Malum peur by 1feellikeamonster-d5rwc8s-2

Malum Peur

Malum Peur is a Remnant of the interdimensional creature Hamaveck the Hateful and the last one of his that remained before she was destroyed by Laina Paramore with the Zodiac Blade.

Malum was created along with the five other Remnants of Hamaveck when he was supposedly destroyed by the ARK's Eclipse Cannon. She represents Hamaveck's need for entertainment and is became one of the most dangerous of the Remnants.


Malum Peur, representing all of Hamaveck's deep seated need for entertainment, is a very playful very fun-loving, hyperactive child. She loved to play games almost day and night and was the perfect image of a playful little girl. However, tragically, due to Alfred the Ancient and Laina Paramore destroying the other Remnants, Malum's playful personality became contaminated with the other aspects of Hamaveck's personality left behind by the destruction of the other Remnants and as a consequence, she became far more sadistic and cruel than before.

While still childish and playful, Malum now possessed Hamaveck's sadistic cruelty and malice and so became more of a threat to the Freedom Fighters than previously. She began acting out in a far more sadistic manner yet still holding on to her childish streak. She kidnapped Cream the Rabbit, tied her to a chair and sat down to a mock tea party with her, using the blood of a kindergarden teacher as the tea.


While all the other Remnants took on their own specific shape, species and form, Malum's apprearance was far more specific to Hamaveck's image of Cream the Rabbit (Which is ironic and appropriate seeing as before his death, he was attempting to destroy her with the Ecplise Cannon yet ended up being destroyed in her place). Malum takes the appearance of a much darker and twisted version of Cream and can often be seen with a very large kitchen knife.


Malum's name roughly translates into Latin as "Childish Evil", indicating Malum representing Hamaveck's childish nature placed in Malum.

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