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The blank meme of Sonic Forms Meme

The blank meme is from Roothie:


Normal - The regular, official form (preferably modern design)

Knight - As a Knight of the Round Table (Sonic and the Black Knight)

Wereform - Werehog, Werecat or whatever applies (Sonic Unleashed)

Arabian Nights - As a genie or simply in Arabian clothing... You decide!

Super - The character's Super Mode (also accepted are Hyper form and super forms as Turbo Tails and Burning Blaze)

Robot - Either a robotic doppelganger (e.g. Metal Sonic) or a robotized version of the character.

Riders - In a Riders outfit (Sonic Riders (Zero Gravity))

Mephiles - Yessss! Imagine it was't Shadow whose appearance Mephiles copied (except you're doing Shadow, of course), but the character you picked Need reference? [link]

Classic - Classic design, that means round and chubby! (or e.g. the early Archie/SatAM designs)

Humanized - aka Gijinka, a humanized version of the character. If you're already doing a human character, do a furryfied version instead! :XD:

Gender Bender - Draw the character as the opposite gender.

Anti - The character's Anti-Form (Archie comics) from Moebius (or the 'normal' one from Mobius, if you're already doing a Moebian). Basically good characters become evil and the other way round, examples: Sonic ---> Evil Sonic (aka Scourge) Tails ---> Miles Eggman/Dr. Robotnik ---> Dr. Ivo Kintobor