Markk Malic

Full Name

Markk Davis Malic








Chaotic Neutral


When fighting, Markkk uses a pair of twin guns that have various ammo selections ranging from tranquilizer darts to knockout rounds which he trained himself in


September 8th, so he's a Virgo


Markk has a kind and gentle side that comes out when he's happy but he also can be very stubborn and hot-headed at times.

Ability Type


Sexual Preference

Markk is bisexual and he had a hard time accepting this about himself, but he's glad that he has


Markk's outfit consists of a white undershirt that has string straps along with a pair of tight red shorts and a pair of white sneakers with red laces. He also has his left ear pierced with a ruby stud and he has a scar that you can barely see on his left arm from being raped.

Hair Color:Black.

Hair Style:Long and hip length in the back but neck length in the front.

Fur Color:Blue.

Eye Color:Green.

Height:4" 2'

Weight:100 Lbs.


Favorite Food:Tuna-Burgers. He reallly loves the mix of salty and sweet when he takes a bite.

Favorite Color:Red. He's liked the color since he was a small child. 

Favorite Song:I'm Me by Olivia Olson. He just loves how baddass and empowering it sounds.

Favorite T.V. Show:Lizzie Mcguire. A show he enjoyed watching in his childhood that he still watches from time to time.

Favorite Sport:Basketball. He loves scoring baskets and wants to become a professional player.

Favorite Book:Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. He loves so magical the world is enjoys the plot.

Favorite Movie:The Even Stevens Movie. A  movie he loved watching as a child, nowadays he finds it weird but still enjoys it.

Favorite Video Game: Fallout 3. He loves being able t explore the map and collecting things.

Likes:Cooking new meals, training with his guns, enjoying a nice day and being with Blade

Dislikes:Being yelled at, being ignored, having unnessary attention being brought to him, and being soaking wet.

Markk's Family

Timm: Father.  After his son was raped, Markk's father tried to protect him from everything and Markk appreciates it. Even if it did get on his nerves a lot. But even as of late the two have still remained close.

Dianna: Mother. Unlike her husband, she was a little more  calm about the whole ordeal and supported Markk through his hard time. She comes to visit every now and then brining food as a gift.

Blade: Husband. Markk and Blade met on the first day of high school. And while the two had a rocky start, they eventually became serious and got married. Now they are raising a child they adopted and couldn't be any happier. 

Jake: Adopted Son. Markk and his husband's child who they adopted from an orphanage. Markk and him get along very well and tend to unintenionally annoy Blade. Whenever there is fighting in the house, rather it be Markk and Blade fighting or not, Jake is usually the one to calm things down.


Friends: Ashlynn. A childhood friend of Markk's and a short time girlfriend. The two have been known to cause trouble but it's always with good intentions. Jane. Markk and she met during high school and soon bonded over old tv shows. They love annoying others with trivia quizes. And, Mark-Ross. The butler at Blade's castle and a huge shipper of his and Blade's relationship. The two tend to pulll pranks on others and they love it.

Rival: Miguel. A former bully at Markk's school who used to harrass Markk for being in love with Blade. Nowadays, the two have become more akin to friendly rivals as they compete over basketball.

Enemy: That Man. Markk doesn't know his actual name. But this was the guy that attacked and raped Markk when he was still in school. Markk wants to find him and make him pay for his actions.


Abilites: Markk learned how to cook from his mother and enjoys making food for himm and his family. Markk is a skilled gun weilder having trained himself and keeping many different types of ammo around just in case. And, Markk is efficient in animal care being able to treat other animals whenever they are sick or in need. 

Special Ability:Markk is able to influence people into doing what he desires thanks to a spell that was left inside him after his tramuatic experience. He doesn't use this often and prefers to forget about it. 

Weaknesses: Markk has trouble getting close to new people due to his experience of being raped. He also is scared of alleys and prefers to avoid them. Finally, He  hates enclosed spaces as they make him feel trapped. 


Markk's Love Story: When Markk was 14,he was going home after celebrating a friend's birthday,he was tackled when he decided to take a shortcut through an alley. He looked up to see a guy around his age kneeling over him.Before Markk could fight back,he was knocked out. The next morning,Markk woke up to find himself unclothed.Realizing what happened, Markk got his clothes on and went home ashamed.

When he got home,Markk's parents asked him what happened. Markk reluctantly told them.They were shocked. While Markk was in his room,his parents decided to move.When they arrived at their new home, Markk saw his cousin:Sonic.

Him and Sonic talked for an hour until Sonic had to go see Tails.Leaving Markk alone.3 months later, Markk ran into a rabbit.They talked and Markk found out the rabbit's name was Blade.They started off hating each other, until Markk saw Blade getting beat-up.

Without thinking,Markk ran right into the fight,and saved Blade.They instantly became friends.A few months later,while at the beach,Markk,Blade,and,the others were hanging out.Suddenly,they decided to go swimming.

When Blade got into the water,Markk just stood there,stunned.He didn't know why,but something about Blade was different and Markk kinda liked it. When they finished, Markk went home,and went to his room.He started thinking about Blade in ways that would make a mechanic blush in shyness. But,Markk knew it wasn't right and tried to force the thoughts out of his mind.

But he failed.Hoping to not run into Blade, Markk stayed as far away as possible.But,the next week,Markk ran into Blade.When he looked into Blade's eyes, Markk felt himself blushing.Blade noticed this and asked him why he was blushing. Markk lied and said he was thinking of a girl he liked.Blade fell for it.

When they went their ways,Markk mentally slapped himself for doing that.But realized,he was in love with Blade.Knowing Blade wouldn't feel the same, Markk left home for his secret place:a cave hidden behind a waterfall.

Already there was the one girl that liked Markk:Ashlynn the Cat. But,she found a note Markk wrote for Blade. Knowing he hurt Ashlynn, Markk left.He went to Blade's house to finally tell him.When he arrived,he found Blade waiting for him with a note.Blade gave him the note.

It read: I Love You. Knowing Blade felt the same.They kissed.But knowing their friends would reject them,they decided to keep their relationship a secret.But unlucky for them,Sonic and Tails had watched the whole thing.

When they confronted Markk and Blade,they agreed to help out with keeping their relationship a secret.But,3 months later,Markk learned that he could control other people's feelings and wondered if that's what caused his relationship with Blade.Eventually,he found out it hadn't.

Current Love Story

When Markk turned 16,him and Blade decided to adopt a child,they chose a young boy fox,who also had the ability to control people's feelings.They named him Jake.That's all Blade and Markk could do.So,they lived a happy life until their friends found out.

But,lucky for them,their friends accepted them.But,it also made girls fall in love with them.And still Ashlynn loved Markk. And,over time, Markk felt the same. So,Markk talked to Blade. He confessed he liked a girl too. Her name was Jane the Hedgehog.To keep their love strong,Blade and Markk decided to do it.After they finished,they were happy as can be.

After months of being with Blade, Markk started wondering what he could do to make Ashlynn his girl-friend, assuming she was ok with him and Blade. Eventually, Markk and Ashlynn went on a date. During the date, Markk wondered why he didn't love Ashlynn before. After the date, Ashlynn caught Markk by surprise by kissing him.

One thing led to another and they let their feelings get the better of them and they started ditching Blade to be together. Upset his boy-friend was forgetting about him,Blade decided to end it with Markk begged for forgiveness.

But,Blade refused and walked away feeling a little surprised by his actions. Markk knew he was no better that the guy who raped him 2 years before.So,he left town,he left his family,friends,and,loved ones. But while he was gone, Blade came by to make up with Markk, seeing him gone, Blade moved on to Jane. 3 years later, Markk came back,as a senior member of H.A.T. or Hartians Against Turmoil. Markk was now the leader.

But,more to the point,Markk came back to see Blade.But saw he had moved on.Hurt and angry,Markk cornered Blade and attacked him using his twin guns except Markk had set them to stun. When Blade woke up,he was in Markk's house and when Markk came in, Blade tackled him. Scared that Blade would hurt him, Markk kicked and screamed trying to reach for his guns.

But,Blade stopped him by kissing him. Markk had missed that. Knowing their love had returned ,Markk and Blade broke up with their girl-friends. At first they thought the girls would be mad,but they weren't.

Marriage and Raising Jake

1 year later,after raising Jake to be the kindest,smartest,and,bravest kid,Markk and Blade decided to move up a level in their relationship.They decided to get married.At first Markk and Blade thought about it,and agreed it was the right thing to do.But a stupid law said they had to prove their love first.After numerous tests,it was proven they really loved each other.

The reason for the test was,so guys like Markk and Blade were not hated.It had something to do with the city's laws.But,if one hurt the other 3 or more times,he would be banished from the city.Knowing that wasn't right,Markk and Blade sought to get rid of the law.After many months,the law was removed.So,after finally getting married,Markk and Blade returned to Jake.

But,Ashlynn and Jane were there.They wanted to know why they were being ignored.Markk told them it was because of some tests.Not knowing what he meant,the girls left.That's when Jake arrived home from a sleep-over at Sonic's house.After enjoying dinner and helping Jake with his homework,.

Markk and Blade decided to do what they normally did after Jake went to bed,watch tv and eat potato chips.(And you thought it was something else).The next couple weeks were perfect.But one day while Markk was at M.A.T. Blade decided to set up a surprise.When Markk got home,Blade tackled him.

Knowing what to expect,Markk played along.That's how it was every time Markk was away for a while.Eventually,Markk and Blade felt like there wasn't any privacy,so they left Jake with Sonic and the others while they toured the world.One night,while watching t.v. in a hotel room in Soleanna,Blade received a letter.After reading it,Blade went to find Markk.

He was outside staring at the stars.Markk was regretting ever liking Blade.Mainly because he felt like they didn't belong together.When Blade found Markk,he tackled him.Blade told Markk about his letter.It was discovered that Blade was actually a prince and Markk had another reason to regret being with Blade.

So,the next stop was Blade's home of Daqx Island.Ironically,just a few miles from Soleanna. When they arrived,Markk and Blade were surrounded in people.Eventually,they made their way to the castle.Blade went inside while Markk waited.

Several hours later,Blade came out and invited Markk inside. Markk met Blade's parents.Of course,Markk and Blade kept their relationship a secret.They did a great job until Blade's parents tried to set him up with a girl named Sana.That's when Markk revealed it all,and also where a chicken got loose.(Long Story).

But,instead of yelling,Blade's parents accepted it,sharing the fact,they had an idea of their son liking Markk.But,because of Jake,Blade and Markk left.When they arrived home,Markk finally told Blade,it was over.Not wanting it to be over,Blade did the one thing he could think of.He tackled Markk.(There seems to be a lot of that).

Anyway,as hard as he could, Markk kicked and punched.Blade told him,he doesn't consider himself any more of a prince than someone else. Still blaming himself for Blade not being able to live with his family, Markk got up and was about to leave,when Blade tackled him again. Tired of it,Markk gave up and the two went to bed.

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