pizza
Likes Pizza, jokes, music, snow, stars, and nature.
Dislikes Thunder, big crowds of people, pollution, and forgetting what to say.
Relatives none
Friends none
Neutral none
Rivals none
Enemies none
Skills and powers unknown
Theme n/a

"Hey kids, welcome to my page. I hope you like what you see~"

Lucero is an immortal wolf made by The Creator for unknown purposes. She's typically a nice person and she doesn't interfere with the affairs of mortals. In the Fabula de Lumine continuity, she's prone to break the fourth wall for comedic and instructional purposes, especially in the Fanon Fantasy series.

However, in the Lumine High School universe, Lucero is responsible, yet fun loving person. Either way, she boasts incredible power that no one has ever seen or ever will. Still, she's just a pleasant person to be around with, I mean, if she ever shows up.

Concept and Creation



Lucero is a fun loving, happy, yet curious wolf who's very interested in Mobius. Being made The Creator, she's very responsible despite the fact that Lucero doesn't do a whole lot but observe what's going on in Mobius. Every now and then whenever Lucero mingles with mortals, she's been described as very fun and very energetic.


Lucero is a snowy white wolf with black highlights in some parts of her hair. Her hair meanwhile goes down below her shoulders and it has a weeb hair antenna. As for her eyes, they're a shade of blue. Meanwhile, her attire consists of a magenta top and purple skirt. She has dark gray leggings as well as a choker necklace and a regular red necklace. Lastly, her boots are purple and red while the soles of them are gray.

Powers and Abilities






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