Name: Mavi Gri Celik

Ref sheet thing :D

Alias: Mavi, Mavi Gri, Blue

Age: 14

Species: Mobian/ Cat/ Turkish Van

Gender: Female

Alignment: Good

Personality: Friendly, athletic, protective, slightly greedy, overreacts at small things.

Likes: Swimming, socializing with friends, praticing self- defense, music

Dislikes: Her hair getting tangles, cold water, getting water in her ears, the dark.


Hair Colour: White, dark gray

Hair Style: Small dark gray bangs in the front, long white hair in the back

Fur Colour: White, dark gray, pink

Eye colour: Dark blue

Attire: Indigo tank top with a white stripe and aqua, blue, and indigo dots, dark gray and blue elbow- length gloves, dark gray skirt, blue socks, dark gray sneakers with a white stripe and aqua, blue, and indigo dots.


Relatives: N/A

Friends: Sylvia the Cat, Ashlynn "Lyn" the Cat

Love Interest: N/A

Neutral: N/A

Rivals: N/A

Enemies: N/A


Ability Type: Speed/ Skill


-Good swimmer

- Martial arts

- Okay runner

Super form(s): None



Coming soon.

Other Info

- She was made partially off of real life breed standards for the Turkish Van breed.

- Her full name "Mavi Gri Celik" means "Blue Gray Steel" in Turkish.