MX-3 was built using the chassis of a Metal Sonic.

Maxion X-3 (more commonly just MX-3) is a variant model of the Metal Sonic series and a character created by ToaAntan.


Maxion X-3 was, for the longest time, a "Black Project" worked on by Dr. Eggman in a hidden laboratory deep below his base. It was originally intended to become a "Metal Shadow" but the doctor decided he wanted to make more than just a robot copy. The robot was created by taking a stock Metal Sonic body and reinforcing it, removing the engine body for a more durable yet flexible body design and moving the engines to the head. MX-3's engines were of completely new design, doing away with the standard turbine engine of its predecessor, Metal Sonic. MX-3 was not given the free-will algorithim until much time later and was, until that point, one of the most obedient robots Dr. Eggman ever had. MX-3 was given super strength through a special energy output system that allowed it to exert more force than its body was actually capable of. This was accomplished by the use of special neon tubing all over the robot's body, when the energy output maxed out, the excess energy was pumped into the neon tubing, which would light up like a store window sign, as a form of energy run-off to prevent MX-3 from overloading its energy output. The result was a highly capable war machine that could bring down buildings with its bare hands while still matching Sonic and other high speed characters.

Following its first defeat at the hands of Sonic and Shadow, MX-3 was given the risky free-will algorithm and, as a result, became almost as rebellious as the free-thinking Metal Sonic had once been. MX-3 eventually escaped the doctor and went rogue, falling into several groups during its break from the Eggman Empire. Eventually, MX-3 had fallen into a sickening state of disrepair and decided to hide out aboard the ruins of the Death Egg, where it was eventually found offline by Metal Sonic who had been sent by Dr. Eggman after detecting faint signals coming from the crashed space station. Now MX-3 is back to its previous self, devoid of personality and completely under Eggman's control.

Technology and Abilities

  • Mach 7+ speed capabilities provided by twin ion engines on either side of MX-3's head.
  • Brute strength capable of bringing down large structures and causing severe injury or death to even the toughest of foes.
  • Tactical sensory arrays including infrared, night vision, and battlefield analysis through global positioning software.


After being granted a free-will algorithm, MX-3 took on a quiet and mysterious persona, rarely speaking unless spoken to first. This made many label the robot as "creepy" and just a glance from the neon green eyes made even the toughest fighters shudder. MX-3 enjoyed being feared, to him, it meant he was respected and no one would dare get in his way.