Luke the cat by bettyarmado-d4jxndd

Angel Cat

Luke the baby Cat also known as Luny Kentler the Cat, is a falling angel who never went to hell due to his past of his heavenly mother and devilish father. Luckily, he didn't end up getting caught by his father who just took his twin brother and raised him as his own. Luke was then adopted and well taken care of. He is also one of the cutest and strongest members of Team Danrick- Daniel Ricardo the Hedgehog's team.

History to the Present

Fell from the sky, this cat is a prodigy and his parents were from different tribes when he fell from heaven. His mother Kate who lives in heaven, and his father Carrey who lives in hell. This happened last August 21, 2010. And he was able to survive one whole year without ever eating or drinking. Luckily, Silver the hedgehog and Blaze the Cat found him and wanted to raise him, but when they noticed his secret they decided to keep him safe from harm. To do that Silver, Blaze, Espio and Josephina went to Ramon's house in the Holy Forest to train Luke there where he can't be found. His brother Astan fought with him to the death, leaving Luke the winner. Luke also has a similar relationship to Ms. Apocalypse being the future emperor of her world. So he was the emperor of the Apocalyptic World but chose to stay with his foster family. There Silver and Blaze became good parents to Luke making sure he's safe and happy. Luke is now a member of Team Future and Team Danrick. His best friends seem to be Wolfie and Gar. Luke seems to have Blaze's kind, Silver's color and design, and both of their abilities, meaning he has both psychokinesis and pyrokinesis. His favorite food is fish. As an angel he now grows wings every now and then.