Name: Megan

Age: 16-21 (depending on storyline)

Megan The Cat

Powers: the power to grow and control Flowers and has earth abiltiys (Sleep dust, fast grow, vine shield and love dust. Well Heros done for now)

Crush: Hero the Hedgehog

Story: When Megan was walking in the woods, she saw Hero looking at the cliff. When she accidentaly shocked Hero by braking a twig, Hero felt into the water and she helped him out. After the accident Megan had a crush on Hero and he didn't know about it but, he was thinking she just wanted to be friends, untill she kissed him. Hero ran to the end of the world (even if its not real), but Megan followed him there. When Hero found a way to hide from Megan he stayed hidden for 2 weeks, with no contact with anyone. (even if nobody cared about him). Untill he was rated out by somebody who knew Megan and was soon kidnapped by her untill he would give in. As Hero woke up he had relised he was in a jungle full of wired planets that were all grown by Megan and had tied Hero up. Hero got out but Megan has been follwoing him while he has been busy with stuff trying to win him befor someone else dose (Which would ever happan as she has a huge anger issue to being Jeluose with people) Later Hero didnt mind Megans company but made sure she didt try to pull a fast one on him as he has had his heart broken once but dose not want it too happan again if something bad happans.

Hero and megan

Hero is shocked of what happend.