== Madzo is my second character (no pic because i dont know how to add pictures to info box)

Side: Neutral





All dead.







Super forms



Backstory (Feedback please.)

Madzo is from the planet



OZDAM isn't realy a form as the two can co-exist and if Ozdam dies Madzo won't and the same the other way round.


Ozdam is crazy and rarely cares about others, if Madzo has been fighting not long before the transformation Ozdam will target them, try to kill them and not hesetate to harm or even kill others to kill his target. He loves destruction and when he has nothing to do he will start ausing mayhem.


An red version of madzo with a tail, black eyes, purple pupils and iris, and the ability to hover.

Abilitys and Powers ect.

  1. Very good hearing. "Actually if a tree falls and no-one is there to here it it still makes a sound, because I just heard one when you asked the question." - Ozdam
  2. Ability to hear higher and lower sound frequency than most people
    1. This comes with the disadvantage of dog whisles ect. hurting his head.
      1. This is even worse combined with his long range hearing.
      2. He can still do whatever he is doing but he will be slower.
    2. This comes with the advantage of hearing where hurtfull frequencys are coming from and being able to destroy the scource.
  3. Has fur so hot you can only hit him physicaly (Unless you want to be burned pretty badly.) if you are...
    1. Using water abilitys .
    2. Wearing heatproof armour. (<That only reduces the damage.)
    3. Also Cyndriz can if he uses his right hand.
      1. His fur melts all ice on contact.


Madzo was meant to be WAY different than he is today, his name was meant to represent his personality but the idea of Madzo being a villan and crazy were scraped,(His name remained the same as a joke, and I liked it.) so Ozdam got that personality. Madzo was also supposed to be able to hover, so Ozdam got that ability too. Madzo was also to have a fire related super form, (Superforms are too overated.) so that is where Ozdam's fur being extremely hot came from.

Thoughts on other people. 


Ozdam hates Madzo and hopes to be able to leave his body one day, he thinks that he shouldn't have to share a body with someone so, "Stupid, weak, potential-less, dead space yet I need to live with it and rarely live life" - Ozdam 


  • Ozdam is Madzo spelt backwards. 
  • The only part of Ozdam no inspired by old Madzo ideas is his eyes.
    • His eyes actually arn't inspired by anything.      

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