MX-5 is the only Maxion unit to have feminine programming.

Maxion X-5 is a Metal Sonic variant and a character created by ToaAntan.


Much like its fellow Metal Series Maxion model, MX-5 is an improvement on the Metal Sonic robot, given the same enhancements as MX-3 and a few of its own as well. Maxion X-5 was created, oddly enough, with feminine programming and is the aerial attack unit and air commander of the Eggman Empire's forces. MX-5 is built light like an aircraft and can perform seemingly impossible manuevers while airborne. "She" posses two high powered laser blasters on her hands and can aim them with extreme precision. The robot was created mainly to engage airborne foes, specifically the Tornado. MX-5 was given the Free-Will Algorithm shortly after MX-3, after which she developed the personality of a pacifist, refusing to use her weapons in cold blood. MX-5 is surprisingly friendly, openly trusting most people she meets and is generally considered a tomboy, preferring to tinker with machines like Tails or Eggman would. MX-5 is not as fast as her counterpart and cannot maintain high speeds as long, however, she can fire weapons while travelling at high speeds. MX-5 was recently gifted a Power Gem Core similar to that of Shard. She was also given a "skin" upgrade making her metal body capable of detecting touch and a functional mouth.

MX-5, fully upgraded with a Power Gem Core.

Technology and Abilities

  • Mach 4+ speed capabilities provided by light-weight twin ion engines on either side of MX-5's head.
  • Incredibly nimble and agile at high speeds accomplished by light-weight construction and the addition of stabilizers on the arms and legs.
  • Tactical sensory arrays including infrared, night vision, and battlefield analysis through global positioning software.
  • Dual high-powered laser blasters on either wrist allow for combat at high speeds.
  • Combat Database allows MX-5 to employ techniques from all forms of physical combat.


MX-5 is generally a very happy robot with a tomboy-ish attitude and a love of tinkering with old machinery. She considers herself an inventor, having created several maintenance robots for use around the base. MX-5 sees her counterpart, MX-3, as a brother of sorts despite the latter currently not having a Free-Will Algorithm.

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