Lucero the Wolf
First appearance n/a
Appearances n/a
Biographical Overview
Name Lucero Flores Perez
Nicknames Luz
Age 16
Birthday October 27
Birthplace Unknown
Physical description
Species Wolf
Gender Female
Height 3'1
Weight 64 lbs.
Fur/feather/scale colour White and black.
Eye colour Blue
Attire Magenta top, purple skirt, dark gray leggings, and boots.
Alignment and character traits
Alignment Neutral
Favourite food Hawaiian Pizza
Likes Pizza, jokes, music, snow, stars, and nature.
Dislikes Thunder, big crowds of people, pollution, and forgetting what to say.
Relatives none
Friends none
Neutral none
Rivals none
Enemies none
Skills and powers none
Theme n/a

 Reboot Coming Soon!

Concept and Creation




Lucero is a snow white wolf with black markings on her fur including her tail, hair, and her tail. Her hair reaches down below her shoulders and also slightly curled at the bottom. Her muzzle is also white and she has icy blue eyes. Her main outfit consists of a pink, shoulderless sweater, a pale pink tank-top with think straps a purple skirt. More of her attire consists of a black choker necklace and purple boots with a pink stripe as well as gray soles. Lastly, aside from the choker necklace, she also has a heart-shaped, red necklace as well has gray leggings.

Powers and Abilities



"Yo, turn up fam!"

"Suck it loser, I like pineapple on my pizza and I couldn't care less on your opinion about that. Why? Because your opinion is trash like yourself!"

"I am the meme."

"Sup nerds!"



drawn by my bestie SA3


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