Name: Jillian Marianna Bugati


Alias: Mari, Jill, Nori

Eye Color: Gold/Yellow

Primary Fur Color:Peach?

Secondary Fur Color:Red

Love Interest: Red the hedgehog(possibly), Fox Mcloud(definitely), Krystal the fox(Possibly), Blaze the cat(Current Girlfriend... SSSHHHH! Its a secret)


DISCLAIMER NOTE: I User:Red the hedgehog did not draw this character, I have a friend(Named Rebecca) In my lunch who also hand-draws and color  OC'S.... I was with her yesterday and was fgoinf the her humungous book of drawing and eyed this one. I asked permission to make it one of my characters for my newest Project: Starfox: Flaming Arsenal.....So just to clear it up...

About Mari

Mari is highly adept in math. Being a top graduate at her school. She attended and graduated college when she was 13. She has master art of ninjitsu. Her fighting style very similar to to Ling Xiayou from the game series; Tekken. being relativly small and short-sized for a red panda she is highly reliant on speed and agility. Using her hands in wind-mill formations, and her kicks are blinding fast.


(under construction)

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