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To feel pain and be vulnerable to physical harm.

They were called the “Isis Dominion”: a government reign of the species “Identities” under the control of a single leader.  They had the power to change shape, with metal sand for their bodies to form any construct, and the power of chaos as their blood.  They had conquered worlds before, but now, this time… it would be different.

An invading army from the sky: dozens of strange-looking mobians flooding the streets, the land, and claiming it all in the name of “Her”.  They often walked with an air of superiority to them, thinking they were the best and unchallengeable by the majority.

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Mars just continued on with his day, so what if people invaded, they'd eventually get repelled somehow and he wouldn't have to deal with it in the long run. Of course he wasn't paying attention where he was going sooo..

"This world is claimed by the Isis Dominon!" One yelled as they went.

The invaders were going throughout, slaughtering any they could, and toppling buildings if they could.  They weren't particularly fast, though they seemed strong enough to puncture walls without much-


A scream came, but not from an innocent or defender.  One of the Identities was screaming in pain as he stretched out his arm to the sky: bone and flesh twisting and growing into a metallic blade.  His eyes were bloodied but he relaxed to a growl before charging to continue the battle.

Another one, both arms now, curving into unnatural gun-shaped fingers and wrists.  The Identity fired outward, but in the process was blown back by her own power.

Mars just shrugged. "Goodddddammmmniiiiiit! Why do I have to deal with thiiis!!!!" He whined, probably drawing a large target onto himself with his commotion and rolling onnthe ground like a spazzed out drunk.

They continued rushing about the city until one seemed to see Mars and go after him.

Mars blinked when he saw one rushing after him. "Whyyyy..?" He asked as he hopped onto his feet and grabbed that metal rod he always carried on him, it had an intense current running through it at the moment.

The Identity launched a strange projectile from her shoulder toward him.  It was very bone-like, exploding near him but the Identity herself seemed to stagger after launching it.

Shrapnel seemed to be deflected by an electrical barrier but the shockwaves launched him forwards, knocking him off balance. "Not coooool!"

The Identity took the advantage, jumping atop him as she rose her hands up.  The skin began fusing together, molding both and a blade slowly puncturing out.  She was shaking, her eyes wattering.  There didn't seem to be anything metallic about this.

"No.. No..! NO!!" Mars panicked, fear resonating within him while his eyes changed color, the iris slowly turning a burnt orange while the pupil and sclera turned a glowing yellow. "Get! OFF ME!!" He screamed as electricity arced uncontrollably from his body in response.

The electricty surged into the body of the girl as she tried to push down.  Her hands fried up as she fell to the side.

Blood, genuine and real.  Organs, genuine and real.  This was no metal-nanite creature.  This was a harmed organic being.  The wound bled, the harmed screamed, and then collapsed to the ground, unconscious.

Mars didn't let up, standing up he grabbed his metal rod and attempted to drive it through the girl's skull repeatedly while screaming.

The collision sent a small blast of chaos energy and electricty out.  The girl was flattened to the street, denting it, as Mars was knocked upward.

Mars shook his head, righting himself in mid air so he could land in the street before looking at his shaking hands briefly before deciding to try and pick up the girl and carry her to safety.

The almost paste of a body was limp.  Whether she was dead or not considering this strange new version of these creatures was unknown, but there certainly wasn't any movement in the body, beating of the heart.

Everywhere there was destruction and violence going on.  These... organic, mortal Identities were slowly pressing forward until...

“These creatures have no place here,” A voice called from a green light in the distance.  Suddenly, two other lights formed, one yellow and one purple.  Armored figures grew out from these lights, horned helmets and glowing glass-like designs covering them completely.

Mars paid them no mind, he was more focused on the one in his arms right now.. He didn't know first aid but he had to do something, particularly look for some building with medical supplies.

The strangely armored figures paid Mars no mind as they pressed back against the invading Identities.  The Identity in Mars's arms seemed to jerk a bit, but only for a moment as Mars rushed about the city.  He almost ran into two Identities battling against officers.

Mars hesitated for a bit, does he set down the injured amd risk her dying or does he try to help the officers.. He couldn't make the decision.

The purple-armored woman held out her hand to the invading Identities, and immediately a spread of a purple light flew over them, erasing the matter it touched.  Screams rang out as the army, and all matter in the way, was becoming nothing.

As this power neared the Identities, they took a more purplish tint.  Even the one in Mars's arms, barely alive, took a slightly purple, painful shade.

Mars blinked, backing away from the purple armored woman when he noted what was happening to her.

The battle raged on.  There were hundreds, thousands of these strangely fragile Identities, but as more of these strangely armored figures appeared, the numbers were decimated.  Blood fell to the streets.

Mars was not reacting well to this, subconciously starting to drain the barely clinging to life identity of her bioelectricity as his fur green fur started to darken, the white chest fur faded to a dark grey and the weird tattoo n scar set on his forehead and under his right eye respectively started to glow and expand across the back of his arms, legs and presumably body as wellas those weird growths of energy appeared on his back.

(Those are actually organic growths but that too)

What remaining life force in the Identity there was was fleeting.  however, twenty Identities were now nearing Mars's location, small blasts of energy coming from them.

Mars lunged for the nearest identity, using electricity to augment his speed, perception and reflexes to better avoid getting hurt as he tried to get into close range.

The Identity attempted to launch an expanded, mutated, bony hand against Mars, but the electricity did not mix well with them, causing the hand to expand more before literally exploding.

Mars growled, turning around with both hands literally coated in orange electricity. "One down.. Nineteen more to go." He hissed before raising his hands much like Darth Sidious does to use Force Lightning and unleashing torrents of electricity fueled by rage at the Identities.

While many were harmed by the electricity, they had their own energy at their disposal, and through the blasting of Chaos Energy, they began to bend the lightning to their benefit as one reached to crush Mars's hands once in reach.

Mars winced, and while his bones might prove difficult to crush due to the composition of the ferrofluid that coats them, that didn't mean he wouldn't feel the pain from how strong their grip was.

"Ngh!!" He growled in pain, adrenaline pumping through him madly as contact with him started to drain the bioelectricity from the Identity that was grabbing him. 

The Identity seemed able to pull back at this, and another was at Mars's back, preparing to stab as a yellow solid construct of what seemed to be light perhaps, slammed into the Identity, cutting it through and ending it.

Mars jumped at the identity he was draining earlier, attempting to force his hand onto its face and drain the rest of its bioelectricity in a rather excruciatingly painful manner. He would worry about the source of that yellow construct afterwards.

(This being the one that got flattened earlier that he was trying to save or a different one?)

(the one that pulled back.)

(Okay 'cause that wasn't the same one X{D)

Despite weakened, the Identity was still surrounded by allies, and in his last moments took the advantage: launching a concentrated piercing blast of chaos energy from his chest, at Mars's chest.

Mars... Was not expecting that, his electrical barrier shattering as it tanked most of the energy though the concentrated beam made a mess of his insides.

However Mars did not want to die, infact he was clinging to life through fear and anger, fear of death and the anger that comes with the bastard that nearly kills you.

The Identity fell limp regardless, and around the area, most of the others were falling.

As the purple warrior continued laying waste to the army, a figure pressed against the blast of power.  A green tint came from the eyes of the resister as it marched directly toward the leading of the three: the massive cloaked green warrior.

“What business do you have here?” Demanded the green-tinted black-suited Identity.

“Only the Incarnation can demand the power your kind wields,” The green one replied, raising a hand for the yellow to pause on his attempted assault.

“You would do well to end your attack then,” The green-tinted woman threatened.

“We have shown superiority to your forces.  You have lost the status to make threats.”

The woman stepped back.  “Fall back,” went the order, but she waited just a moment to stab into the underarm of the purple warrior with a tendril from the ground before vanishing.

Mars whispered something unintelligable, slowly standing up despite the hole in his chest and the pain associated with it.. Stumbling around he looked for someone, anyone that could help him.

A silver-armored figure approached, stabbing into Mar's with some kind of silver light.  instead of hurting, however, it instantly repaired him.  other figures were around, standing near the center of where the attack took place.  Purple, blue, silver, yellow, red, yellow, and the tallest, a green cloaked figure.

Mars blinked, feeling where the hole was. ".... Thank you.." He muttered in response.

The Identities were soon fleeing throughout the city, blending into the crowds as the figures joined at each others' sides.  "We are the Seven Chaos!" The green figure informed.

"What..? What?"

"The invading forces that arrived to day will not be silent forever.  We expect that your leaders will be at risk in the near future."

"And this isn't my problem except for the fact that I want to murder every single last one of those abominations." Mars answered back.

"Know this, we are not here to liberate as our main objective, but we do seek to exterminate these abominations along our way.  We will travel to speak with your leaders of government," and with that, the group began their walk through the city.

Mars debated whether or not to follow these individuals for a few seconds before just saying fuck it and following after them.

Their uniforms were very similar, though there seemed to be a rank.  The Green had a single horn atop the cloaked uniform.  The yellow two, the pink--which had a rather... strange alien body shape--had three, the large red one with four, the purple woman with five, the silver with six, and the blue with seven.

The yellow one took note of Mars, waving to him casually.  "Feeling like joining us in the cool slomo, aye?"

"... I guess..?" Mars had calmed down by now, so the changes reverted and he seemed more hyperactive then before. "Who are you guys anyways? .3."

"Seven Chaos, like he said," The yellow one informed.  "We're what you might call the literal incarnations of the Chaos Force.  I'm Rynzer.  Wazzup?" He put his armored fist out for a fist-bump.

"Ohhh, those Seven Glowy rocks that supposedly grant unlimited power or something?" Mars asked as he fist bumped Rynzer. 

"Chaos Emeralds, Anarchy Beryl, etc.  And we collect them.  Past incarnations of us were responsible for their designs.  I got the yellow ones.  Any idea what those do?"

"Triggering some sort of super form or something?" Mars blinked.

"Super fo- Oh!" He chuckled.  "I think I know what you mean.  Nah, not th- well yes but not how you think.  I can create solid forms of energy.  It's so highly concentrated that it can become any matter."

"Ohhhh, must be fun! o3o" Mars bounced around, clearly he controlled electricity.

"Yeah it's pretty sweet.  You seem pretty calm over everything that just happened."

Mars shrugs. "Am I supposed to be traumatized?" He asked curiously. 

"Well you did start stabbing and getting all tense at that one before."

"To be fair they were trying to kill me earlier, now they're gone."

"Yeah for now.  So you wanna help get rid of them then?  Once we find the emeralds here, and after those things are gone, we're heading out."

"Sure, what's the worst that could happen.. Aside from the obvious?"

The armored figure shrugged.  "Guess that's what we'll find out."

Eventually they arrived at whatever government building this world had for this city.

"Huh, never been here before.. Mayor's office or something.."

"I'd imagine."

The tallest of the group, the one in green, knocked on the door.

"You know we're probably past visiting hours right, gotta punch the doors down." Mars said, he was of course joking about the punching of the doors but it would be hilarious if she did.


the figure simply gripped the handle, and forced the door open swiftly, gently opening it and stepping inside.  The others followed, though the one in yellow titled his head a bit as if rolling his eyes under the helmet.

"...... Oh well." Mars followed after, though there was an invasion recently so either officials had time to evacuate or they were hiding in some sort of bunker.. Or killed off in said invasion.


They immediately searched for this bunker, if there was one.

"Yeah I'm gonna just look for a contact list to caaaaaall," The yellow one walked into an office.

They found a list of people and numbers on the desk.

Rynzer was soon making a call to who seemed to be the highest-level authority in the area.

Mars blinked. "Why call the mayor?"

"So we can arrange a meeting," he replied.

"Ohhhhhh... Why though?"

"To talk about what we know concerning the Identities... and our claim to any chaos emeralds in this zone... Well that and we're radiating with energy in armor, and we don't want people going crazy around us."

"Well that seems dumb, politicians and stuff."

"Sorry to break it to ya, kid, but the flashy fights and such doesn't last too long.  Stuff like eating your veggies then getting the juicy meat to get the whole meal," He waited for an answer on the phone.

"Of course they don't, it's like a full course meal at a power plant. Eventually you run out."

"Are we talking eating the power plant?" He asked, still waiting for someone to answer.

Eventually someone did answer.

"Yeah, I do that to survive."

"Hardcore," He cleared his throat.  "Hey, am I talking to the mayor?"

"Yes, this is the mayor..?"

"That grat, we're at your office right now, and we need to talk with you."

"Visiting hours have long passed, if its so important than you can wait until tomorrow."

"So I'm guessing you didn't see the invasion earlier?"

"Nnnope, I'm flying back from Haiti.. So as I said, visiting hours are tomorrow."

"Alright, we'll meet you when you get here."

(daaaamn iiiiit .3.)


(dunno how to continueeeee)

(With the mayor's arrival...?)

-by tomorrow, the mayor had finally arrived from haiti, the guy looked like a corporate fatcat crossed with a dog, needless to say he seemed very pleasant to deal with but that shit was skin deep.-

The seven approached him immediately.

"So what business do you have with me?" The pudgy man asked.

"You were briefed on the invasion of mutating soldiers?" The one in silver inquired.

"I was not, normally that is a national crisis beyond my authority."

"Yeah, invasion from alien forces," The one in yellow, Rynzer, noted, gesturing to the destruction around them all.

"Well, what do you want?" The mayor asked.

"We are here to inform you that your life is most-likely in danger," The one in silver informed.

"Why is that?"

"An invading force desiring to overtake a group will often take out the figure of leadership to assume dominance."

"Riiight, then that would be higher ups like senators or congressmen or the president himself. Not a mayor."

"With your support then, we will address the highest leadership of this area then."

(I'm literally using the american beaurocracy for this.)

The mayor laughed. "Clearly you don't know politics."

They did not give the statement a dignifying response.  The one in yellow, Rynzer, simply extended his arm out, forming a large yellow cage around the mayor.

"!?" The mayor blinked. "The hell is this?"

Mars grins. "Meat Puppets."

"Protection," Rynzer informed.  "Since you've been SO coopertative, we'll be making sure nothing gets close to you."

"Why thank you." God this mayor was sleazy. 

"I could just turn this guy into a meat puppet. .3."

"I have the image of a large steak," Rynzer noted.  "What do you mean?"

"... Uhhhhh, how do I explain it?"

"I'm sure it's interesting but we have work to do," The blue figure noted.  "Hunting the invaders."

"I'll play with them! .3."

"With the invaders?"

"Well yeah, bend them to my will~"

"I'm strangely not surprised by this."

"Remove the protection, Rynzer," The one in green ordered.  With a shrug, Rynzer took down the construct.

"Form the perimeter," The green one ordered further.  "The moment they appear, we will know."

The mayor ran the fuck away, while Mars just Triggered his Yellow Core form in response.

"... Perhaps we should leave him to his fate," The one in purple suggested.

"For the moment we protect.  We do not know the level of structure he is needed for in this zone," The one in green replied.

The one in the pink, the one who looked more... alien, was staring at Mars.

"....?" Mars looked back at the Pink one. "Something wrong?"

She stiffened at the question, looking away a bit.  "N-no..."

"Oh, okay!"

The one in red was soon dragging the mayor back.  "We will blend," The one in green informed as the rest began to walk into a separate room.

Mars blinks. "Awww, I wanna kill more.."

A few minutes passed.  A red wolf walked out, yellow markings on him.  He wore jeans,an ascot, and a brown collared shirt.

Mars waved at the Red Wolf. "Haiiiiii!"

"Hey," He waved back.  "So you're gonna help guard?"

"Suuuure!" Mars chirped, at this point he was bouncing around.

"Good to he-" He turned to the ceiling immediately.  "The roof," He rushed out.

Mars followed with a grin.

They arrived soon after at the top, but nothing seemed to be in the area above.  "They were just here... they must be part of the ceiling or something..."

"I don't see anything." Mars shook his head. "Probably nothing."

"Don't bet on it.  Scour the area," He began zipping about the roof.

Mars nods, sticking to ground level while the wolf took the rooftops.

He could see brief shift in the building's side wall, as if it were inorganic.

Mars attempted to conjure up an energy construct, essentially a javelin made of yellow core energy, before tossing it at the wall with a massive electrical charge.

The wall imploded out with bits of flesh dripping to the flor.  Part of the wall jumped at Mars, glowing pink energy on its front.

Mars jumped back, enhancing his reflexes with lightning to better avoid.

The Organic Identity molded into a more normal body, wincing before firing some bolts of energy toward Mars.

Mars zipped around the boots, trying to get closer in order to place his hand on her to try and burn out the identity's core and replace it with his Mars.

(Didn't technically give the sex of the Identity but I'll roll with it X{D) The Identity froze in place, stiff with her veins and body tightening a bit.  Rynzer rushed over, holding two others in his hands, both unconscious.  "Hey you caugh- what's up with her?"

"The fuuuun part~" Mars grinned. "Tell me why you are here, and why you're... Well like this."

He could see through her core, her mind, the orders being handed down from different ranks to invade the planet.  As for the second question, it was empty, blank.  Rynzer waited for a verbal answer but recieved nothing, so he just tapped his foot.

He smiled, starting to drain the core. "... I turned this one into my puppet, extracting some information and now i'm assimilating her core to feed my own... Though can someone explain what the inevitable change in my physiology will be?"

Rynzer grabbed the now drained body from Mars.  "That's messed up, dude.  What did you find out anyway?"

"Well, I found out where the orders were coming from in a vague sense.. Mind if I borrow the other two?"

"If you're doing that, yeah I kind of do.  If you want to read their minds or whatever, fine, but whatever that was... just stick to the mind-reading."

"Why though? They did invade my home.. And conventions of warfare do not apply to aliens." Mars asked, a amile on his face that could be considered creepy in this circumstance.

"Because it's sick.  The end."

"You're no fun at all.. I'll just root inside their heads for information.. Sides I'm pretty sure I know who 'her' is... She's a fun one~"

"What- her who?"

"I think it's a Virus! A fun one who actually bothers to teach me stuff!" He grinned.

"... Okay-" He turned his head to the left suddenly.  "There's an attack in the city again..."

"Ohhhh, Let's gooo..!" He followed Rynzer's head movement and ran to the left.

Rynzer waited for a moment before following after.  One of the others replaced his spot.  They rushed through the city until nearing... the power plant.

"Huh, dinner and entertainment? They shouldn't have." Mars grinned, bouncing his way to the generator in order to drain it of electricity so he could sustain himself.

As they neared, the power planet suddenly exploded, various figures zipping about and past them.

"... AAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!" Mars screamed. "Diiiiinnerrrrrrrrrrr!!!!"

"Upside," Rynzer stepped forward, long rectangular strands zipping about around him and slamming into the various escaping Identities.  Many were morphing much faster, their mutated arms reaching for any civilians and some toward Mars.

Mars grinned, he was generating another yellow construct in the form of a giant anime sized spear that he somehow lifted because it probably didnt have much mass being energy and tossed it at the conglomerate... Or he could fail and it crushes him.

The Identities were almost entirely erased upon contact, fissiling out, at least the ones that weren't being caught by Rynzer.  One actually called out, however.  A white wolf with a small mane at the front but stretching far back behind her at the back.  "Mars, right?"

"Uhhh, yes..? Mars is I and I am hungry."

"... Okay well could you maybe make sure not to let your frie- or you, kill me off then?"

"You aren't trying to kill me so sure, but who are youuuuu?" Mars asked with a bright smile.

"... Oh right.  Wasn't... I looked like a fish."

"... Okay you two... yeah," Rynzer went back to rounding up the others.

"Fishy? Why would I kill you?" He hugged her in response.

She hugged back.  "Cause we're invading?"

"Yeah, still would like to know why!" Rynzer called over.

"I don't know!" She called back.  "It's a suicide mission honestly."

"Aaaand? I like you. Not so much the others. .3."

"... Wait, so we could like... go and... do more of that thing or something then?"

Rynzer continued rounding up the remains while stabilizing the remains of the power plant.

"Sure! .3."

She started to pull him away from the area to a more private section but a second later, a yellow cage had formed over her, causing the wolf Identity to slam face-first into the wall.

"Huh..? What the heck are ya doing? She's a good friend." Mars looked at Rynzer, attempting to break the cage with yellow core energy.

The collision caused a small reverberation, cracking the side of the cage and knocking Mars back.  "Cool powers, dude, but don't get cocky here," Rynzer warned.  "Don't worry, I'm not gonna kill her, but you two can go bone or whatever after this mess is sorted out."

"Yes yes, it's not like I don't have other skills at my disposal yet.. But yeah, I should ask her who's been ordering her to attack.."

"Virus, duh... I think," The wolf-Identity noted.  "I honestly don't know much, just that we were sent to this world.  I didn't even know what world this was."

"Ooh! Bite sized kitty who is tons of fun!!" Mars grinned, turning to Rynzer.

"We're aware," Rynzer noted.  "This is... kind of less crazy than I expected."

"What do you mean....?"

"Imagine suddenly feeling the presence of thousands of signals and finding an army invading a planet of those signals.  We get here and yeah it's... damaged, but we've already taken out a couple hundred of these, and even this one doesn't know what's going on apparently."

".... Boooo! That sucks!! Why can't things get crazy?"

The wolf Identity reached out, yanking Mars against the bars of the cage with a hug.  "Oh things can still get crazy."

"You're still a prisoner of war, and you're lucky I was here," Rynzer noted to the Identity.  "The boss would probably let Mars here drain you like the others if it were up to him... Wait, we can just- why don't you just read her core how you took over the others?"

"... Cause he wouldn't do that to me?" She rose an eyebrow.

"I like this one.. What is your name anyways?" Mars asked, his face rubbing against the bars. "... Ow."

"Carmen," She answered."

"Alright, well while I'm busy stabalizing this," Rynzer replied, "don't try anything."

"Ohhhh.. So how the heck to I break this cage then, lightning..?"

"You can try if you want to fry your girlfriend," Rynzer went back to forming various constructs around the remains.

"No frying, check.. You do realize I'm probably going to keep her with me if she wants right?"

Rynzer was busy fixing the area at this point.  Carmen just held on to Mars.  It didn't go on for too long.  Rynzer returned to the two of them.  "Alright, we have more places to go."

"Allons-y my friend, lets go~!" He was waaaaaay too cheerful about all of this, like this was all a game to him and it probably was.

Rynzer carried the cage with Carmen inside, rushing back to the center area of the city.  A much larger cage of metal and such was being formed, larger than most of the buildings.

"What in the ever loving frozen hell is going on now?"

"They're caging up the others," Rynzer informed.  He rushed off toward the green one.

Mars followed after Rynzer at a brisk, to Mars at least, pace.

Carmen was left in her cage for the time being.  "You missed the battle, Rynzer," The one in purple informed.

"I was busy," He shrugged.  "What is thi-" He paused before looking outward in the distance.  Bodies were being dragged toward the cage.  Identities being dragged in by their own power.

"Huh, what are you doing with the bodies...?"

"It's not obvious- Rynzer, that one too," The purple one instructed, gesturing to the cage Carmen was inside of.

"Keeping her around for interrogation," Rynzer informed.

The bodies weren't dead.  They were very much alive, trying to resist the pull, but it was as if strings were inside of them, pulling them back and into the cage.

"Why not just keave a few with me? Preferably a commander or some type of officer.. Rynzer already knows I can extract the information from them." Mars asked the purple ones.

"We will keep some as captives but the rest are about to be made an example of," The cage closed and began to glow purple.  Rynzer was noticeably tense.  He closed up the cage holding Carmen, moving it away from the larger one.

"....." Mars did not want to see this, even he had some limits and this just felt wrong in the weirdest sense of the way. 

When the walls fell, nothing inside could be seen.  "I believe that is the last," The purple one noted.  Then came a shimmering in the far distance.  A faint green glow past many buildings.

"Uhhhh, is green lights past buildings supposed to happen?"

Metal around the area began to draw close toward the energy, pulling at the area slowly as wind began swaying around the area. The Seven Chaos remained still, watching, unanswering.

Mars blinked, just watching and waiting for an explanation at this point.

With a rippling shock flattening some nearby buildings, a figure rushed forward, landing in an instant in front of them all.  Melting and hardening metal of a figure, concentrating the metal around their body, with the hooded form of an Identity.  Their slit eyes glowed red, and at their chest was the glowing green chaos emerald.

Mars chose this time to reference something totally fitting to this scenario. ".... Okay now that... Is cool." He gave a thumbs up.

The figure extended out his hand, pointing toward the Seven Chaos as a long flowing blade, ripples of energy sliding across its underside, challenged them.  "We are the Chaos Incarnations," The Identity hissed out.

"... Who would challenge this one?" The green one, Kyrax spoke out, looking to both his others and even to Mars.

"Awwwww, Fine.. I'll play~!" Mars said, as his fur all around darkened very notably, his eyes glowed with yellow energy along with his tattoos and the lines that trailed across his bodies, his knee caps seemed to look like they were in the beginning stages of retrograde legs and two sets of glowing spines extended from his back. He had entered the second stage.

(you can cycle through the stages right?)

(The stages are permanent changes)

(Oh, thanks for clarifying XD)

(Indeed @_@)

"... Interesting," Kyrax turned to Mars.  "You would fight on our behalf?"

"Wait, that's..." The purple looked leaned over a bit, noticing Mars's change.

"Yeah! Of course I would!" Mars grinned happily before glancing at the purple one.

"Well, then if you desire retribution against us," Kyrax noted, "it seems you would be forced to battle this one first."

"... Bring it..."

"Yaaaay..~" He stuck his left hand out, creating and spinning a simple yellow construct about four feet long and cylindrical in nature, it was a bo staff. 

"Though I am curious about the whole vengeance thing.."

The coated Identity rocketed at Mars at 90 MPH starting, a growing energy field having formed around him as he rapidly sliced back and forth toward the wolf.

Mars, being able to move and perceive thigs at much faster speeds thanks to his powers, was probably able to see each swing like it was going in slow motion. Hopefully allowing him the time to react quick enough for a last second leg sweep with his bo-staff

The energy barrier combined with the impact sent both of them in a jerking reverberation.  The Identity went spinning overhead as he whipped back around in recovery.

Mars ended up rolling backwards and leaping to his feet before altering the bo into a javelin and using his own native electrical powers to augment his physical strength so as to increase the force behind the throw when he tossed the now javelin at the hooded Identity.

Using the charge of energy, the Identity teleported just a few inches to the left before blasting a series of chaos energy spears toward Mars in an arching pattern, starting wide and narrowing in.

Mars started to channel yellow core energy, as lightning arced off his body in greater amounts due to how much fun he was having with this fight so far.

In response to the teleportation Mars started running towards him and the spears, waiting until the last feasible second before attempting to slide under the spears and grab the identity's legs in order to trip him up.

(Just giving a heads-up note, the energy barrier hasn't gone away wait, so the conflict of energy is going to happen until that's not there anymore.  Just letting you know so it doesn't feel like auto-hitting and such.)

(I know it hasn't, its kinda why I said he was starting to channel yellow core energy to try and burn it out faster.)

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It was like a burning to his skin and also two positive charges of magnets pushing against each other.  The barrier was slowly dissolving, but the Identity had enough time to slam down the charged blade at Mars's backside, the blade itself being the only part not in the barirer itself.

Mars cursed, letting out a surprised howl when the blade stabbed into his back and he suddenly released a lot of electricity and yellow core energy in retaliation while trying to stand up and attempt to grab onto the hooded identity. At this point Mars was feeling the pain and his anger was just skyrocketing.

The blade of radioactive energy and metal imploded in him as the Identity was forced to move back, their body beginning to melt from the amount of negative core energy.  Clutching the Green Chaos Emerald in his chest, the Identity began to light up the same color, charging up as he was vulnerable, shieldless.

The metal was probably held in place by the current electromagnetic field generated inside his body so he didnt have to worry about the shards digging in deeper, not that he was really focused on that as he attempted to lunge at the Identity at lightning speed while enraged, running on adrenaline he would attempt to drain the Identity's core if he actually got a hold of him.

As Mars charged forward, the Identity unloaded a blast of the chaos energy at him, the two clashing in a spasm of yellow and green.  Had the Identity the ability to actually manipulate the core energy with a special Chaos Type, he would have... but he couldn't.  All he could do was to push with the raw energy, and hope it would destroy Mars before it or Mars destroyed him.

Mars briefly struggled with the energy. But soon pushed forward, driven by anger and the desire to drain this Identity. With that in mind he was using his electrical powers in addition to his Yellow Core abilities in an attempt to push through the chaos energy and grab the Identity's neck.

With the energy still spasming, the Identity grabbed hold of Mars's arms, trying repeatedly to stab him with the metal to release his hold.

Mars gritted his teeth and squeazed tighter in response, now just trying to siphon the Identity's core.

The metal peeled back from the body, save for the neck trying hard to defend still.  The emerald was moved back, being pulled into the metal at the front as the Identity used the last of his strength to prepare it to fire the emerald into Mars.  The metal was hardening, stiffening, as the Identity's body began failing.

"Die.. You wretched pile of metal and energy!!" Mars hissed, completely unaware of the emerald that was about to be fired into him.

The body exploded with the last of his power launching the emerald forward.  Instead of striking Mars, however, it stopped in mid-air, turning for a moment... then rocketed into the clutched hand of Kyrax.  "Your victory," He noted.

Mars looked at Kyrax briefly, a hole in his lungs with bits of metal just barely missing his heart, before attempting to feed on any lingering emotion in an attempt to heal himself.

The green figure clutched tightly at the gem, a light moving to Mars's body, repairing him.

The feeling of metal sliding out and flesh stitching itself back up was prevalent, and Mars glanced at the Pink Chaos. "You.. What do you know about this power..?" He was referring to his Yellow Core form

The figure blinked, jerking a bit at the sudden addressing.  "I... I don't..."

"... Wait... Pink.. Purple..?" Mars suddenly facepalmed. "Agghhh!! Lets try that again.. Sorry." He said before turning to the purple one. "Can you please tell me what you know about this power? For the sake of clearing stupidity?"

"Yellow Soul," She noted.  "You have a yellow soul.  Brenth Core..."

"I get that..? But why does using it involve..." He gestured to himself, in Yellow Core stage two. "Well this..? What's happening to me?"

"There isn't any way you just suddenly turned into that.  Unless you were born as you are, then you have to be taking in a massive amount of power."

"I mean, I caused a global wide blackout on a sugar rush before meeting Virus.. Sooooo."

"This is a distraction," The blue one almost seemed to growl.  

"That is the last," Kyrax noted.  "... Save... the caged one," He looked to Carmen's cage.  "We will inform the politicans."

"Carmen is mine, you can't have her... Miiiine, also its not a distraction it's me taking the chance to get some information about this thing." Mars said.

"I'm aware.  I am saying that regardless of your intentions, your questions are distracting from the main objective.  We will remain on this world for a short time, but soon we will travel to the base of these people for answers."

"Hey, Mynce, c'mere," Rynzer called over.  The pink one crouched slightly at first, but gradually walked over as Rynzer led her to Carmen's cage.

"Dude, let me have this. Or point me to a library with relevant information."

"He did fight the invader," The red one argued.

"... You want the Identity and information on the anti-core?" Kyrax specified.

"Correct." Mars confirmed, waddling over to the cage. 

"Fine then.  You are responsible for her.  As for the information, there is limited information we can provide, but we will answer what we can."

Mynce and Rynzer had entered the cage at this point though no windows or ways of seeing through it appeared.

"What's going on with these changes..? What am I turning into?"

"You are ascending into a new form and new person," Kyrax answered.  "Your body and soul are becoming an entity of the anti-core.  If done properly, you may atain a form of incredibly power and influence, but without training, it is likely you will destroy yourself."

"You should seek out the ones called the Brenth," The purple figured woman noted.  "They will know more."

"Where will I find these Brenth..?"

"With the power you're giving off, they might just find you."

".... Sweet."

The cage dissapated as Carmen was standing next to Mynce and Rynzer.

"Her body is entirely that of an organic wolf now," Mynce informed somewhat quietly before walking away from the two.

"... Okay whatever," Carmen sighed.

Mars blinks. "How did they even do that?"

"Matter transformation.  Chaos Pink, Mynce," Rynzer gave a bit of pizazz with his hands toward the pink figure.

"... So I can go hang out with Mars now?" Carmen asked.

"We'll be monitering but yes," Kyrax noted.

This is the main end point for this part of the roleplay.  You are free to continue this section for however long you like before starting the next part of the roleplay to be posted soon.

"Why not just hang around for a bit? You guys have doen time, why not enlighten me on your story?"

"Stories about our whole group or us individually?" Rynzer asked.

"Individually~" Mars gave that cute grin of his with the whole eye sparkling interest thing he does, he was veeeerry interested.

(That one joke skill Mars has, being cute.)

"Well I'm getting something to eat if you wanna chat," Rynzer shrugged, walking away.

"Food." Mars followed.

"... Okay," Carmen followed after.

"Where's a food place at here?" Rynzer asked.

"Aside from a power plant?" Mars asked in response.

"Like a food court.  I'd kill for a sub right now."

"Great, you can go eat and I can just take Mars somewhe-" Carmen started tugging at Mars but Rynzer interrupted "Not happening.  Sorry.  Not my idea, but those are the orders.  You can go ask Kyrax but I doubt he'll change his mind."

Mars blinked. "Aww, why not? What's the worst that can happen?"

"Pretty sure you can think of those yourself.  Still wanting to know where the food is."

"Ihhh, Food court around two blocks north."

"Thanks," He started rushing in that direction.

Mars looked at Carmen with a sigh of relief. 

"So I'm just gonna hope he's not coming back yet aand," She gently pulled Mars away to private areas.

"If he pops in I swear I will murder someone."

"Uh huh," She tugged him over in a hard kiss.

In fact, Rynzer did actually know what was happening.  They would not notice, but he would be checking up every thirty seconds while also helping to repair various areas of the city.  Some fifteen minutes later, however, the purple one found the two, immediately picking up Carmen by the back of her head.  "You two..."

Mars blinked. "Okay, why..?" Mars asked. "I got stabbed in the lungs for you gits.. Let me have this."

"You just had this for a while enough, plus I don't think that's healthy for you two.  You can do all the you that you want later, but we need everyone alert until this whole thing passes.

"... You're just jealous." He said with a pout.

"... How old are you?"

"Eighteen, but if I'm old enough to kill then I'm old enough to do the deed."

"Uh huh.  Then I'm not jealous."

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"Thank god.. Now let me have this."

"You guys did kind of TURN ME INTO A NORMAL MOBIAN! Carmen yelled.  "I don't even have chaos powers anymore!"

"You're an invader that slaughtered people here, I don't really care," The woman replied bluntly.

"To be fair I probably have a higher body count than hers."

"You're not helping."

"Hi not helping, I'm dad." Mars said, fully expecting someone to just yank his ears for the terrible joke.

"Whatever.  We're heading to find the people responsible in a second so you're coming with."

"... Sure." He sighed. "Let's just get going.." He said, his mood doing a complete 180.

(This transitions to the second part)


Invasions. One of the main reasons why the galactic patrolling force exists is to prevent that. Summer, being a member, will not tolerate this. She stretched a bit before going out of temportary apartment she was using, looking towards the sky.

"This world is claimed by the Isis Dominon!" One yelled as they went.

The invaders were going throughout, slaughtering any they could, and toppling buildings if they could.  They weren't particularly fast, though they seemed strong enough to puncture walls without much-


A scream came, but not from an innocent or defender.  One of the Identities was screaming in pain as he stretched out his arm to the sky: bone and flesh twisting and growing into a metallic blade.  His eyes were bloodied but he relaxed to a growl before charging to continue the battle.

Summer flew at a decent height in the air, zapping heat beams from her hands if any invaders were nearby, deciding to ram herself into the nearest Identity to pin him against the wall.

(The Identites are the invaders)

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The Identity struggled against her.  To the feeling, he was... squishy?  Fleshy?  He didn't feel metallic like before.

Summer held back for a bit, seeing he wasnt as tough as thought. She ended up tossing him into the wall instead of pinning him against it, for the fear of killing.

The Identity blasted a thin stream of chaos energy from his chest, wincing as the usage.  In the far distance, Summer heard a voice she may have recognized, calling out to her.

Summer side stepped the beam before hitting him with a quick jab to attemot to knock him unconscious. If successful, Summer would now turn in the direction of the voice and follow.

The Identity fell, but his... strange biology... it seemed to simply hurt and stun him.  Regardless, he seemed incipacitated.

Before her eyes, an Identity attempting to attack her had grown their arm too far upward, uncontrollably, and it was caught against a sharp metallic top of a building.  It tore...

Blood, genuine and real.  Organs, genuine and real.  This was no metal-nanite creature.  This was a harmed organic being.  The wound bled, the harmed screamed, and then collapsed to the ground, unconscious.

Summer took two blinks, then knelt down over the unconscious Identity, cauterizing the wound while she began listening out for any more familiar voices or innocents in peril. She began to enhance her hearing senses in order to have a wider range to work with.

A thin figure was running toward her in the chaos, but then was forced to dive into a building as the Identities were rushing about, still destroying the area.

Summer attempted to go invisible, attempting to float over to the nearest Identities and incapacitate them with chops to the back of their necks.

The Identities seemed able to track her regardless of the invisibility, others following and shooting at her as she took out some.

“These creatures have no place here,” A voice called from a green light in the distance.  Suddenly, two other lights formed, one yellow and one purple.  Armored figures grew out from these lights, horned helmets and glowing glass-like designs covering them completely.

Summer distinguished her invisibility, ducking from the incoming fire as she lowered to the ground, launching low level fireballs in the direction of the foes.

Some dodged, others didn't, and those who didn't were burning.  She was next to the building the figure had ducked into now, while these strange armored people were now eradicating the invading Identities.

Summer would worry about the others later, caring for the person in need right now. "Are you okay? Is there anything hurt right now?"

"I- I just need to talk to you!" The voice called from inside.

Summer entered, keeping her guard up. "What is it?" she questioned, looking to see who it was.

"Don't let them see you!" The voice called, a hand waving from the far back behind a cubicle desk.

Summer knelt down as asked, weary about putting herself in a vulnerable position as she crept down towards the voice at a quick pace. She eventually was at the final turn of the cubicle.

She didn't have eyes as per usual, but a mouth was visible.  Same grey muzzle, black skin, red and black hoodie, poking out from the top of the cubicle.

Sumner made her way beside her. "I'm going to get you out safely, okay?" she said, trying to reassure the girl, and herself, that everything will be alright.

"W- n- no you need to hide," She replied.  "... You don't... remember me do you?"

Summer took a second glance to her. "..Stiper?"

"How different do I look?  ... I can't really tell since..." She waved her hands in front of her face.

"Who did this to you?" Summer asked, blaming herself in her thoughts.

"I don't know... N-no one knows.  A lot of them don't remember not being... like this.  It just, I don't know."

"I'm so sorry I wasn't there to save you," she said, ears drooping as she placed a hand on her shoulder.

"N-no, I'm sorry!  They're everywhere now!"

Summer had a confused look on her face. "What do you have to be sorry for?"

"The others..."

The roof started caving in from the attack.

Summer quickly scooped Stiper up, quickly attempting to escape the building in time.

Stiper jerked a bit, but then immediately clung to Summer as they rushed out.  The chaos went on still, the Identities destroying any they saw... and then...

“These creatures have no place here,” Suddenly, two other lights formed, one yellow and one purple.  Armored figures grew out from these lights, horned helmets and glowing glass-like designs covering them completely.

Summer slowed her movement down and stopped flying to not be noticeable. She looked on to these figures as she carried Stiper away from the immediate area.

The appearing warriors began moving through the streets, eradicating the identities as they went. Stiper could not see what was happening... but she could still feel the energy going around, and the energy being destroyed.  Her breathing became shaky.

"It seems that we have help," Summer stated. "I'm gonna try to find Star to see if she can cure your eyes... You could possibly help us out here with understanding these 'others'."

"W-they..." Her voice was cracking.  "W-we can still... shape-shift... k-kind of, but these new bodies aren't... made for that."

To calm Stiper, Summer began gently warming the both of them up to a comfortable temperature. As this was happening, Summer began traversing the city, trying to get to the park on the other side and watching for identities. "If they arent made for shapeshifting, then how are they doing it?" she asked.

"I don't know," she answered.  "Some were saying it might have something to do with the brains not being used to it.  N-not everyone is like this now, it's really c- AH!" She tried... rather innefectively, to shove Summer to the side as two were firing bolts at them.

Summer instinctively turned around due to being caught by surprise, her back being struck by the strikes as she covered Stiper to the best of her ability.

The blasts weren't as powerful as perhaps in the past, but still blasts of energy all the same as some of the Identities even tried to tackle Summer.

Summer gasped at the pain, but tried to ignore it as she wrapped her aura around Stiper. Immediately after doing so, she heated her body to the equivalent of the surface of the sun in order to ward the tackling identities off. If successful, Summer would move in an erratic manner to avoid any more energy blasts as she picked up the pace.

Stiper winced from the heat around and the Identities began backing off, still firing.

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The figures from around had arrived in this section, burning away the Identities still attacking.

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Summer increased her aura protection to try to make the heat penetrate through it less as Summer looked at the creatures, trying to get a better description of them as she watched their actions.

Their uniforms all had black in the underbodies with strange almost glass-like armor surrounding with horned helmets and various weaponry.  

As the purple warrior continued laying waste to the army, a figure pressed against the blast of power.  A green tint came from the eyes of the resister as it marched directly toward the leading of the three: the massive cloaked green warrior.

“What business do you have here?” Demanded the green-tinted black-suited Identity.

“Only the Incarnation can demand the power your kind wields,” The green one replied, raising a hand for the yellow to pause on his attempted assault.

“You would do well to end your attack then,” The green-tinted woman threatened.

“We have shown superiority to your forces.  You have lost the status to make threats.”

The woman stepped back.  “Fall back,” went the order, but she waited just a moment to stab into the underarm of the purple warrior with a tendril from the ground before vanishing.

Summer's hero instincts told her to save the injured warrior, beginning to run towards the battlefield. She would fly, but flying causes her to glow and become a target, and she didnt want Stiper taking any blastfire.

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Stiper just kept repeating that she was sorry as the others vanished from sight, shifting into more civilian appearances to blend in.

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Summer eventually reached the warrior as she took note of the shapeshifting abilities. "Sir, are you all right? Do you need medical help?"

"I am well," The figure noted, walking a distance away as the six others regrouped with him.  They stood together, in a row.  Red, Purple, Pink, Yellow, Silver, Blue, and Green.

Summer glanced down at Stiper, making sure she was well before returning her attention. "Who are you people?"

"We are the Seven Chaos," He answered.

"Seven... Chaos? As in those special crystals, or gems?"

"The same," he replied.  "We will have words with your area's leader or leaders.  We suspect this enemy will have plans to eliminate them."

"Do you know why they're attacking?" she begged to know.

"No, and that is one of the major points that angers me," The one in green spoke.

"You," The one in Blue pointed directly to Stiper.

Summer isntinctively placed her arms around Stiper more firmly. "What about her?" she demanded.

"She's one of them."

"I don't know what happened!!!!!" Stiper yelled out, her voice cracking with the sudden outburst.  She started tearing at her eyes, whining slightly.

The figures didn't approach, but by the turns of their heads, they seemed confused to say the least.

"Whatever these things are, she is not one of them," Summer declared, a serious tone on her face.

Blood came out of Stiper's face she tore her skin back.  Two eyes underneath trying to get salty water of tears out.

"She is one of their species," The one in blue retorted.

"Same species or not, it shouldn--" Summer was interrupted as she watched with big eyes at Stiper. (I swear this is deja vu)

(For what?)

Stiper kept trying to wipe the blood and tears away just so she could see.  "... We will be speaking to the leader of this area," The one in blue noted.

(Just the scene in general... Like i have done this before .3.)

Summer pointed to a floating mountain in a distance, having their own personal army fend off the Identities for as long as possible, but failing. "I was heading there next, but I have priorities." she looked down to Stiper. "Are you alright? How did your eyes..."

She couldn't really answer at the time due to how much she was dealing with the situation.  The figure just walked to the other six.  Red, Blue, Purple, Yellow, Silver, Pink, and Green.

She sighed, knowing that she should give Stiper time. Summer then glanced to the others. "Does that mean you all are going to the mountain?' she asked, glancing around for any more identities via heat signatures.

None seemed to be in the area for the most part.  A few in the far distance were running still, but the energy signals, the chaos, was fading out, making them to seem like everyone else.

Summer sighed in relief, hoping that the area was truly cleared of them. She glowed as she began to float upwards.

The figure stared at Stiper for a moment before following the others toward the castle.  Stiper herself was trying to reach around, not realizing where Summer went.

As Summer began making her way to the mountain, she looked down to Stiper again with more worry. She was no doctor, but she knew in her gut that something was wrong. "Do your eyes still hurt?" she asked, glancing back to see if the seven chaos were close behind.

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"M-my face," She answered shakily.  The skin was peeling back a bit, trying to regulate back to a normal form.  Her eyes were glazed.

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The Seven Chaos were walking at the moment, not too far out of view.

Summer turned to the servers. "Can any of you please help her?" she pleaded. "I cant stand to see her like this."

A silver light and a pink light were shot into Stiper's body, prompting her to scream... but then she stopped once realizing she wasn't being harmed.  The blood and puss from her eyes were gone as her eyes were properly adjusted, even repaired for sight.  Large dark blue eyes.

Summer smiled, giving Stiper a very brieg hug as she turned to the healers and thanked them. "Im glad you have came here to protect this planet."

"We haven't actually," The silver one informed, "but it was on the way, more of a 'might as well' moment... Saying that out loud sounds incredibly rude now.  I think I'll just pretend I didn't say that."

"You decided to help instead of passing by on your way. This only makes it better," Summer notes. Looking in the distance, the group could see a station for teleporting into the floating mountain.

Thunder sounded for a moment as a mistake in the fourth wall was sensed.

The group simply made their way up the mountain itself, floating then zipping upward.

(Fails to find the 4th wall error)

Summer paused to take not of this, then began floating upwards as well. "Stiper, are you sure you want to stay with us? I dont want to risk getting you hurt again."

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Stiper was already running after Summer.  "If I don't stay with you, they might kill me..."

"Alright then..." this makes things a little more complicated, Summer pondered, looking up at the floating mountain to see if there were any enemy identities waiting to pick them off before they get there.

None were seen at the moment.

With that in mind, Summer continued her way to the mountain at an increased pace, beginning to set foot on the chrome-like ground. The entire mountain was a bedazzling color because of this special floating rock being the most common material there.

Summer glanced towards the seven chaos. "What exactly do you plan to do once we get to the leaders?" she pondered.

"Protect them until the enemy is eliminated," The blue one answered.

Summer started towards the rulers of the planet at a jogging pace, keeping on the ground to stay as covert as possible, since she glows when flying. "Do you know anything useful about the enemy?" she asked.

Stiper held tight to Summer as they went, basically being carried.

"We have known of them but your friend will know more."

Summer looked back at Stiper, her eyes basically asking the obvious question.

"I'm just... civilian," Stiper meekly answered.  "I don't get told about military stuff..."

"It seems we all will need answers soon...." Summer as they arrive at the entrance to the main castle. It seems that the leaders were already outside because of the chaos.

The seven approached the leaders immediately.

There seemed to be three of them, the rest being guards, who immediately aimed their weapons at the seven chaos.

"You are the leaders of this area?" The seven inquired.

"Who are you?" the closest leader demands. He was a large polar bear, obviously has seen war.

"We are the Seven Chaos," The green one answered.

"We are here for your protection," The one in blue informed.

"Was this your doing?" The polar bear growled, before Summer stepped in.

"They didn't cause this," Summer stated with a determined voice. "They're on our side... we want answers to why they are against us. Could your oracle help?"

However, it seemed that the polar bear was ignoring Summer. The foreign appearances of the seven chaos must have his attention into thinking they were amongst the other Identities.

"If it was our desire to destroy you," The one in blue spoke up, "you would be dead.  It is by our good will that we choose to keep the stability of this world for the time."

The next leader, a small chipmunk, spoke up to the polar bear. "They have a point. And right now, we are in a dire situation where we need as much allies as possible." In response, the polar bear simply grumbled.

She turned towards the group. "We will gladly accept your offer of assistance. Is there anything you need for assistance? Other than the oracle, of course."

"Remain in specific locations.  It would do well if we did not have to search for those we are guarding.  The enemy will come after you."

"We are on our way to our evacuation areas," the third one, a monkey, replied. "Unless, there is a safer place you have for us?"

"We will leave that decision to you, but we would escort you if you are travelling."

The polar bear reluctantly agreed, making sure the soldiers didnt have their guard down. "Then we may proceed then, correct?"

"You may."

"Right then." The group could see, in the distance, three flying vehicles arriving for each Leader. Apparently it must have been that way to lower the chance of losing all leaders if one vehicle were to go down.

"Out transportation has arrived," they notified, beginning to walk towards it.

The figures followed... even then, they could see unnatural movement in the area around them: grounds shifting, trees with strange bulges.  Even if the invaders weren't attacking, they were watching.

Summer decided to remain on the rooftop of one of the vehicles, watching out for anything that looked like it would attack. "I have a bad feeling about this not ending well."

Stiper was... trying to keep up with them as they went.  The Seven Chaos weren't particularly mindful.

Summer kept extra watch over Stiper specifically, still not trusting the Seven Chaoss 100% yet. The vehicles began taking flight, and far off in the distance was a depression with an underground base for them to travel to.

Once they arrived...

Thr ground literally seemed to open up as the vehicles hovered into the crevice. An underground cavern was seen 300 feet underground, where the leaders exited the vehicles. Summer relaxed once they were in a safer area, placing Stiper on the ground. The room contained several bunkers to hide in.

"We've been transported. What are your plans with us, now?" the polar bear asked.

"We will patrol the area. Your government and secrets are not of our concern," The Blue, Purple, Yellow, and Green began leaving the area, leaving the Silver, Pink, and Red to guard inside.

The leaders were beginning to be escorted to their bunkers, easily within reaching distance.

Summer glanced at the three remaining. "Your plan isnt just to ride out the storm, is it?" she asks them.

"We will be guarding the people here," The silver one noted.

"That one needs to be out of here now," The large red one noted, pointing to Stiper.

Summer turned toward Stiper, then defensively stepped between her and them. "What has she done that makes her have to leave safety?"

"She's one of them and could easily be a sleeper agent.  She still has chaos powers and morphing abilities."

Summer glanced back at Stiper, not wanting this to be true, but knowing it could just possibly be true. "...I'll let her be my responsibility."

"At every moment she will be," The red one stated firmly.

"I didn't tell them to do this," Stiper stated, voice starting to crack.

"You can give it a res-"

"I ne- no!" She yelled.  "I didn't, I didn't want this to hap-p-pen, I just," She covered her eyes, her head jerking a bit.  "I didn't do this..."

Summer wrapped an arm around Stiper in a way to give comfort, sighing. "If she were to go rogue, what kind of room could hold her down?"

"Something she can't break?" The red one shrugged.  "We've got bigger things to worry about right now," He walked onward.

The silver one followed but the pink one remained, folding her arms and looking away for the moment.

Summer glanced at (Screw it, I'm naming them by color!) Pink. "What is it?" she asked.

"Hm?" She looked over.

"You seem to have something on your mind," Summer elaborates.

"I'm confused," She responded in a sigh.  "What kind of leader throws their soldiers into a battle without strategy?"

"It's good that you guys came to help, but I'm skeptical that you guys came here with absolutely no strategy. Are you sure that is true?"

(With absolutely)

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"I'm talking about the invaders," She noted, sounding a tad offended.  "Not my team."

"Oh... sorry," she responds, looking puzzled. "....So if this is no strategy, then they have no formation, right? We could prevent any more from invading, and deal with the rest easily."

The Pink Chaos shrugged.  "They're soldiers still... they must have regulations or something... The only problem we have is," she sighed, "finding them all... They didn't have a chance to win in the first place.  If they had come secretly, maybe just infiltrating one by one, they could have taken over, but they just went... full attack, all at once, in the same spot."

"...something's off about this... if what you are saying is true, that means this is a diversion..."

"That's what we immediately thought.  That's why we went to find the world leaders first.  If there's something else going on, we don't know what it is... Or I don't at least."

"The monkey leader is the oracle. If we ask him, maybe if we get to him in time and ask, we could get our answers?"

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"Do you know where he is?"


"If we're lucky, we can reach him in his bunker. It has only been a moment since we've separated from the leaders."

"The others should have him guarded then.  The red... Typher, he'll have them."

(Note: They followed into the bunker.)

As Summer began walking in that direction, she was reminded of something. "I never got the chance to fully greet you.. what was your name again, Miss?"

"Mynce," She answered.  Stiper followed after Summer.

"He's here," Typher walked over with the monkey with him.

The leader turned towards the three. "What is it that you need?" he asked.

"You have some sort of power she said," Mynce said.  "What can you do about the invaders to find their intentions?"

"...I do have this mystical power, yes," he responded. He paused, his eyes glowing blue for a moment as he began breathing heavily. The monkey was wasting a lot of energy in this, as he began glancing at the future, seeing what dangers were coming within the next few hours.

He saw a mass, glowing gems in the chest of select figures as they began flattening the cities.

He tried concentrating, seeing if he could get a more detailed picture before returning his eyesight to the present.

"So what did he do?" The red one asked.

The monkey extended his staff to lean upon it. "I couldnr get enough of an image this time," he stated. "I've seen... beings easily demolishing cities... They have glowing gems in their midsections..."

"Oh... well, that shouldn't be an issue if those are what I think they are," The red one shrugged.

"Are you going to go out to fight them?" The pink one asked Summer.

"It's a part of my job to," Summer tells Mynce, then looking at Typher. "What exactly do you think they are? Is there a way to rid of them easily?"

"Kyrax is working on a long-term plan," Typher informed.  "In the meantime, we deal with each individually."

"Alright. It seems you know them well. I will take your lead for it." Summer was pumped to go, but then she glanced back to Stiper, regretting the fact that she is now pondering if she really is a sleeper agent or not.

"... What should I be doing?" Stiper asked.

"You need to be safe, but... you also need to be under control..." Summer was puzzled at this point, torn between two sides. "I don't want to put you in harm's way, but the only other option I see is for you to leave this area." 

"Un...under..." She went silent.

Summer sulked, not liking this decision. "I'm... I'm sorry.. I don't know what else is best for you right now.."

"Where do I go?"

She calmly points towards a vacant bunker. "I guess.. I guess you'll have to stay here until I return.."

"But... they don't want me there."

"I know, but..." Summer began scratching her ear, torn apart between options. Eventually she gave in. "Well... If you cant stay here, until we find a safer place, you will have to come outside with us."

"I wish I could just go home," She sighed.

"I know... But we have priorities... Unless there is a way to get you home faster?"

She shook her head.  "I'll just...stay here..."

Summer gave Stiper one last look, this time of assurance. "You'll be safe.. I. Will come back soon to sort this all out."

She didn't nod, she just sat down.

Summer looked at her one more time with a feeling of regret before turning around. " where is our first destination?"

"Where is your most populated area?" They asked.

"If I remember correctly, it's not too far east from here.." (legit making stuff up now lol)

"Then that is where..." They looked over to the sky, a mass of red and black forming.

Summer clenched her fists, worried about this. "Is that... Them?"

"An amount..." The Purple one materialized two long-handled pistols, digging the butts into the ground.

Summer casted a faint fireballs in both of her hands, easily tossing a small one just to see how they would react.

The fire soon faded out as it hit... and then the swarm charged, crashing down at them with energy blasting forward.

The yellow one immediately formed a solid barrier over them, small holes growing out for them to fire back.

Summer gave a glance to thank for the defensive support before aiming through the hole, aiming not a beam of fire, but more of a powerful heat wave blast in order to attempt to make them either pass out or flee from the heat.

The bombardment lessened a bit, but the majority were still barring down.  Rynzer appeared to have no issue ramming his construct into the atmosphere, thus slamming many that weren't immediately flattened.

Summer winced a bit at this tactic, deciding to move away from the barrier and charge at the competition herself, using her own aura as a personal shield as she tried to fly into the swarm, making sure to be out of the way from friendly fire.

Blasts of chaos energy went about everywhere, many of them going toward Summer.

Summer attempts to dodge and weave, using her aura shield her secondary defensive tactic until she gets to the closest enemy.

A couple dozen of Identities jumped at her, though at her side immediately was the Yellow Chaos.  "Hi, you might want to get out of the way in a second."

Summer did as told, backing up.

A pink light hit the sky, and suddenly the swarm turned a fused mass, being pulled toward the ground.

Summer glanced at the yellow chaos for a moment before floating back tk the ground, ready to strike the mass when it reaches her.

The floor became a purple light... and those who were touching it, from this mass, were being destroyed upon contact, slowly.  A few managed to pull away.

Summer didnt know what it was, but she steered away from it and flew to the straying enemies, only intending on hitting them with strikes that would knock out the average superhuman.

The figures... some of them at least, were soon knocked out, though those managing to dodge were soon recaught in the trap, and sent to the burning energy.

Eventually, curiosity took over Summer. "What is that light doing to them?" she asked the server.

The Yellow Chaos was not at her side by now, having rejoined the group.

Summer start flying back after her, turning around to see if the were any other remaining enemies.

A half-minute later... and they were gone.

Summer had a worried expression on her face as she approached the chaos server. "...where did they go?"

"They were destroyed," The Purple one informed.  "A fitting end for such disgusting barbarians."

Summer grimaced. "I understand that in war, lives can be lost, but you didn't have to blatantly kill all of them!"

"We didn't all of them" She replied.  "Some remain... for interrogation."

Summer put a hand on her head out of frustration. She knows from experience it's near impossible to change someone's mind about this topic. "....can we just.. try to lower the amount of people we kill, at least?"

The Purple Armored woman didn't respond, simply following the others as they surrounding the remaining invaders: about ten of them.

Summer warily stood beside them as she watched the invaders. "...why are you here?" she asked, starting off slowly.

"Those were our orders," They stated.  That was all they would say.  It was almost like they didn't know why.

"You have to know more... You didnt do this just because someone told you to. You didnt do this without knowing a meaning why..." of course, this was Summers thoughts.

"New orders came in, that's all we know," The claimed.

"It matters not," The Green Chaos noted.  "We will find out soon enough," He turned to Summer.  "You aided in this defeat against the invaders?"

Summer gives a small nod. "Is there something wrong with that?"

"Quite the opposite."

"Then I'm glad to be of service," she responds before looking at the group. "...what do we do with these guys then?"

"We will bring them to their owners and demand further."

(Continued in part two)


Well, this was certainly... Different. A fox stood rigid, witnessing the chaos unfold before him. It seems Xan was at the wrong place, at the wrong time... Considering the hundreds of angry invaders converging upon the city. However, this town was not his own, so why should he care? With a dismissive flick of his fluffy tail, the fox turned to abandon his post, and leave the city to its doom.

"This world is claimed by the Isis Dominion!" A voice rang out.

A scream came, but not from an innocent or defender.  One of the Identities was screaming in pain as he stretched out his arm to the sky: bone and flesh twisting and growing into a metallic blade.  His eyes were bloodied but he relaxed to a growl before charging to continue the battle.

Another one, both arms now, curving into unnatural gun-shaped fingers and wrists.  The Identity fired outward, but in the process was blown back by her own power.

The fox stopped mid-step, eyes narrowing. "What the devil is wrong with you...?" He remarked, clearly puzzled. He had known right off the bat that these were Identities... But now he wasn't so certain.  

They weren't as efficient as before, not as strong, but they were still destroying the area.  They went after buildings, people, some even after children.  Some were even going after Xan after noticing him.

Xan snorted. "Of courseee..." He rolled his eyes, jumping backward. "Mind explaining your sudden fleshy exteriors?" He inquired, not the least bit fazed. 

"We really don't know," They answered, stopping in front of him.  "You're off-limits apparently."

"Mmm..Really, now?" Xan muttered, arching a brow. "Do yourselves a favor, stop attacking. You seem to be inflicting more harm upon yourselves than you actually are the city." 

"We're more powerful regardless here and we'll take it soon enough.  You could join us."

His head tipped to the side slightly. "A rather tempting offer. But I'm much more fascinated in how you achieve the goal yourselves." The fox replied, crossing his arms. 

They shrugged, rushing past him and back into the fighting.

It wasn't long before one in front of him was cut, though... now...

Blood, genuine and real.  Organs, genuine and real.  This was no metal-nanite creature.  This was a harmed organic being.  The wound bled, the harmed screamed, and then collapsed to the ground, unconscious.

The fox stood, intrigued. He knelt down to get a closer look. For a split second, he felt pity for the creature. Taking a dab of blood and rubbing it between his index and thumb. Xan glanced around to trace the Identity's killer.

Various police and such were either attacking or being slaughtered.  Further in the city, however, he saw some kind of green build of energy, and a voice calling.

“These creatures have no place here,” Suddenly, two other lights formed, one yellow and one purple.  Armored figures grew out from these lights, horned helmets and glowing glass-like designs covering them completely.

"Hm..?" Xan watched them warily. Leaving the dead body to take a few paces down the road.

A blast of purple slammed from the purple armored one and through the invading forces, erasing the matter it touched.

The fox's eyes widened. "Wh.. What the.." 

The armies began charging at the two figures, though some still went about attacking the city.  Other figures could be seen appearing in the far distance.

Xan was itching to face palm, but he refrained. Several thoughts breezed through his mind.. one of them wandering where Virus was in all of this.  He would have left, but curiosity was burning him up from the insides. So Xan stuck to the edges of the city road. Blending in well with any nearby citizens.

As the purple warrior continued laying waste to the army, a figure pressed against the blast of power.  A green tint came from the eyes of the resistor as it marched directly toward the leading of the three: the massive cloaked green warrior.

“What business do you have here?” Demanded the green-tinted black-suited Identity.

“Only the Incarnation can demand the power your kind wields,” The green one replied, raising a hand for the yellow to pause on his attempted assault.

“You would do well to end your attack then,” The green-tinted woman threatened.

“We have shown superiority to your forces.  You have lost the status to make threats.”The woman stepped back. 

“Fall back,” went the order, but she waited just a moment to stab into the underarm of the purple warrior with a tendril from the ground before vanishing.

"Ooooh~ must have hurt." Xan mumbled, slightly amused. But also concerned for the Identities. Though he would never admit it out loud. 

The Identities were soon vanishing: forcefully changing their appearances to look like the others as they hid, leaving the area.

The seven figures walked to each other, standing in the center in watch.  Blue, Silver, Red, Yellow, Purple, Pink, and Green... the tallest in a cloak... Green...

After a bit of contemplation, Xan shrugged and smeared his hand on his shirt. Leaving some blood stains from the Identity. His usual confident nature shifted to become that of a timid, everyday citizen.  "..A-are they gone?  Please tell me they're gone.." The fox called fearfully, In a voice that was not his own. 

The Silver one approached Xan... then reached and tore him from the fox's body.  "You're terrified I'm sure," Came a somewhat booming yet accented voice.

"Dear God. Is it really that easy to tell?" Xan stared wide-eyed in astonishment, reforming into his usual self. His hackles stuck out in an unconscious self-defense. 

"Your acting career is intact, hijacker," The figure let him go.  "We recognized your aura holding the body hostage.  You are not one of those, however."

"...Aaand by 'one of those,' you refer to the Identities?" Xan asked, with a quizzical look at the silver figure. Looking them up and down for a few brief moments. 

"What do you know of them?" He demanded.

Xan rolled his eyes. "So bossy.." He shook his head.  "..To answer your question. Not very much. Aside from the fact that they were the city's attackers." He answered. Lying through his teeth without batting an eye.  

"Do not leave the city or we will know.  Where is the capital of this area?"

"The city hall is a few blocks down from this street.." Xan replied, jabbing the thumb in the general direction of the building. "Now it's my turn to ask a question. Who are you.. Five.. six. Seven?" He asked, counting out the armored figures as he inquired. 

They began to walk toward city hall, though the one in silver answered plainly "We, are the Seven Chaos."

Xan couldn't help but snort in amusement. "Ah ha.. A rather peculiar name. Why are the people of chaos bringing order?" 

They didn't answer, simply walking on toward the city hall.

"...Rude." He frowned. Glancing to the fox's body He sighed and followed after the group. 

Once arriving at Town Hall, they knocked on the front door for entry.

"..." Xan stood a few paces behind the group, arms crossed and tapping his fingers along one of his arms. "Suddenly feeling diplomatic?"

They did not answer him but when no answer came, they opened the door.

"Again. Rude." Xan rolled his eyes. "You're grossly dedicated to your dramatic flair. I get it."

Still without responding, though the yellow one turned to Xan for a moment, the seven entered.

At this point, Xan was pretty irked, but he chose to say nothing more. He waited for each of them to enter before following them inside. 

They looked about for any sign of people.

Aside from themselves, and the annoyed reptilian. There was no one in sight. The employees must have been hiding elsewhere. 

They began searching until they would locate an individual.

There was a brief shuffling noise. Truth be told there was a man hiding under a desk. His stubby tail sticking out from behind himself. 

The one in red lifted the man from behind.  "Hello," Came his bellowing gravelly voice.

The grown man squeaked in terror. "YOU'LL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVEEEE!" The lynx screeched, squirming around in the man's grasp. He tried so desperately to free himself, but the most he could do was embarrass himself. 

"We are not here to hurt you," He informed, placing the man down atop the ground.  "Where is the leader?"

"L-leader? Um. You mean the Mayor, y-yeah?" The man stuttered. At a loss for words. 

"Yes, the mayor."

"Um.. She was relocated to the safe house not far from the official building. Which.. Y-you are residing in. Currently." The linx flustered. Fidgeting with his messy bow tie.

"Searching," The one in purple noted from afar.

"..." Xan leaned back on a wall, and crossed his arms. His tail was angrly lashing around.

"Uuuuh. Do you need directions??" The man asked.

"No," The purple one answered bluntly.

"Someone's in a bad mood,"  The yellow one teased to Xan.

The nervous linx fell silent. Biting his lip and hanging his head in shame. The carpet's swirling design was suddenly veeery interesting.

Xan shot the yellow one a whithering glare.

"I have it," The purple one informed.  They soon took arms, teleporting to the located area, the yellow one holding on to Xan.

"..Get off." He sighed, picking the yellow one's hand off his arm.

(Would they be standing right next to the mayor.. oooor outside the safehouse? Not too familiar with the teleporting range)

(Outside.  My apologies.)

They were now standing outside a simple two-story building. It seemed to have taken a bit of damage at the front doors. 

(Thought when you said "They were standing outside" you were referring to the politicians. >__<)

(I can set it up that way if you want x'D )

(I'll just rework it X{D)

The green figure knocked on the door.

Bits of glass fell off it's bruised exterior. There was movement from inside, but no one answered the door. 

"You're terrifying men in terrifying armor. Being polite won't get you any favors." Xan murmured. 

They eventually walked inside.  "You steal bodies, dude," The yellow one replied.  "Not really gonna listen to your advice."

"You have your quirks. I have mine." He answered simply. 

The lobby had a single woman, who seemed to be frozen in uncertainty. It appears that she had been rummaging through the cabinets in the desk.  "Who are you...?" She asked, narrowing her eyes slightly. 

"Your protection," They informed.  "Whether you believe this is no matter."

Her eyes quickly scanned the odd group. "Hm. I take it you're here for the Mayor? She's the only possible reason you'de be here.." The guarded woman inquired.

"That is our objective, yes."

After a moment of hesitation, the woman sighed. "Follow me." She motioned as she started down a hallway. 

They followed silently, looking to each area of the building.  The one of blue walked back outside to the roof.

The woman opened a creeky door, and held it open for the rest of the group. "Mam, someone is here to see you." The woman announced. The mayor peeked around the door. "Uh. Ok then.." 

"You are the leader of this area?" The silver one prompted.

"That I am, yes." The woman nodded. She was human, seemed to be in her late forties. The mayor seemed to have many questions, but she politely waited for the group to speak.

"Until this invasion has ended, we will be guarding you and your associates," He informed.

"How.. Assertive of you.. Were you the ones to drive them off?" The mayor inquired. Eyeing Xan in particular.

Xan stared back, but had no intention to speak.  

"We have fended off the majority," The figure informed.  "This... reptile, has some information we plan to discover.  We believe the remaining members of this invasion will be pretending to be the public in order to attack your city and political leaders."

"Oh.. Information? Is he a spy? ..Which reminds me, My civilians should be instructed to stay inside.. Donna please take care of that." The woman shooed the grumpy rabbit away. 

"Pfft." Xan snorted as the bunny hopped away. 

"These will protect you, but you must remain in one location," The green one gestured to the purple figure and the silver figure.

The woman nodded. "I suppose I have everything I need here. Uh. Thank you?"

They didn't respond, except for the yellow one who said "No problem," He snapped his fingers toward Xan while he and the others turned to the city.  "You're with us, purple.  Can't risk you around the politicans."

"Aw, but the high classes adore me." Xan pouted, in an extremely sarcastic manner. Grudgingly trailing after the group. "You seem to be the only one that is not stuck in this late 90's action movie. Does it get annoying?" He tipped his head slightly.

"Depends on what part you're talking about," He quickly formed a platform, transporting himself and Xan forward into the city.  

"Hm. I suppose I refer to the general presentation of it all? The of..." He trailed off, seeming to forget the words. 

"Well I'd more say this is closer to a 40s movie with modern effects, one of those alien horror invasions and such."

Xan snorted. "Looks like it's been on reruns for several centuries." 

"You get alien invasions a lot?"

"You have no idea.." He somewhat groaned. "Not here, of course. But back in ye' olde home."

"Different planet or different area of the world?" They landed in the center of the area.  "Now we look for stragglers."

"A little country we call our own...For now." He muttered the last part. Glancing around for any lifeforms. 

Many people were about but as the yellow figure didn't  seem to care, apparently none of them were chaos wielders.

"What's your name anyway?"

"Tempted to give you something stupid to work with..." He smirked slightly. "They call me 'Xan." 

"Hi Xan, I'm Rynzer.  Glad we're equal in stupid names," He started toward a food court.

Xan arched a brow. Tagging along-side the yellow one. "Sooo.. Is there a correlation between your colors and the power chaos? Or do you just enjoy that color?" He mildly teased. 

"Chaos Yellow, Solid Energy," He held up a fist casually, a construct forming like a glove around his armored hand as they went through the automatic doors.

He nodded. Tucking his tail between his legs to avoid getting it mashed in the door. "Fun times. Born with it?" 

"Nope," Immediately upon entering, the armored yellow chaos sent a bolt into a nearby sign, causing the now deceased body that had molded around it to fall to the ground.

"Mm.." Xan obsurved. "..Have something against these creatures?"

"Personally?  No.  Don't know much about them except that they're trying to kill everyone so we take them out.  Speak of the devils," A set of walls formed around Xan as Rynzer stepped toward about six others who had detached from their hiding places in a mad-dash to attack.

"Wanna see something" Rynzer asked Xan.

"Break a leg." Xan said. Whether he meant it or not was up for Rynzer to decide.

The yellow chaos held up his hand, and immediately the attackers froze in place.  He then rose them up, their bodies beginning to glow yellow.  "If they've got chaos energy in them I can convert it into my type, so now basically their bodies are filled with the equivilent of solid matter," He then let them fall, slamming atop their heads with quick constructs to knock them out.

"Huh.." Xan mumbled. Walking over to examine the bodies for a moment.

They were stiff, breathing slightly but not moving.

"Cemented." He commented. "Impressive." 

"Not the word I'd use but close enough," Rynzer walked past them and toward a Greek food stand.  "This better have sour cream."

"Eh.. 'Sour Cream?'" Xan said, shooting the man a questioning look.

"Yeah, for food," He retorted dryly before hopping over the counter.

"Fun fun." He clapped sarcastically. Moving to lean on a wall near the stand.

Rynzer soon assorted a sandwich before hopping back over: munching on it.  "Well none in here.  How do you know these guys anyway?"

"I was attacked by one." Xan answered. "Several times." 

"How'd that turn out?"

He groaned, and stared at his feet. It was an unfortunate half truth. "Learning curb." Xan enunciated.

"Uh huh," He exited the food court.  "Well we're looking for survivors now."

"Most likely hiding, like their leader." Xan murmured. Following the yellow one around again.

"I can just trace their body heat and such.  Leaders should--I'm just guessing here--kind of be helping I'd say."

"Mmmhm." He half-heartedly agreed. Noticing movment out of the corner of his eye. "...There." He gestured with his tail to an old toy store.

"Good choice... or do you just want the grabby claws?" He jogged over to the store.

"I have no interest in toys." Xan sighed, taking quick strides to the building, and pushing open the door. The store was dark.

Rynzer looked about.  "... Okay..."

One of the bigger toys shifted slightly.

Rynzer immediately moved to the toy, looking around it.

There was a young girl clinging to the bear. "Um. Hi."

"..A child." Xan sighed.

"Hey kid," Rynzer greeted, taking another bite from his sandwich.  "We've got to get you out of here."

She nodded, and grabbed his hand. "Up?"

He nodded, hoisting her up to his shoulder.  "Anyone else?" He looked around again.

"This one here." Xan called, holding up another little girl by the scruff. Her eyes were rounded, and her lip trembled. 

"Suzy, Is' ok." The other said from Rynzer's shoulder. 

"Dude, actually carry her," Rynzer directed.

"..." He was less than sympathetic for the girl, but he did as he was told, and set her on his back.

Rynzer gave another scan around the building before walking out.

The little girl sitting with the yellow one was eyeing his sandwich.

"Do you have a family to return to?" Xan asked the one piggybacking on him,

"Um. Yes. Mommy and Daddy." She answered. Noticeably missing her two front teeth.

The parasite sighed.

"Where?" Rynzer inquired.

"At our house." The little girl replied in a matter of factly way. She couldn't believe they didn't know this stuff.

"Who were you with when you came here?"

"Our Auntie Linda." The other girl said, clinging to his shoulder as they walked. "But she ran off." The other one had fallen silent, as did Xan.

"Which way did she run?"

"The Aunt seems to have taken shelter in a nearby public restroom. The two young ones live in an apartment complex that appeared to be a few blocks away." Xan answered. The child on his back was now strangely asleep. "Let's return them." He said, ready to get rid of the children.

"... So you know them?" Rynzer asked as they went.

"Noooope. Strangers." He answered quickly. Looking around for the restrooms first.

"Lead the way to where she'll be."

He had quickly spotted the familiar restroom wedged between a bakery and some sort of clothing store. Xan motioned for Rynzer to follow him as he walked to the location at a rather quick pace.

"I don't tinkle my skirts anymore. I wonder if Auntie does?" The little girl on the yellow one pondered. 

"She probably doesn't," Rynzer noted with a slight cringe before following Xan inside.

"Anyone present?" Xan called, having no problem investigating the ladies room first. "Um.." A middle aged woman poked her head out from a stall. "Hi?"

"Aunt Linda I hope?" Rynzer asked.

"Yes, that's me.. Oh! You found my two girls." The woman exclaimed, as she pushed a few things out of the stall. Looks like she had been hiding there for awhile.

"Indeed. Leaving them was rather doltish." Xan chided, the child on his back was still sleeping.

"Where is your house, ma'm?" Rynzer asked, letting the child down.

"Oh! Uh.. The Misty Willows apartment complex a handful of blocks away.." She said, squatting down to hug the child.

"Alright, get on," Rynzer formed a yellow platform.

Xan nudged the woman on board, the girl following after her aunt like a duckling to it's mother. "Let's go." He said, as he steped onto the platform.

They rushed forward toward the location.  They could see some of the stragglers of Identities about the area... but strangely as they arrived at the location, the Identities seemed to be... moving by force.  Something was pulling their bodies. They were pulling and screaming but unable to resist.

The parasite tensed, watching through narrow eyes as the Identities were dragged along. "..This seems. Strange." He murmured.

The woman grabbed her neice, and held her close. "Don't get near those.. Those things!"

"That's Kyrax's work," Rynzer noted, stopping at the house.

"..'Kyrax?'" Xan asked. Stepping off the platform to get the people into the building... And the child off his back.

"The big guy.  The one in green.  You three should be safe, but stay inside."

The woman nodded, reaching to grab the peaceful girl off Xan's back. "O-oh ok." She said, hefting the girl, she lead the family back to her apartment.

Xan arched his back as they left. A few noticeable pops sounding from his spine. "Greeeeat. So. What next." He said, straightening out.

"Well... " Rynzer motioned him to get back on the platform.

He gracefully hopped back on at Rynzer's motion. "The green one. Kyrax. Is the leader because of position or power?" He asked out of the blue. 

"Both.  He's also the most experienced, and I'm second in command," They rushed toward the center of the city, passing many Identities.  A few reached out toward Xan as they were being dragged by the forced: forced through buildings or slopes.  Some seemed to at least recognize him.  Rynzer didn't look, but he did tense.

The parasite cringed at this. "Fun times." He said. Painfully aware that he could be in their place soon. 

They arrived at the tall shape.  The silver one waved upon their arrival.

Stepping off the platform, Xan flicked his tail in acknowledgement to the silver one.

Screaming came from the Identities as the last were dragged into the construct.  "Prepare yourself," Kyrax called out

"For what?" Xan inquired, arching a brow.

The construct began to glow a bright purple.


Xan's eyes widened, but truth be told, he knew it was coming. He tensed, and immediately moved away from the construct. 

The screaming grew as the light grew, then it faded, and everything was silent.

"..." He had to squint inorder to readjust to his surrounding's light. For a moment the silence was almost peaceful. Almost. Through slitted eyes, Xan checked to make sure the Chaos members had not moved.

They all appeared to have remained where they were.

"The threat is neutrilized," Kyrax noted.  "Mynce.  Syph.  Interview."

The Pink and Purple ones approached Xan.

"..Come again?" He inquired, tail twitching.

Mynce developed a pen and paper as Syph asked.  "We understand that you have already given a statement on the species.  Restate the information you know about these invaders."

His face clearly said he was so done with these people. "They come from the planet Krypton." He gasped, spookily wiggling his fingers in the air. "If they absorb enough power from the moon, they'll blow us all to kingdom come shooting fireballs from their eyes and lightning bolts from their rears," Xan said ominously, looking quite serious. "We could be next.."

"Would you prefer that Mynce transform your body into something that needs life-support, or that I slowly eviscerate you?" Syph offered.

Xan rolled his eyes at the threat. "..Mmm. So many choices. It's practically to die for." He said more to himself, frowning at their reactions. "They're called Identities. I-D-E-N-T-I-T-I-E-S." Xan enunciated. "I've been attacked a few times by one. Aside from that. There's not much I could tell you."

"And what are you leaving out?" Purple energy walls began growing out from the air.

"Mmm.. The one I met was different from the ones you've seen now. Less fleshy."

"Elaborate," The walls moved closer.

"Touchy." He snorted. "Something appears to have changed in their structure. The one I encountered was metalic in a sense. Comprised of nanites."

"How long ago?"

"Hmmm.. I suppose it's been a few months." He tapped his chin.

"Was anything about invasions discussed?"

"Pfffft. No." He chuckled at the thought.

The walls vanished.  "We have your genetic signature," She informed.  "We will be bringing you when we leave to their base."

He tipped his head slightly. "For what reasons?"

"Your relation to them," They began to walk away.

Xan's tail started to twitch again. He opened his mouth to say something, but promptly shut it. Best to keep quiet.

(Continued in part two)


issac saw this all while he was about to eat a sandwich and praise the sun"Oh, wait I thought those guys were nice!!!" Issac says running to the city to help out in any way.

"This world is claimed by the Isis Dominion!" A voice rang out.

A scream came, but not from an innocent or defender.  One of the Identities was screaming in pain as he stretched out his arm to the sky: bone and flesh twisting and growing into a metallic blade.  His eyes were bloodied but he relaxed to a growl before charging to continue the battle.

Another one, both arms now, curving into unnatural gun-shaped fingers and wrists.  The Identity fired outward, but in the process was blown back by her own power.

Issac runs over and prepares for combat. "HEY WHATS GOING ON!?" Issac shouted.

They didn't seem interestedin responding verbally, only attacking, shooting, smashing, killing, and they were spreading everywhere to do it.

Strangely enough, some of the Identities who had migrated to Isaac's world were seen looking just as confused, and promptly began fleeing.

"Something isnt right." Issac said as he ran through the crowd of identities while the other knights are fighting back.

A few of the invaders made a jump toward Isaac himself.


Orky was in his shop in the local scrapyard during these events as he began to wield together bits of scrap metal and other 'gubbinz' unto his red painted 'trukk'. The somewhat large, orcish like hybrid merrily hummed as he put his blast torch to pieces of metal and fused them together in extreme heat to 'kustomize' his beloved vehicle.He would hum some sort of song as he wore his wielding helmet and fused together the parts for his vehicle.

"This world is claimed by the Isis Dominon!" One yelled as they went.

The invaders were going throughout, slaughtering any they could, and toppling buildings if they could.  They weren't particularly fast, though they seemed strong enough to puncture walls without much-


A scream came, but not from an innocent or defender.  One of the Identities was screaming in pain as he stretched out his arm to the sky: bone and flesh twisting and growing into a metallic blade.  His eyes were bloodied but he relaxed to a growl before charging to continue the battle.

"Hmm hmmm hmmm." Orky hummed as he was too busy in his shop working on his trukk in the junkyard to pay attention.

It wasn't long until something slammed down into his roof,a large mutated arm pushing down into the house.

"Oi! Wutz dis ere trespassun?!?" Orky said as he was startled and he turned off the blow torch and put up his helmet.

A mutated figure hopped down, swinging the massive hand toward Orky.

"Waww!" He then tumbles and jumps to the side.

The figure slammed down toward him as others were now storming into the building.

Orky quickly leaps and grabs out of a pile a cruedly made, 

jerryrigged machinegun. He then screams out 'WAAGH!' as he proceeds to fire the weapon at the figure and the others.


Liek dis!

The Identities circled around him as the massive hand took the majority of the blast: those around charging to get him at the sides.

The defending hand however...

Blood, genuine and real.  Organs, genuine and real.  This was no metal-nanite creature.  This was a harmed organic being.  The wound bled, the harmed screamed, and then collapsed to the ground, unconscious.

Orky then rotates his machine gun and sweep fires around him to 'dakka' everyone trying to encircle him, regardless of the fact he was in fact, shooting up his own shop.


(And the Identities trying to tackle him at the sides?)

(How phyiscally strong are they to someone who's compared to the size of a large human?)

(Each is fairly supernaturally strong, able to lift or pressurize some couple hundred pounds, and considering about a fraction of twenty of them were coming after him...)

Orky kept yelling until finally he was tackled and fell over. However, he still was firing his machinegun all over the place, even if he wasn't hitting any targets.

The building was about to collapse atop them with how much damage had gone through, when...

“These creatures have no place here,” A voice called from a green light in the distance.  Suddenly, two other lights formed, one yellow and one purple.  Armored figures grew out from these lights, horned helmets and glowing glass-like designs covering them completely.

The one in yellow slammed a solid yellow energy forward, stopping the building from falling downward.

"Wut da zoggin?" Orky said as he is now clearly confused.

The construct then stabbed into the Identities, yanking them back from Orky.

"Oi! I wuz gonna do dat!" Orky said as he complained.

"I suggest getting out from the collapsing house," The figure called over.

Orky then scurried and started to pile guns and weapons into his Trukk. Once he was done however he got in and somehow turned it on as the engine came to life and he literally drived right through the garage door.

The area was quite the warzone, half-destroyed with the very road torn up, though the other figures were already decimating the invading forces.

Orky drove his 'trukk' through the warzone, while he skillfully managed to avoid potholes and torn parts of the road, he didn't however drive in the right lane and was even heading towards where oncoming traffic would be. However, considering the climatic battle taking place, there would be little worry for actual other cars. The Orkish green Mobian instead moved around in his vehicle to find things of value to loot and scrap to salvage. It looked like however he aparently was driving all over the place and didn't even know where his destination would be.

"Get ya motta runnin! E'ad out on da ighway! Lookin fer adventa! Und whateva comin mi way!" Orky was singing while he drove.

It wasn't long before the strange armored figures had gotten the attention of the Identities enough to render a nearby event.

As the purple warrior continued laying waste to the army, a figure pressed against the blast of power.  A green tint came from the eyes of the resister as it marched directly toward the leading of the three: the massive cloaked green warrior.

“What business do you have here?” Demanded the green-tinted black-suited Identity.

“Only the Incarnation can demand the power your kind wields,” The green one replied, raising a hand for the yellow to pause on his attempted assault.

“You would do well to end your attack then,” The green-tinted woman threatened.

“We have shown superiority to your forces.  You have lost the status to make threats.”

The woman stepped back.  “Fall back,” went the order, but she waited just a moment to stab into the underarm of the purple warrior with a tendril from the ground before vanishing.

"Wutz goin on ovah dere? Dis where da fightin is?" Orky said as he noticed the battle and drove towards there with his trukk.

A few of the armored figures turned to Orky as he approached.  The Identities vanished into the streets, forming into different appearances as they hid.

Orky then drives his vehicle right up to them, and almost runs into them. However, he was able to stop at the very last moment as he turned down the window and looked out.

"Oi! Why you gitz blockin da zoggin road? Ya nearly got krumped by mi trukk" He states.

"... Can you direct us to the area of government?" The one in silver asked.

"Gov-gova-guuuu, wuts dat?" Orky asks.

"... Leader."

"Ya mean like a boss? I ain't gotta boss, da ummie gitz gott one of dem fuwwy shirts dey do. It in da big pointy golden buildin, must have sum gud lukk."

"... Right, Where is the golden building?"

"Get in da bed of me trukk, I'll takya dere!." The strange being said in a rather upbeat tone.

They looked to each other for a moment, though the one in yellow hopped in.  The others simply walked after.

"Right, now 'old on and whatevah ya do, don't touch mi shootas! Dem's my bitz, yeah." Orky said refering to the amount of large weapons that were in the back of the truck.

The yellow one just stood in place as the others followed Orky and his truck.

'ere we go! 'ere we go! 'ere we go!" Orky said as he fired up the combustable engine.

The six following simply floated after as the yellow one stood in the car trunk.

The engine roared to life as bits of flame and smoke burst out of it. Suddenly Orky flored it and the vehicle rapidly sped up and flew off as he began driving rather recklessly. Dispite looking like a jerryrigged truck the vehicle was very fast.

They didn't seem to mind following after regardless of the speed.

"YAAAAHOOOOO!" Orky said while he drived widely towards the center of the city.

Orky's truck speeds towards the City Hall.

Once at the place of government...

Orky gets out of the truck and then knocks on the side of it three times .

"W'ere e're!" He said.

"I see it," The yellow one hopped out as the group looked over the area for an entrance.

"Wut w'ez gunna do now? Loot 'n scrap da place?" He asked.

(Entrace, description, context of area)

(I imagine it would be like a ruined city hall or something, maybe whatever force was attacking it leveled it or maybe it is just slightly burned out?)

(We can go with somewhat damaged)

The group made their way inside, looking for any survivors.

"Roit cozy place e're, maybe they got sum good bitz 'n gubbinz?" He asked them as he too searched around, but not for what they were looking for.

"We are looking for people who have survived," The silver one informed.  

"No chaos signatures," The blue one noted.

"Chaos tings? But dat's bad luk! Why'z we going 'n lookin fer dat?" Orky asked rather confused.

"Chaos signatures means that the invaders are near.  If there isn't any chaos signature about, then they aren't," He replied, still looking for survivors.

"Ooooh, dis where da fightin iz? I'll grab mi big shoota!" Orky said as he smiled and headed back towards his trukk.

(Survivors. Yes?  No?  Officials?)

(Don't you play as those?)

(No, because it's your world.  I can control the people that have attacked them and you can ask if certain people would be attacked by the characters I use, but you control the characters in your world.)

(Wait, is this supposed to take place in Diminsional Wars, Flawed Deities, or Chaos Mobians? I think Orky is in CM.)

(It's whatever world your character is from.)

(The Chaos Mobian one)

While he was too busy searching for his 'shoota', the other invididuals would come up on a rather unpleasent find. Upon the wall was what appeared to be a human crucified to what appeared to be a large metalic eight sided slab of metal in the shape of a star. The person seemed to have been pinned through the feet and hands and left to die as their body remained lifeless. Markings in blood and what appeared to be some sort of ritualistic cuts accross their body could be found.

"... Is it common for your world leaders to do this?" One asked.

"Wut?" Orky said as he walked back to them while toating a large, jerry rigged like machine gun.

"Now who done ruined this nice bunch of scrap by putting sum dead ummie git on it?" He asked. 

"The crucification.  Is that supposed to be here?  Seems rather fast for the invaders."

"I don't know, maybe dem spikey boyz did dis?" Orky replied.

"Who are the spikey boys?"

"Dem kaos crazies. Deyes always muckin about with dem glowy wierd warpy tings." Orky replied.

"... Where would the leaders be?"

"Deyes 'ave all kindz a bosses, sum of dem be ded 'ard.Deres da pinky ones, da red unz, da blue unz, und da green unz." He replied.

They scanned the area for signs of life.

Their readings would be off the charts if they can detect psychic or mystical prescences. However, there was more activity coming from the basement level.

(This IS where the leaders of this area meet, yes?)

(Where the cultists meet, and if it's city hall then yes their leaders would come here. )

They continued searching, specifically for bodies, body-heat and so on.


Thunder looked into the sky as the invasion happened. If there was one thing he hates, it's these invaders taking the planet he called home. "Looks like I have some death warrants to issue...Shock will be happy for this..." He says. His wolf spirit, Yang, warned him of the outcome if this continues and Thunder agreed that they must take action.

"This world is claimed by the Isis Dominon!" One yelled as they went.

The invaders were going throughout, slaughtering any they could, and toppling buildings if they could.  They weren't particularly fast, though they seemed strong enough to puncture walls without much-


A scream came, but not from an innocent or defender.  One of the Identities was screaming in pain as he stretched out his arm to the sky: bone and flesh twisting and growing into a metallic blade.  His eyes were bloodied but he relaxed to a growl before charging to continue the battle.

The white hedgehog jumped off the roof of a building and onto the street. "Whatever these guys are, I better be careful."

Well-placed advice as a few were coming after him at the moment now.

"Looks like I spoke too soon!" He summoned an Energy Arm and it grabbed the side of a building as he was pulled to it. "They're after anyone they see, including defenders like you and me." Yang said to his host in the mindscape. "Yeah I noticed..." he responded to his spirit.

The approaching Identities fired thin streams of chaos energy at Thunder as he neared, those with mutated arms slamming them toward him with launching projectiles from the bodies.

"Alright, have it your way...." He threw Chaos Shurikens at the Identities threatening him.

The Identities seemed coordinated enough to dodge most of the fire, save for one cut across the arm.

Blood, genuine and real.  Organs, genuine and real.  This was no metal-nanite creature.  This was a harmed organic being.  The wound bled, the harmed screamed, and then collapsed to the ground, unconscious.

Thunder then lept off the side of the building and punched the ground when he landed to unleash an earthshattering shockwave, intending on stopping his attackers.

The shockwave shook the buildings, stunning some of the Identities on the ground as they fell down.  Still others were going after still.

"Damn they just keep coming!" Thunder yelled as he jumped onto the side of a building and gripped on it.

“These creatures have no place here,” A voice called from a green light in the distance.  Suddenly, two other lights formed, one yellow and one purple.  Armored figures grew out from these lights, horned helmets and glowing glass-like designs covering them completely.

"Who are you guys?!" He yelled, thinking they could be new enemies.

"We are the Seven," The woman in purple informed, sending a blast of purple light across the body of one of the invaders, erasing them.

Thunder saw this action and thinks if they want to stop them, they can be trusted.

The armored figures went to work eradicating the Identities in the area.  A puple blast destroying them, yellow smashing them, a pink transforming their bodies to dust, and so on.

The white hedgehog watched as they eradicated the Identities. "Looks like we're not alone in this fight, Yang." he says to his spirit. "If you say so, but I will be wary of these newcomers..." The giant nine-tailed wolf responded.

As the purple warrior continued laying waste to the army, a figure pressed against the blast of power.  A green tint came from the eyes of the resister as it marched directly toward the leading of the three: the massive cloaked green warrior.

“What business do you have here?” Demanded the green-tinted black-suited Identity.

“Only the Incarnation can demand the power your kind wields,” The green one replied, raising a hand for the yellow to pause on his attempted assault.

“You would do well to end your attack then,” The green-tinted woman threatened.

“We have shown superiority to your forces.  You have lost the status to make threats.”

The woman stepped back.  “Fall back,” went the order, but she waited just a moment to stab into the underarm of the purple warrior with a tendril from the ground before vanishing.

A growl could be heard from Thunder. "I take it she's the leader?...I'll gladly enjoy killing her...." A white aura was surrounding him but he shook his head as he knew it wasn't the time to lose control.

The Identities molded into the forms of other mobians, vanishing from sight into hiding as the now seven armored figures stood together in the center.

Thunder approached the armored figures. "I take it like me, you're also here to stop these things called Identities." Yang was still wary until he heard answers from them.

"That is not our main objective," The blue one informed.  "That is a mission currently, however.  These Identities are insults to their usage of Chaos Energy."

"They'll have a taste of that mistake." he says as his hand surges with Master Emerald energy. "By the way, for introductions, my name is Thunder, a spirit from Heaven here on Mobius in this form. Do any of you have names?"

They didn't answer at first.  They all simply turned to him silently. The tallest, in the cloak, in green armor: he stared the longest, and his own complimentary energy seemed conversation enough to explain his interest in Thunder's radiation.

Conversely, the one in yellow, with two large horns of yellow, called out casually "We're the Seven Chaos.  Wassup?"

Thunder just sighed. "Nevermind..."

"... Was it something I said?" He looked to the one in red, who shrugged.

"We will be meeting with the leaders of this area," The one in silver informed.

"I was gonna go and see if they are ok." the hedgehog replied. "And why was the one in green giving me that look?"

"He wants to know why you are channeling Chaos Energy through your body," The silver one answered as they made their way toward the capital.

"Well, its actually the energy of the Master Emerald. It surges out of my body unintentionally due to the emotion of anger, like my anger towards these Identities." Thunder replied.

"... Remain in the city.  We will have more to discuss later," The silver one directed.

"Or you can come with us to see the... mayor?  Govener?  Uh..." The one in yellow pondered.

"You mean the king." The wolf/hog spirit responded. "I need to make sure he's okay."

"That works.  Lead the way."

"Try to keep up if you can." Was what Thunder said before he started speedskating to the castle.

The figures floated after him, just behind.

Thunder continues through the city with them following, until the castle was in sight. "There it is, that's the king's castle."

They approached the entrance.

Thunder walked in with them. "I hope they didn't get the king..."

"That is our concern," The silver one informed as they looked for the main room.

The white hedgehog nods. "Good to know about your concern."

(Who's gonna be the king?)

(It's your world so that would be for you to decide.)

(I see. I guess I'll be the king.)

A voice could be heard from the side room. "Hmm?" Thunder walked towards the door that lead to the room.

(King Cajun @_@) "We have come to speak with the leader of this area," The one in silver informed.

(*shrugs* XD) "I am the king of this land. What business do you have with me?" the king asks. "Your highness! Thank god they didn't get you!" Thunder says in relief. The king hears his voice and is relieved he is alive. "Thunder! Oh thank the heavens you're also safe!" 

"Are you aware of the previous invasion attempt moments prior?" The one in silver asked.

"By other enemies? And who are you?" The king responds.

"The invading chaos-using shapeshifters who refer to themselves as 'Identities'," the on in silver informed.  "We are the Seven Chaos."

"Well, there was suspicion that the enemy has infiltrated the castle as one of my servants." The king answers.

"That is our mission.  Until they have been eliminated from the area, and our primary objective completed, we will remain."

The king stayed silent. Thunder eventually spoke up and said, "I need to head out and find anymore survivors."

"That is a wise idea," The one in silver concurred, nodding to Thunder as the blue spoke up, looking to the king.

"We are not mercenaries," The one in blue began, pausing in wait for Thunder to leave.

"I am well aware of that." The king stated. Thunder eventually walked out to head back to the city.

"What I mean to say," The one in blue continued, "is that we do not require payment to help rid your world of this attack, but we do have other reasons for being here.  We seek the Chaos Emeralds of the Multiverse."

That stopped Thunder. "You are looking for the Chaos Emeralds?"

"That is our mission," He answered.  "We are the embodiments."

(Ups, that was a typo, sorry.  OUR not YOUR)

(XD We all make mistakes Trisell.)

"Wait....embodiments? Which means..." he said as he heard 'embodiments'.

(LIES @_@)

"The representations of the Seven Chaos Energies."

"That means each of you are an incarnation of one of the seven Chaos Emeralds." he continued.

"No, not the emeralds, the energy within them.  The emeralds are simply stored, programmed, items which hold the energy. We are the energy."

"I see..." was all Thunder could respond.

"Now, we have work to do."

"After you..." The white hedgehog stepped out of the doorway.

"I meant talking with the leader."

"Well ya acted like you were done. Now I'm off." He walks out the door.

They turned back to the king.  "Do you have a main area of protection?"

"A bunker near the castle. Why?" The king asked.

"For protection until the threat is neutralized."

"I see"

"Go there."

The king nods and runs to the bunker.

The one in red and the one in silver followed him, guarding him at the sides.

Meanwhile, Thunder made it back in the city, and begun his search for any survivors.

Occasionally he'd see small blips of figures appearing and vanishing throughout.  The Identities were still here it seemed, waiting, or planning.

Thunder thought to himself, "Better stay on guard...." "Thunder...You do remember these creatures are shapeshifters?..." Yang immediately asked. "Yeah, I do."

The figure armored in blue appeared near them, approaching.

Thunder immediately turned and created a bladed staff made out of light. "Don't come any closer!"

He didn't seem to care about the threat, walking forward all the same.  "I'm hoping you're doing that because you think I'm one of the invaders and not because you think I've already decided to stupidly attack you for no reason."

"...." Thunder stood his ground and stayed on guard.

"... I was sent to work with you in the exterminating of the Identities still in the public.  If you are going to continue poising that as such, I will ignore."

"...Hmph." Thunder lowered the spear. 

"Where is a powerful section of the city?"

"What do you mean?"

"An area where there is great power, or a large amount of people."

"....Wait a minute...why are you asking this?"

"Because that is where they are likely to strike."

"...Ok then." Thunder started to walk to the one place where they will go.

They followed.

They eventually reached an area where there was an underground bunker below them. "Here is a location of one of the city's crisis bunkers."

"How many fit?" The yellow one asked.

"1,000 people each."

"... Rynzer, a barrier around this area," The green one ordered.  The yellow one nodded, rushing out.

"We will bring the invaders here," The green one noted.  "Their numbers are likely to be lesser than your public."

Thunder nodded.

They turned to the political figures for their opinion.

The citizens didn't hesitate or talk back.

"Whoever is still inside, remove them," The Green one spoke further.  "Rynzer will offer protection and guard to all citiziens that we discover."

"You sure this will work as planned?" The spirit responded.

"Being sure is not a factor of any plan."

"..." Thunder stayed silent.

(Was setting up my new gaming PC. Sorry for the wait.)

(Pffft X{D)

They then turned to Thunder.  "Do you wish to assist us in the extermination of these invaders?"

"I wanted to kill the pests, so yeah."

"Then let us continue," They made their way out.

He nodded.

(and followed I assume?) The silver and pink ones remained to guard the leaders while the others exited.

(Yeah.) He followed the others that were exiting.

"Where is your most populated area?" The blue one asked.

"The city has no specific area, but usually there's a lot of people in the town square."

"Then direct us to that area."

Thunder nodded and started walking to the central square.

They followed him toward the area.  They would find that in addition to whatever details to the location itself (that depends on you), the area would be quite unpopulated.

They arrived at the square. "Hmm..." (You called him a girl?! XD)

(You saw nothing @_@)

Thunder could feel chaos energy about him, but no one appeared in the area.

"..." He looked around.

Slight shifts in the buildings, seats, signs.

"This is the part where things get interesting," The yellow one stepped forward, forming walls out as dozens of figures suddenly charged toward them from all directions.


As Thunder did not react, the figures were soon blasting and slamming toward him, with the Yellow Chaos swiftly forming constructed barriers, shoving them back.

"Woah, are they after ME?!"

"They're after everyone," The Yellow one answered.  "Maybe you could... not stand there?" They began taking down the attackers.

"Screw that. I wanna kill these damn things." He starts mowing down the crowds of enemies.

(Mowing down using what?)

(His bare hands atm.)

It didn't take long for them to clear the area.  "That's all of them... for here," The Yellow Chaos noted.

Thunder looked around. "I can't wait for this hell hole to blow over..."

"We're taking care of that," He replied.  "We should find survivors."

He started trying to sense for survivors. "Hmm..."

Many bodies were about the area, some conscious and hiding.

"I'm sensing some survivors here."

"Yep," They were moving about the area toward others.  "Help get to them then."

He walked towards an area of interest, where survivors were.

A few were huddled behind a counter.

Thunder looked behind the counter. "Are you all ok?"

They were shaken but unharmed it seemed.  "Alright, let's get everybody on," The Yellow Chaos gestured to a construct he formed, some kind of carriage.

He watched as it happened.

"... You coming?" The Yellow Chaos asked.

"You think I just stand in one place and do nothing?..."

"Well since that's kind of what you're doing right now... yeah?"

He just sighed and started walking.

The Yellow Chaos waited for him to get on the construct.

Thunder stepped on the construct and used his Light Energy to tend to any citizen wounded.

They were soon rushing off.  As they went, Thunder noticed groups of people were being... dragged, dragged toward the center of town where a massive purple block  was forming.  It was like the air was pulling them.

The people were glowing red at times, shapeshifting... the invaders.

"Them again...." He muttered as he noticed the sight.

"Yep.  We're dealing with it."

He assisted in dealing with the invading enemies. "Let's just get rid of them already!"

"We're about to," He gestured to the giant cube.

Thunder made a giant blade from Light Energy and swung it at a group as the figure did so.

The invaders couldn't do anything to stop this, their bodies being cut through as they were forcefully dragged.

"Tell your damned leader to get the hell off of Mobius!" He yelled as he continued swinging the giant blade.

After a few swings the blade was grabbed by the Yellow Chaos, shaking his head a bit.  "It's... being taken care of."

Thunder was growling as he panted, but despawned the blade.

They brought the survivors to a safe shelter nearby before arriving at the large cube where the other Seven remained, watching as the invaders were pulled in.

The spirit shook his head. He knew he let his emotions talk while swinging, and felt like he owes the Yellow Chaos thanks.

"Greetings," The tall green cloaked one spoke out as they approached.

Thunder spoke an abnormal language that translated to "Hello."

(Would they be able to understand this language?)


(Then why show the translation?)

"Who is this?" He asked, addressing Thunder.

(So that you, who is in the RP, knows what he's actually saying, without the characters knowing.)

Thunder stood there, while manipulating his Master Emerald Energy to form some figures.

(I don't really have a reason to know what he's saying if there's nothing to do with it using my characters or environment.)

"Thunder," The yellow one informed.  "For some reason he doesn't wanna talk."

The spirit looked up at the figure. "I just can't think of proper words at the current moment."

"Well Thunder, we appreciate your aid.  You may want to step back," Kyrax informed.

Thunder nodded and got out of the way.

The rest of the invaders were pulled into the cube, screaming.

"Damn, that's gruesome." He said as he watched this scene.

The cube lit up... and then the screaming stopped.

He let out a growled tone. "Yet those screams were music to my ears....those damned Identites...."

"The matter is dealt with," Kyrax informed.

"Good, but we have the citizens to care to, and I was already starting to heal some of them."

The green one nodded.  "We will soon be leaving to confront those responsible for this.  Be prepared for that in the following hour."

Thunder nodded. "Acknowledged."

(Continued in part two)

(Got it.)


11:37, April 8th, 3240 ATS: Western Novis, Planet Regigyrev

Nobody expected an invasion on the particular planet because it was substantially isolated from other planets for few lightyears away. Since it was a newly-established colony of the Empyrdom and it is an outer territory, its defenses were not as profuse as the ones around Planet Archonos. The current situation was that the sector's small military force is retaliating against the invaders. Soon, the Imperial military will arrive within several minutes.

Strangely enough, the chief of one of the Empyrdom's splinter factions is in the battlefield. It was Asterisca, a Bet Sophologian—in fact the first creation among all Sophologians. Using her arch rapiers, swords with a stabilized antimatter blade, to best her enemies in close quarters, she is one of the hopes of the colony.

"This world is claimed by the Isis Dominion!" One yelled as they went.

The invaders were going throughout, slaughtering any they could, and toppling buildings if they could.  They weren't particularly fast, though they seemed strong enough to puncture walls without much-


A scream came, but not from an innocent or defender.  One of the Identities was screaming in pain as he stretched out his arm to the sky: bone and flesh twisting and growing into a metallic blade.  His eyes were bloodied but he relaxed to a growl before charging to continue the battle.

"Not so fast..." Asterisca darted towards the Identity in high speeds which was enough to warp time to a decline as she cast 【Temporal Step】. Her perception of reality was partially slowed down—everything to her was in slow motion (excluding her). When she got near to the enemy, she attempted to go for its left waist with a grazing swing from her right rapier.

Blood, genuine and real.  Organs, genuine and real.  This was no metal-nanite creature.  This was a harmed organic being.  The wound bled, the harmed screamed, and then collapsed to the ground, unconscious.

The blood that was shed from the blade immediately disintegrated upon contact, leaving no stain on it. Asterisca contacted the Receptacle with her Astral Vigilance systems. "C-Creator, are we getting any reinforcements any minute...?"

"Worry not," spoke a masculine figure concealed by the shadows. He was sitting on his upholstered chair, surrounded by cyan lights. "Three minutes."

"Y-Yes, Creator..." Asterisca spoke as she got back to the battlefield, readying her arch rapiers.

The small military force was still holding on, despite the sheer strength of the Isis Dominion's military forces. Said department relied on solid weaponry which alone was not enough for them to hold ground for long.

The Identities pressed the assault, many scaling buildings to charge into the forces in surprise.  Seeing one of their own down, two more came after Asterisca.

She stretched forth her hands as eidos materialized on her wrists, forming a stinger-like weapon on each. Both released a single-shot beam of concentrated dark matter at respective Identities.

The Identities tried to move out of the way but few were out of range of the blast that had been going for the attack. They were not unprepared, however, concentrated bolts of chaos energy firing rapidly in precision toward Asterisca as she was becoming a larger priority threat.

[Upon contact, the chaos energy bolts were only able to deal damage with force alone against Asterisca's Class A astral shielding which was made of condensed environmental Aetermana. The beams were moving at bradyonic, or subluminal, speeds—they might hit the two Identities unless they have enough perception and reflexes to dodge at most subluminal attacks. Regardless, Asterisca would still go with one horizontal swing from her arch rapier towards the sides of each opponent at close proximity.]

One latched on as the blade cut into her arm.  Her very skin and bones wrapped around it.  She screamed, but forced her arms to move, a faint purple glow forming around her as her hands were burning away, but at the same time, this energy was burning away at the sword itself.

Asterisca forcefully swung through and proceeded to quickly swing back downwards with the same weapon in her hand as she turned to the Identity behind her.

Identities around from every direction began to dog-pile, blasting away without worry about hitting their own as long as Asterisca would go down.

Asterisca's right rapier was deactivated before getting attached onto the rear end of her left rapier, forming an antimatter blade with a length of approximately 47 inches. She waited for more Identities to draw near her while she tightly gripped onto her sword handle.

As her body was bombarded by bodies and blasts of energy, those now atop her began forming spikes from their bodies, aiming to penetrate, while others were building up energy to explode.

They would have to batter the energy shielding surrounding her, which is being reduced to 84% due to its durability. It was time for her to retaliate as she began rotating with her antimatter blade extended, tearing through any Identity unlucky enough to be within range.

Three minutes have elapsed as the main Imperial forces have arrived in Novis. It was an Imperial regiment marching towards the battlefield.

Those not being sliced, or repeatedly bombarding Asterisca still were going toward the arriving militia, though a flicker of purple shifted next to a few of the shoulders as a strangely armored figure in purple and black appeared next to them.

The Imperial regiment was composed of five thousand units, including two aerospatial fleets spearheaded by a zenithal dirigible each. These battleship-type starships revealed their ten Pentaconton eidos modules on their hull, exuding clouds of eidos which materialized into clusters of phantasmal wings, A-frame eidolons, and cataclysmic wings. The phantasmal wings supported the fleets in battle by releasing antimatter rays at nearby Identities while the starships deployed their own nexus cluster discs which released continuous particle beams at the Identities. The A-frame eidolons flew full-speed at flying Identities in an attempt to ram through them. Few eidolons flew by the cataclysmic wings to protect them while the latter drop antimatter bombs upon groups of Identities.

Asterisca detached both handles from each other, directing her attention towards the armored entity. She stared at it intently, wondering what it is... She brandished her arch rapiers, should the entity display any hostility towards her or the Imperial force.

The figure seemed to be a woman, with two tall antler-like posts at the top of the helmet, and three smaller ones at the center top.  They seemed to be observing only for the moment: seeing how this was going.

The Identity invaders were starting to dwindle down from the bombardment, but some were getting a bit smarter.  As an anti-matter round flew toward the face of one of the invaders, they caught it, in a flaming purple hand.

A yellow armored figure could be seen now appearing, atop a building.  A male with two of these antlers.

The antimatter round that was caught dissolved on the purple coating... Strange indeed. The Imperial forces seemed to have the tides in their favor due to their numbers and individual strengths.

Asterisca was observing what was going on with these prominent figures. "C-Creator, we have unknown company..." she input in her PACU.

"Stay vigilant..." replied the masculine figure. "We never know who they are. They might be enemies."

Those still bombarding Asterisca began to catch on as well, a few of them growing this purple tint was two took hold of her rapiers, a concentrated of the purple hand from one burning away at the shielding toward her.

The armored purple woman reappeared out of range from the soldiers before charging toward Asterisca and the surrounding Identities.  Two purple weapons... looking to be some kind of long-handled purple pistols, generated in both hands at her sides.

Asterisca, using her mechanical strength, pulled the sword handles from the purple substance while her Cimmerian lances were active, as these released concentrated dark matter beams at the Identities that attempted to steal her rapiers. Her shielding was at 73% as it was Class A.

The Identities' hands burned off from impact, those who held the purple glow retaining most of their bodies however with the tint... until the armored figure passed by them.  The purple tint suddenly vanished from the Identities, and soon others in the battle with the same energy found this... deactivated in a sense.  The armored woman was now directly behind Asterisca, weapons in hand, but standing still.

Asterisca looked behind her as she was able to sense her from her Astral Vigilance. Regardless, she would still retaliate against any Identity persisting on bombarding her astral shielding.

The Imperial forces continued their onslaught along the front-lines of the Identities on Novis. They pressed on after every successful casualty upon the enemy.

It wasn't long before most of the invaders were either mowed down or fleeing.  Their bodies began to mimick energies, matter, frequencies, as they went to hiding throughout, possibly to regroup.

The yellow armored male jumped down from the building, landing softly near the pressing army as he strolled toward the two ladies: laughing quite boldly. "Here we thought we'd have to come here and take care of this powerful enemy, then it turns out they're all... nerfed I guess, and seems you people have it all under control anyway."

The purple armored one dissolved her weaponry as she looked about.

"R-Regardless, t-thank you for your attempt to assist..." Asterisca said to the yellow armored male. "I-I am AA-I ß A-Asterisca of the Sophologian Sect of Bet, under the banner of the E-Empyrdom of Anticytheris... M-May I... ask of your names?"

"I'm Rynzer. This is Syph," The Yellow armored male informed immediately, much to the tension of the Purple armored female.  "We caught wind of this massive spike of chaos energy in areas of the multiverse. Narrowed it to here and found these... lovely people attacking. Thought these guys were stronger than this... Anyway, you'll want to meet our 'team leader' in a second."

"... O-Okay..." Asterisca affirmed. However, she was sent thinking about this allegedly massive spike of Chaos Energy. "C-Chaos... Energy?" she asked.

"Best not think too hard on that," He dismissed.  "Explaining the whole thing takes way more time than we have.  Short idea: picture it as like... a program that can control... everything."

"I-I would not picture it THAT way however..." Asterisca thought.

"More time than we have?" The purple woman--Syph--quoted tensely.

"Right right," Rynzer shrugged, starting further into the city. "Kyrax is-"

A brief green shimmer appeared as five other figures suddenly revealed themselves in front of the group.  A tall bulky Red male, a short Blue male, a thin Silver male, an alien Pink female, and Green... a tall cloaked male green figure.

"U-Um... It is a pleasure to meet you," Asterisca meekly spoke, introducing herself to the group as usual.

"Where are your leaders of this area?" The silver one demanded promptly.  "To save time, I'll explain the situation now.  The pronoun game is no one's favorite.  These beings are able to shapeshift, and judging by their abilities, mimick or even recreate various forms of matter.  They are no-doubt going to attempt a murder and/or replacement of your leaders to take over or destroy this planet.  We know because this is our sixth world to have visited concerning this invasion.  If you do not trust us, then you may fire your weaponry upon us as much as you like as we find your leaders ourselves.  Regardless, we are not going to waste more than a minute's time discussing this."

"... Yeah he's the uh-" Rynzer cleared his throat-"charmer of the group."

"... V-Very well," Asterisca agreed.

However, she was thinking about the fact that Regigyrev is in the Makalov solar system in Via Lactea Galaxy. It was undoubtedly outside the Empyrdom's galactic borders. Regardless, losing a planet of this scale would be a considerable loss of the Empyrdom's influence outside their own galaxy despite the enemies being unable to track their leader, unless they were able to use magic of their own. This conjecture was still denied however... It was not likely for the enemies to possess magical power, as the Imperial forces and Asterisca have noted from their Astral Vigilance. Their allied factions, however...

Asterisca heard beeping in her built-in PACU. She then immediately answered the voice transmission. "I-Is this the 12th augmentation regiment?"

"Indeed, Lady Asterisca," an Imperial magistrate of a zenithal dirigible from the reinforcement regiment replied. "Thou farest well? I behold an unknown company with thee. Are they comrades perchance?"

"T-They claim to be..." Asterisca replied.

"Very well," the magistrate affirmed. "We shall bolster our defenses here in Novis. The Emperor has also issued orders to augment Imperial forces on Nil."

Asterisca sighed. "A-Aeter be praised for this..."

"And milady, the Emperor will keep watch over your... company. We are grateful that our Emphaneiae in orbit are intact."

"C-Confirmed," she replied. "Please... take care."

"Like we would lose to some foreign scum," he replied. "Best you be vigilant as well." The transmission stopped there.

"So?" The silver one prompted again.

The cybernetic woman with lavender hair turned to the silver one. "... W-We must depart to the nearest stronghold," Asterisca relayed, pointing to an Imperial major military installation nearby—the Citadel of Reginovis, which was the capital of the continent Novis. "A-And take haste we must!"

"Located," The pink one informed. A rippling was seen through the immediately area just before they all found themselves being shot between space to the location: disintegrated and transmitted within a nano-second and then immediately reformed.

12:11, April 8th, 3240 ATS: Citadel of Reginovis, Western Novis, Planet Regigyrev

A minute had passed as they were now inside the stronghold's main structure where political discussions are held among rulers and whatnot.

Asterisca's royal-blue eyes suddenly flashed faintly... as it changed color rather quickly. It was now colored deep pink. "Welcome. Now as you were saying, my brethren were fighting against these... lovely creatures. We also have taken note of the Chaos Energy spike—since we are not in Mystelhedron. Comrades, before we arrange our stratagem, it is my honor to introduce you to the Emperor himself."

The large holo-table before them was glowing with strange cyan energy. After Asterisca spoke, a hologram of a masculine figure emerged out of the unknown energy emanating from the table. "Greetings to all of you. We will address the current issue at once."

The Green cloaked one made a gesture to the purple woman, who immediately vanished from the room.  "Our suggestion is to quickly assemble and inspect all forces in your command--at least those in the near area--to make certain they have not been replaced or tainted.  We do not expect this threat to cause much of an issue based on recent previous encounters, but until they are dealt with, we hope you will find out option as an appropriate one."

"Tainted... by what exactly? Do tell us briefly."

"On a few other worlds, they basically used their power to influence or puppet others they wanted."

"... I see," the Emperor affirmed. "Very well, you may inspect my forces. We must ensure the integrity of our divisions."

"... Okay, can we just get started now?" The yellow one asked. "Wasting daylight."

The Green cloaked one extended his arm out, the Pink and Blue figures rushing out.

Asterisca looked at them rush out. "All units participating in the recent skirmishes, gather in the Alchiva configuration zone immediately. We have an inspection protocol with the help of a friendly company."

12:20, April 8th, 3240 ATS: Alchiva Configuration Zone, Planet Regigyrev

The zone had a massive area, as it was often used to organize Imperial divisions before war time. The 12th augmentation regiment and the remnants of the skirmish gathered in the zone while citadel defense forces remained in the territory. There were various infantry stationed, as well as hovercraft and starships looming over them, accompanied by small starfighters.

"Lo, we have arrived for the inspection, milady," spoke the magistrate through Asterisca's PACU. "We should commence immediately."

"Hmm..." Asterisca mouthed. It seemed her eyes were back to its normal cyan hue.

"Milady? Is something amiss?"

"N-Nothing... J-Just observing our company," replied Asterisca.

"Mynce will attend your inspection areas," The Green cloaked figure informed.  "The Pink Chaos will immediately revert any attempts in changes from the enemy.  They have been suspiciously... 'sloppy' on other worlds, with their shapeshifting.  If they have not attacked again already, they are most-likely choosing to assimilate and remain as one of your units."

"I request to accompany any parties who leave to locate late units for inspection," the Silver one spoke up. "My power can restore any to their original form if the enemy attempts to taint or attack."

Asterisca's irides glowed deep pink again. It must be time to relay orders. "All units, reconfigure into 26 battalions with approximately 200 members each. All Server+ personnel must guide their troops properly. March!"

Currently the unit count was 5,200 units, with 50 casualties incurred by the regiment, as the remnants were only 250. The other 50 remnants regrouped with the regiment during this process. Aeretherian and pureblood Archosapient soldiers were marching in almost perfect rhythm and pace as they reconfigured themselves. Vehicular units were gathering into small clusters as a means to provide more room for infantry. Starships loomed over them, including themselves and their rather small crews, as well as accompanying starfighters.

The Pink Armored Figure repeatedly rushed around the units as they assembled as the rest went out to the public to make certain that things were being taken care of on their end. The Purple one was far ahead, constructing a massive glowing purple block.

Asterisca observed the inspection instigated by the friendly company. She wondered what they were up to with the strange construct being built.

The Yellow Armored One--Rynzer--strolled up to Asterisca. "Sup?"

"A-Ah!" she reacted abruptly, albeit not a shriek. "O-Oh, I am well... D-Did you need something from me...?"

"Not really," He shrugged.  "We're all just used to dealing with these guys, so I'm on standby.  Makes it harder with how many of you there are, but at the same time, you're all pretty equipped so it cancels out."

The purple construct was reaching thirty stories now.

"He-Hence it being a regiment..." Asterisca answered. "A-And it is d-directly summoned from Makalov, the planet p-preceding this one within this solar system."

He chuckled. "Don't worry, I'm already impressed. Honestly it's nice to get to relax a bit."

Asterisca beamed mildly. How this was possible for an android was quite believable as they used a synthetic material supple enough to have the same consistency as human skin. "I-I do leisure sometimes when I... return to my home world. I-I personally bond with the Emperor himself... He i-is quite the chivalrous and gentle... f-fellow."

"Are we talking friendly bonding or friendlier bonding?" He hinted.  It was of course difficult to see anything under the mask and helmet, but one could imagine he was almost winking.

"I-I suppose 'friendlier' is an understatement..." Asterisca turned aside as she clasped her hands together, placed below what supposed to be her 'collarbone'.

"You two ever make things official?"

"B-Back when I was still... in my former vessel," Asterisca divulged. It was somewhat surprising for her to share a rather private aspect of her existence. However, it added more to her enigma as an automaton.

"Can't now?"

"He has a... wife," Asterisca noted. "Th-the third queen of Altiventus-- Caitlineia Eurius."

"Sooooooo things fell through?  Was it the robot part?  Just being honest, not a deal breaker in my opinion."

"N-No," Asterisca negated. "I was once... alive," she noted. Beeping noises were faintly heard in the background... What has happened?

"So you broke up before that?"

"Death severed our... sacred union," she replied before a beep emanated from her head... It seemed like the background noise before. All of a sudden, she turned to face what caught her attention-- detecting a cluster of strange energy signatures around the configuration zone. "... Enemies? How did they...?" she thought.

"How's tha-"

The casual conversation was cut off when screams rang out: screams coming close to the giant purple cube.

Asterisca confirmed an allied transmission sent to her. "Y-You seem to detect it as well, Magistrate..."

Figures, many looking like the troops, some looking very different... some looking greatly disfigured, were being dragged across the ground and sky toward the cube. "Eh, maybe cover your ears," Rynzer suggested.

"Yes, Lady Asterisca. Permission to engage the enemy?"

"T-The company has it covered," Asterisca said. "F-Fire at will... if we are under assault."


"Don't waste the ammo," Rynzer suggested as the figures were further pulled into the giant cube.

"Orders from Lady Asterisca herself! Do not fire unless they attack."

About two minutes passed before a few hundred bodies were pulled into the cube.  "Aaaaaaaand..."

The cube lit up as a massive wailing screech shook the surface of the area for a moment.  It lasted about ten seconds before the volume and glow finally faded... and afterward so did the cube.

[As Asterisca was a robotic entity which has no eardrums for that matter and her olfactory unit filtered when subject to a certain threshold of decibels, she is unfazed by the ear-splitting sound from the cube. The infantry were also protected by their visors. They would have to worry about the shaking for a while though.]

During the tremor, Asterisca hovered from the ground until it stopped. She then sighed in relief. "T-That's that, I suppose..."

"Yep, all gone," Rynzer informed.  "... So I guess you've got super ears then?"

The other Chaos began approaching now at the spot as the Purple one stepped forward after reabsorbing the used energy.

Asterisca touched her cylindrical auditory units attached on her visor. "I am mechanical so... I don't feel pain."

"No receptors?  You should get nerve-wiring or whatever. Helps reaction time," He observed, looking up and down at her as if he were trying to think of ways to 'pimp out' a sports car.

"I-It's not that I don't have receptors... Unfortunately, I-I cannot speak how it is possible. Imperial tech is highly c-confidential..."

Rynzer shrugged. "Don't sweat it.  Unless there's a problem, not gonna pry where my nose doesn't belong."

"The matter is dealt with on this  world," Kyrax informed as the rest arrived.  "We will be transporting ourselves to the origin point of these invaders."

"It took a while, but we tracked it down," The red one noted.

"If you wish to attend, we suggest your company be less than three to our numbers," Kyrax spoke specifically to Asterisca now. 

"V-Very well..." Asterisca confirmed. She knew they know the enemy best than the Empyrdom does right now so she decided to trust them. "W-We do not need a lot of units with us to win... The operation might be... tight for a regiment to attend to. I-I will have a quicksilver duelist accompany us... H-He partakes in special operations."

"Be informed: our purpose will be mainly to find the reason for the attack. It is unlikely that we will avoid a violent confrontation, but we are hoping to avoid such an event."

"I-If we are forced into combat, we would have no choice..." Asterisca replied. "W-We must not let them get in our way." She then put her right hand on her right 'ear' as she attempted to transmit a signal... Few moments later, a single beep could be heard from her visor.

"Lady Astreia-- I-I mean Asterisca. I believe orders are in motion," a masculine voice resounded from inside her 'ears'.

"Y-Yes. I-I would like to, um... accompany me to a special operation. I-I believe you are more than... capable to do such a thing. M-May I have you right now?"

"A honorable privilege it is, milady. Very well, I shall take my steps to your location."

"T-Thank you very much!" Asterisca thanked.

They waited a short bit before Rynzer asked. "So you have a social life?"

"I-I'm talking to you right now... Does t-that count?"

"Eh, maybe."

(This can be continued in part two.)

(Aether: Nice.)


A gray hedgehog looked up at the invaders from a newspaper he was reading. He was silent for a moment before looking back down, seeming uninterested. His trench coat covered his hands, giving them a pitch-black shadow over them. "Don't you have anything better to do, and not be a nuisance...?"

"This world is claimed by the Isis Dominion!" One yelled as they went.

The invaders were going throughout, slaughtering any they could, and toppling buildings if they could.  They weren't particularly fast, though they seemed strong enough to puncture walls without much-


A scream came, but not from an innocent or defender.  One of the Identities was screaming in pain as he stretched out his arm to the sky: bone and flesh twisting and growing into a metallic blade.  His eyes were bloodied but he relaxed to a growl before charging to continue the battle.

"Oi vey..." Asonja blinked a bit at that and folded the newspaper. "This may be a huge problem that I can't quite seem to fix...maybe."

Buildings began to slowly topple around Asonja as people were being attacked, slaughtered, by the strange enemy.

He stands up and rolls up his sleeves, showing a silver sparkling gauntlet on his right hand with a matching, bland glove on his left hand. It didn't match perfectly, but it was close enough.

The Identities seemed to ignore Asonja entirely, not considering him to be the target, though he was about to be smashed by a building falling on his head.

He looked up as he tried so hard not to get a worried face as he quickly moved out of the way.

Glass and metal scattered around the area.  Some hit one of the Identities.

Blood, genuine and real.  Organs, genuine and real.  This was no metal-nanite creature.  This was a harmed organic being.  The wound bled, the harmed screamed, and then collapsed to the ground, unconscious.

This made him cringe: his fingers made a sudden twitch and his pupils shrank slightly at the sight of it. He looked away, shaking just a little bit. "What the heck was...What the heck's going on here?"

Others fell, dead, during the battle with various law-enforcement.  Others fell dead while trying to mutate their bodies into weapons: a lung over or under growing, a heart pumping too fast.

He looked down, shutting his eyes and putting his hands over his head. The screaming seemed to be bringing back painful memories for him as the screams intensified around him.

As the carnage continued...

“These creatures have no place here,” A voice called from a green light in the distance.  Suddenly, two other lights formed, one yellow and one purple.  Armored figures grew out from these lights, horned helmets and glowing glass-like designs covering them completely.

Their voices distracted Asonja from the screaming, which made him look up and remove his hands from his head. "Who are they...?" He asked himself.

The purple-armored woman held out her hand to the invading Identities, and immediately a spread of a purple light flew over them, erasing the matter it touched.  Screams rang out as the army, and all matter in the way was becoming nothing.

She then turned to Asonja, recognizing a similar biology in him.

Asonja was looking down and away, possibly a little too quick for her to notice his face. He had a pained look on his face like he just witnessed something he didn't want to see.

The figure called over to another, and soon a yellow cage formed around Asonja.

He looked around the cage in a confused manner. "What is this...?" He asked as he tried to squeeze through the bars.

The bars were far too large and thin in space to squeeze through, and he found a thinner barrier keeping him inside.

"This one's passive," A yellow figure noted.

Seeing that Asonja couldn't do anything, he sits down in the cage with his arms crossed. His silver shining gauntlet was visible.

"You've got an answer for this?" The yellow one asked as the others fended off the invaders.

"I did nothing that correlated to this invasion," Asonja responds. "Just minded my own business, and, poof, here they came and started wrecking havoc all over the place. I did have a thought of stopping them, but the screaming they were making made...non-enjoyable thoughts reappear in my head.."

"You have the same energy in you as they do."

"...What're you talking about?" He crossed his arms, confused. "I can't spawn a sharp blade from my own flesh, you know. It looks painful as it is."

"Chaos Energy, flowing throughout you."

"..Chaos Energy?" Asonja continued to sit there with his arms crossed. "There's no way I hold any of that in me. Only heroes have that kind of thing and I'm no hero."

"Kid, the more you talk like that, the more you're making us believe you less."

He only shrugs in response, looking away. "Doesn't matter what you call me anyway."

"Well, what are you then?"

"Just a hedgehog with no fashion taste, I suppose," he says and shrugs.

"That's not gonna save your life."

He lays down in the cage. "Tell me something I don't already know, please."

"We're going to pull every single one of these by their biology into a single cage and erase them," The purple one informed.  "That will include you."

"Why me though," Asonja asked, sitting up a bit. "What'd I do?"

"Because you are one of them unless you can prove otherwise."

"What am I supposed to give you as proof?"

"At the moment, that is your issue, not ours."

"Look, kid," The yellow one addressed, "as long as you don't try anything, you won't get smashed.  I'll vouch."

"Are you joking," Asonja questioned. "There's no way I can provide any proof that I'm one of these guys. Mainly because I CAN'T. SPAWN. WEAPONS FROM MY BONES."

The woman growled at this, a small burst of purple sending a nearby streetlight sky-bound.

He made a yelping noise after that happened, which made his twitch and crawl back to the furthest side of the cage he could. Seems like his toughness has vanished after that.

"What do you know about these?" She demanded.

"About these people? I know nothing." He crossed his arms, trying to get his toughness back. "I'm not them."

A purple wall appeared around him.

He looked around, confused now. "What're you doing...?"

"My power is destruction."

"I noticed from the pole..." Asonja states, still sitting there. "Come on, I'm doing anything here; how do you expect me to try something when I literally can't do anything?"

"You can tell us what you know and survive."

"Survive what?"

This question seemed to anger her as suddenly the energy was burning off his foot.

He made a screaming noise and flailed about upon seeing his foot deteriorating.

The light faded soon after.  They then watched.

Asonja was just...quiet. He wasn't sure what to do: he was trapped, had no way to communicate to the others without getting yelled at. Perhaps he's thinking of this a bit too much...

"What is that?" The purple one asked, pointing to the silver gauntlet.

"Oh, this?" Asonja rolled up his sleeve a little bit. "Yeah, I went on a little adventure through time and space, to supposedly save the universe in all forms of time. This, by theory, protects me from changes in the universe. It's been a while but I was told to keep it on at all costs."

"Why aren't your legs healing?"

"That's because-" He looked down at his leg, which looked possibly unaffected. " didn't? I was feeling pain a moment ago...I saw it melt away too...perhaps I was freaking out a bit too much and was seeing things..."

"You are one of them.  You have till we are ready to answer our questions."

"Okay..." Asonja says. "I'll see if I can answer them correctly."

"Tell us what these are, the invaders."

"I'm not quite entirely sure what their names are, but they do share a similar property to that of someone I've met before...her name was Virus. She could shift into anything, her body parts into whatever she wanted like she was free to do so. I thought it was kind of creepy, but I don't remember what she told me about who she actually was...These invaders share a lot of similarities from her."

"Where is she?"

"Somewhere that I might not ever know," Asonja answered. "I believe she's still moving around through time. I helped her with it previously."

The cage vanished, and the purple one reached for the arm band.

Asonja did nothing but abide. Of course, he didn't want to die but he also hated being told what to do. He just let this one slide.

The band gave a jolt, forcing the Purple Chaos to jerk back, growling.

"S-sorry, I didn't do that..." He says.

"Let's wait on that, Syph," The yellow one noted.  "Wait till we're done here.  I don't want that exploding everywhere... or killing the guy."

Asonja didn't say anything, as he does when he's confused.

Asonja began to watch as figures were being dragged in the air and ground toward a forming purple cube, massive in size.

"What's that...? What's happening?"

"Destruction," Syph answered.

"...R-right..." Asonja didn't bother asking since he, too, would be destroyed without question.

"Do you have any other information for us?" She asked, obviously hinting to the purposes of the box and his potential fate with it.

"Other than who I assume they are, no," Asonja responds. "I've already said as much as I can recall, as well as not being one of them."

"If you tell me that lie again, I'm going to forget choosing to let you live," She threatened.

He held up his hands, not saying a word.

Other Identities were seen being dragged toward the growing cube of purple, screaming, pulling, crying.  They knew what was coming.  Hundreds of them...

He decided not to say anything else, because if he couldn't get them to believe him that he was not one of them, as they believe he lies when he speaks, then he thinks he shouldn't speak at all. Asonja had no idea what was happening up there, nor did he want to know.

Eventually each and every one was brought into the cube... then, with a massive screech, the purple cube lit up... and the screaming stopped.

He blinked a few times, watching from inside the cage as much as he could. He was also surprised he wasn't reacting to the screaming earlier.

The cage vanished.  The tall cloaked green one approached Asonja, with the other six at his side.  "Your arm..." He called out lowly.

He brought out his arm with the silver gauntlet, since he wasn't instructed by which arm to bring out.

"... Mynce," Kyrax instructed.  The pink one stepped forward, grasping the gauntlet.  She gave a short cry at the sensation, panting for a moment.  "This is... the other..." Slowly she began to pull the gauntlet off of Asonja... and slowly Asonja felt his body energizing.

He wasn't sure what to feel about the sensation, so he just kind of winced a little bit.

The gauntlet eventually snapped off, exploding outward.  The area froze, and the Seven Chaos staggered back: just for a moment, their armors cracking before instantly repairing.

Asonja staggered back, rubbing his hand for a moment. "What the...what happened?"

"... Something with time," Kyrax noted.  "... We will contact you shortly," They turned to leave as time was restored.

"Right..." Asonja looked around for a place to go, as he assumed he was standing in the middle of the street.

(Continued in Mortality Part Two)


Danni looked to the sky and began to run toward the commotions. Who the heck in their right mind thought that it's smart to invade one of the most biggest cities with the most heroes?

The invaders were going throughout, slaughtering any they could, and toppling buildings if they could.  They weren't particularly fast, though they seemed strong enough to puncture walls without much-


A scream came, but not from an innocent or defender.  One of the Identities was screaming in pain as he stretched out his arm to the sky: bone and flesh twisting and growing into a metallic blade.  His eyes were bloodied but he relaxed to a growl before charging to continue the battle.

"HEY!" Danni screams out to the Identities, "You good?" He began to follows and see a few lifeless bodies on the ground. He stares in horror at how mutilated some of them are.

They didn't seem to share his sentiments as they charged toward Danni, with large clawed arms, legs, strange red and green energy blasting toward him.

Danni began to release his Shukushu and wrapped two around his arm to strengthen his punches. He deflects the Red energy while the green energy knocks him right in face. He used his other tentacles to fling shards of glass and Hardened Shukushu shards at them.

Many were skilled enough to dodge, though others were not as fortunate.

Blood, genuine and real.  Organs, genuine and real.  This was no metal-nanite creature.  This was a harmed organic being.  The wound bled, the harmed screamed, and then collapsed to the ground, unconscious.

"Oh god," Danni said as he started walking that towards the unconscious being. He walked cautiously in case any Nanite-Creatures darted at him. He kept his tentacles out but off his arms to hold enemies back. He crouched down to the Organic person's hand and removed what he could see of the shards of glass that penetrated the skin. He heard their heart beating so at least they were alive.

Others were still blasting at Danni as well as others, the attack continuing on.

Danni separated a tentacle from his back and made it large enough to cover the wounded being up. He began to fight the Identities and hand-to-hand combat, using weird doctored up versions of fighting styles using his Shukushu as means of quick unmobian movement. A lot of them seemed easier to beat down.

(There aren't any nanites in the area being used against him.)

As he progressed, more came to oppose him.

(Gotcha replaces Nanites with Identities)

He sees that more Identitites are coming and tries to take them all out with a Shukushu sweep pushing them all into one area. He quickly warps into the shadows to attack them from behind.

The Identity was taken by surprise, though others were still firing the energy toward him... then came a voice.

“These creatures have no place here,” A voice called from a green light in the distance.  Suddenly, two other lights formed, one yellow and one purple.  Armored figures grew out from these lights, horned helmets and glowing glass-like designs covering them completely.

Danni looked in amazement as he continued to fight the identities. He screamed at the light, "Then defeat these creatures!" Danni screamed.

A blast of purple whipped around, evaporating the Identities in the area.

Danni looked in awe as the Identities evaporated. "How did you do that? I'd love to learn something like that!" he said.

The figure didn't spend time explaining as she was soon rushing out to take out more.

Danni followed her to try to ask more questions while fighting beside her. "So what are these things? I can give you enough time to explain everything," he said.

"They are invaders.  We do not know what they are," She replied, still walking."

"Not really the explanation I hoped for. Why this place out of all other dimensions? The others can be traveled to by warp rings just as easily." Danni says while still slamming identities with his shukushu; he begins to casually walk to catch up with her.

"We will interrogate them once the mission is complete," The purple one responded before rushing forward through the city.

"Explain the mission to me. I had no mission before these things intruded into this city's peaceful domain," Danni says. He rushes torward this purple being. Their aura is massive; their strength seems infinite. No way would he want to oppose them.

"Our mission is to eradicate the invaders."

"Understood. Let's get to eviscerating these beings," Danni said with a calm look.

As the purple warrior continued laying waste to the army, a figure pressed against the blast of power.  A green tint came from the eyes of the resister as it marched directly toward the leading of the three: the massive cloaked green warrior.

“What business do you have here?” Demanded the green-tinted black-suited Identity.

“Only the Incarnation can demand the power your kind wields,” The green one replied, raising a hand for the yellow to pause on his attempted assault.

“You would do well to end your attack then,” The green-tinted woman threatened.

“We have shown superiority to your forces.  You have lost the status to make threats.”

The woman stepped back.  “Fall back,” went the order, but she waited just a moment to stab into the underarm of the purple warrior with a tendril from the ground before vanishing.

Danni tried attacking before the woman but failed only making a large scoop in the group from a full powered blast. "Crap! Are you okay warrior?" Danni said worriedly.

The armored figure looked to Danni, clutching the wound for a moment.  "It will heal shortly."

"Who are those other colored figures?" Danni asked; looking in awe at their colorful auras.

"The other Seven.  We are the Seven Chaos."

"Well its seems like your plan is to keep order. Are you like the souls of the chaos emeralds or something?" Danni asked. The thought of souls representing the emeralds would be quite fascinating.

"We are the embodiments of the energy itself.  The emeralds you speak of are simply containers, vessels, for the energy."

"Well then, lets hunt those things down and eviscerate them," Danni said confidently.

"We will, but surivors need to be located, and we need to speak with whoever the leaders of this area are."

"I can take care of saving survivors. I can have a copy of me take you to the mayor." Danni said.

"Alright, let's do that then," Spoke the Yellow Chaos as he approached.

Danni creates a shadow copy and order him to take the Chaos to the mayor and vice mayor. "This copy will take you there. I will begin saving survivors." He said. He pulled out a electronic map and showed them a point. "We will rendezvous here. My copy will remember the rendezvous point. understood?"

"Kyrax will decide where the meeting point is," The purple one contradicted.

"Relax, Syph," The Yellow one sighed.  "Alright, let's find the mayor."

"Copy, lead the way," Danni says. The copy shakes it head okay and starts running; time is of the essence. Danni and the others part ways; as Danni needs to save lives. "I'll see you immortal Chaos representations later. REMEMBER GO TO THAT SPECIFIC POINT OKAY?" he says before running off.

"He does not give us orders," Syph hissed.

"Relax, Syph," The Yellow one sighed.  "There's no harm and he knows the city better than us.  C'mon," They followed after the copy.

The copy then said something. "Yeah its a not an order its just a simple plan given to you by a mortal who respects your power. Shall we stay at a strolling pace, or run?" The Copy started walking backwards to keep conversation.

Meanwhile Danni had saved about 7 survivors.

"Take us at the fastest speed available."

"Alright. (Unlike Danni; These shadows can go much faster than him because he can edit their attributes. But since most of the power has gone to speed, collision with anybody will make him disappear) the copy smirks as starts running at 90mph. He expects them to follow him a a easy pace.

(Sonic's speed is a vague description to give for how fast.  Can you give that in MPH?) They followed as such.

(changed it.)

Once at the location...

"We are here." Danni's copy said as he stopped quickly. He looked upon the mayors building. "Let's go inside shall we?" He began walking in.

The others followed, looking cautiously about as they went.


Dark Forest, Moebius

Stepping through a portal and entering into a clearing in a nearby forest, a cloaked figure looked up into the night sky and saw a number of shillouettes flying under the full moon A slight chill went up his spine but he completely ignored it as a gleam of slight surprise arose in his eyes. While he didn't exactly know what was going on, he had a feeling he had to get involved. He then used his shadow manipulation in order to morph in the shadows of a nearby tree, planning his next move....

"This world is claimed by the Isis Dominon!" One yelled as they went.

The invaders were going throughout, slaughtering any they could, and toppling buildings if they could.  They weren't particularly fast, though they seemed strong enough to puncture walls without much-


A scream came, but not from an innocent or defender.  One of the Identities was screaming in pain as he stretched out his arm to the sky: bone and flesh twisting and growing into a metallic blade.  His eyes were bloodied but he relaxed to a growl before charging to continue the battle.

"......" The cloaked figure started to form by another tree, his body being formed by the shadows. He continued to stay silent, watching them with narrowed eyes behind his masked face. "Isis Dominion, huh? That group mentioned by my 'father' before I left Haven Island....If what he about the group said was true, I'll need to be very careful. I should follow one of the creatures and have them lead me to their base so that I can confront the group myself." he thought his his head as he adjusted the collar of his gloves, staying by the shadows of the trees. He then swiftly jumps and lands on one of the branches without a sound, crouching and resuming watch over the creatures.

They were basically going about slaughtering anyone they could find.

Sol just thought, "I wonder if...." as he jumped from the branch quietly, pulling out his pistol as he aimed a shot right for the back of one of their skulls..

Blood, genuine and real.  Organs, genuine and real.  This was no metal-nanite creature.  This was a harmed organic being. The wound bled, the harmed screamed, and then collapsed to the ground, dead.

Sol then walked over to the creature's dead body after landing on the ground. He looks at the creature with narrowed eyes, thinking to himself, "So I was right. It seems like these creatures can be harmed. The real question is: why are they trying to conquer the planet. Why send such a weak creature like this?"

He then crosses his arm and closes his eyes in deep thought, before coming up with a possible hypothesis. He then opened his eyes, as a flash of realization flickered in his eyes. "Wait.....I think this 'invasion' isn't really one at all....Maybe the creatures sent here are part of some kind of evironmental experiment at best! Why else would they be so frail and weak?!"

As Sol was walking toward the creature, dozens of others were still attacking the public--including him--with small bolts of energy and melee weaponry growing from their arms.

"Shoot. Looks like I will have to deal with these creatures myself. They are starting to annoy me..." Sol said to himself as he started to teleport and materialize behind creature after creature using umbrakenesis, either shooting a bullet though their heads or roundhouse kicking some on the side of their heads with a good amount of force to send their heads flying off....

One quickly took hold of his foot as he kicked at it, molding their hand around him as others began bombarding with the bolts of energy.

"Well, this is happening...." Sol thought with a sweatdrop as he uses his umbrakenesis to put up a sheild.

(And he got out of the hold how?)

(Oh, so basically he did this: Using his weight to his advantage, he managed to flip the guy in the air while he created a portal to go ito it and handstand, causing the guy to have to take the energy bolts. Happy now?)

(No, because the guy's hand is still molded around Sol's body partially, as stated "molding their hand around him")

(Lol, okay! Editing, my bro! :) )

(Much thanks)

Others joined in, beginning to pile toward Sol.

“These creatures have no place here,” A voice called from a green light in the distance.  Suddenly, two other lights formed, one yellow and one purple.  Armored figures grew out from these lights, horned helmets and glowing glass-like designs covering them completely.

Blasts of purple began spraying over the invaders.

".........What the--" Sol's eyes widen slightly behind his mask as he saw the armored figures, a flash of curiosity in his eyes. "Who are you?"

"We are Chaos," She answered briefly before continuing on in the attack against the invaders.

"Chaos....?" Sol said with curiosity before continuing to help them out with taking out the invaders.

Various people were still being attacked as the fighting went on but soon, with a blast of blue forming over others, and aid from Sol and such, the invaders suddenly stopped.

As the purple warrior continued laying waste to the army, a figure pressed against the blast of power.  A green tint came from the eyes of the resister as it marched directly toward the leading of the three: the massive cloaked green warrior.

“What business do you have here?” Demanded the green-tinted black-suited Identity.

“Only the Incarnation can demand the power your kind wields,” The green one replied, raising a hand for the yellow to pause on his attempted assault.

“You would do well to end your attack then,” The green-tinted woman threatened.

“We have shown superiority to your forces.  You have lost the status to make threats.”

The woman stepped back.  “Fall back,” went the order, but she waited just a moment to stab into the underarm of the purple warrior with a tendril from the ground before vanishing.

"Wow. That.....just happened. Guess I better thank those strangers for helping me out earlier..." Sol thought in his head, his eyes widening at what the hell just happened behind his mask. He then adjusted his gloves a little as he warped in front of the mysterious Identities using umbrakenesis. "That was......something. But thanks for the help. Although, I'm wondering: Who the hell were those guys?"

"We do not know... entirely," The silver one answered, turning to Sol.  "Who are you?"

"Sol....... So, one of you mentioned you were....Chaos?" he says, putting his pistol into his pouch as he cracks his knuckles and looks at the silver armored figure with an intrigued gleam in his eyes. He seemed to want an answer to all this.

"We are the Seven Chaos, the embodiments of the energy," The silver one informed.

"Honestly, I have never heard of this 'chaos energy', but we can get into the whole origin thing later. Where you guys from anyways? I assume that you live on this planet." Sol says with a hint of curiosity in his tone, teleporting upwards into a branch of a nearby tree, laying there in contemplation as he looks at the silver figure.

"We are not from this planet," He answered simply, walking toward the center to meet with the others.

"Thought so. So, would you like my help? I get the feeling those creatures weren't the last of them." Sol said glancing at the corpses of the invaders with a slight combination of disdain and digust as he walks over to the other armored figures.

"If you wish to help, we will not stop you.  The search for surivors and invaders is important, but also we must locate the leaders of this area."

"Got it. So, where do we start?" he asked while closing his eyes and standing still in contemplation of where to go. 

"You may assist in the search for suvivors or the leaders."

"I think I should search for the leaders. If I find them first, there is a possibility that we can stop the invasion from the source. If the search doesn't go well, I could alternatively gather up more information about the invading armies and find their weak points. Then I will report back to you." Sol says while conjuring up a portal. The portal then opens and some mysterious necklace shoots out as he catches it and puts it on. He then takes out a pouch with the words 'teleport' and 'contact' and throws it to the silver armored figure. "Break one of those cubes in the pouch and a hologram of me should appear and I will report what I find out. If you need my assistance during the report, say the word, 'icebreak' and I should teleport to your location."

"When you say 'leaders' are you meaning the invading leaders or the leaders of this world?"

"The invading leaders, of course." Sol says , a matter of fact like tone in his voice as he stretches his arms a little bit. "By the way, you mentioned earlier that you were the embodiments of this 'Chaos energy'? You mind filling me in on that whole matter? I mean, I have heard of something called an Anarchy Beyrl but still..."

"We are searching for the leaders of this area," the silver one stated.  "The leaders of this invasion will be dealt with once the leaders of this city are protected.  As for your question, perhaps after the invasion you may ask it."

"Alright then! Let's find the leaders of the area." Sol says as he waits for a gesture of where to start searching for them.

"Are you from this city?" The silver chaos asked.

"No, but I do happen to know my way around the village, if that helps. Been stranded here for 4 weeks now." Sol says while scratching his left ear.

"Do you-... We're wasting time," They started rushing forward in search.

Sol silently nodded in agreement at the statement and he leaps into a branch as he then quickly propels himself from tree to tree, going to the heart of the village. He first had to let the chief and the villagers of the visitors coming since he was appointed as the watchman his first week here. After all, Sol did have a debt to owe to the people of the small village. The people helped him with his recovery so he volunteered to help by becoming a watchman in return for their help. But he kept his relationship with the village strictly business as he didn't want to get too attached.

(Would this mean they've arrived at the chief now?)

(Assuming that the figures are following Sol, yes.)

They slowed upon arriving at the location of the chief.

They seemed to be in front of the chief's hut as some of the villagers in the other huts nearby started to come towards them. Their facial expressions alone said that while some were a little frightened and uncertain about these strangers suddenly being in their village, others had a hostile look on their faces, ready to defend their home if need be. But when they saw that Sol was above them in a nearby tree, their expressions calmed down as they went back into their huts, carrying on about their business. He then jumped down from the tree and landed in front of the figures. He then turned to the silver figure and said, "I'll go to the chief and notify her of your arrival here. Since the villagers here aren't used to strangers finding their village location, she will ask how you got here, what your intentions are, that sort of deal. Be warned that she can sense whether or not you are being truthful so answer her questions honestly."

Sol then headed into the hut to speak with the chief on the newcomers' in the village.

The Silver Chaos waited, arms folded as he looked about cautiously.

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