Media Pulse The Cat
Media Pulsejpg
First appearance  ???
Appearances  ???
Biographical Overview
Name Media Proxy Pulse
Nicknames Media, Pulse, Cat, Circuit Girl
Age 16
Birthday  ???
Birthplace  ???
Physical description
Species Cat
Gender Female
Height  ???
Weight  ???
Fur/feather/scale colour Grey
Eye colour Gradient Blue
Attire A black hoodie with neon blue strips, grey t shirt and grey cargo jeans
Alignment and character traits
Alignment Neutral
Favourite food Oranges
Likes WiFi, The Internet, Technology, Loot, High-Level Bosses, games
Dislikes Nature, No WiFi, The word "Noob", Low level players, bad games
Relatives  ???
Friends Lucentio, Vella, Shelbi
Neutral  ???
Rivals  ???
Enemies  ???
Skills and powers Hacking, Mecha Generation, Ability to change any part of her body into a robotic one.
Theme  ???

Media Pulse The Cat

Media Pulse is a constantly grumpy and moody teenage cat with a large affinity with technology.

=== Story


Media Pulse was born in Spagonia and moved to Station Square while a young child. She was born to a small family, an owl father who was a engineer while her mother, a hedgehog who was a scientist. She was an only child and hated sharing with other children. Media obtained her mecha transformation abilities while visiting her mother's lab. While visiting, Media ran off and wandered into an experimental test chamber full of nanobots. The nanobots went under her skin and gave her the ability to transform a body part into a mechanical part ( Example: A huge metal piston powered fist. ). After the incident, her family accepted Media's new abilities and mentored her about using them properly.


Media is often grumpy and moody without any tech to interact with. She often smirks and is sarcastic towards most people. But when dire moments happen, she softens up and opens towards people. She also has a deep sense of gratitude towards people she looks up and admires.


  • Technology
  • Gaming
  • The Internet
  • Cute things
  • Silence
  • Cities
  • Wifi
  • Loot
  • High Level Bosses
  • MMOs


  • The word "Noob"
  • Low level players
  • Bad games
  • Nature
  • Water
  • Oceans
  • Bees


Media Pulse has the ability to transform any body part into a mecha version of it. But she can only turn her body parts into mechas if she has seen the piece of technology in person. She is not immune to rust or damages done in her normal form. Media also knows how to hack, due to her extended periods browsing the internet. The nanobots in her body have been reprogrammed by her via wireless communication to hack when it is needed.


  • Rust
  • Water
  • High heats


Media usually wears a gray hoodie with glowing neon cyan strips on them with a black or white t-shirt underneath. (( Will add more~ ))

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