Maelthen the Dreadlord


Basic Bio

Name: Malthen the Dreadlord

Demon Name: Malthenios Satanisins Devilaos

Age: 35 (mentally) Ageless (physically)

Alignment: Evil

His way of evilness: He grabs people he considers to be the most kindhearted/good in the world, drags them down to hell, and tortures them for all eternity.

Personality: Insane, Chaotic, Malicious OR Calm, Calculating, Nonchalant

Friends: He doesn't need any

Enemies: The world/every last person

Occupation: Demon hellspawn torturer

Species: Demon

Romantic Interest: He's a demon hellspawn torturer, he doesn't have a f-ing girlfriend Powers: He can drag people into hell, immortality, and can summon medieval torture devices to himself at will, with a limit of 3 a day, can fly.

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