the reboot of max,in this version he´s have a new life,and fighting eggman.


in 2017,max begins a new life after defeating lucifer,the king of hell,but when a old enemy is defeated,new enemies are coming and max now have to fight his new enemies when trying to remember his past.


his new reboot brings new desings for him:he is a red hedgehog with red eyes,a long red tail,red ears,red spines,yellow shirt,a long red coat,knuckles gloves,yellow shorts,red shoes,red wings and black glasses.


he continues with his old personality:serious,calm and happy,but he´s having a new personality:cold,is because he´s kill in cold blood.


max can control fire and make fire weapons like fire sword,fire guns and etc.

max can make tornados with his wings.

he can teleport using one chaos emerald.

max can summon other demons to help him.


using chaos emeralds he can turn into super max.

using super chaos emeralds,he can turn into hyper max.

when angry,max can turn into demon max,literally.

using the sun emerald,max can turn into sun max(that means he don´t turn into a sun,he just gain sun powers.)

when combine the 4 forms,he turns into rainbow max,his ultimate form.


he´s my second hedgehog having a reboot.

max is cold blood only with demons and robots.

in this reboot,he´s 50% demon and 50% hedgehog.